Load up a Lineup and Swing for the Fences – DraftKings FBWC

It might seem on some days that we live in an alternative universe. For the last few months, our world was without one of its most-endearing pastimes. So endearing, we call it America's Pastime. Everything may still feel abnormal, but baseball is back.

As part of their Fantasy Tournament of Champions slated for next February, DraftKings is calling out all fantasy baseball fans to take part in the DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championships (FBWC). Here's everything you need to know to take your swing for the fences.


Each day there will be satellite qualifying rounds open for all DraftKings players. You can play in as many qualifiers as you wish. Winners of each qualifying round will earn one of 50 tickets to play in the FBWC online final. Now, let's talk some strategy to help earn you one of those 50 spots.


The first key part of a strategy to earn a ticket to the FBWC final is to play often. You can earn up to three entries. Once you hit the maximum of three, you can still play any qualifier and win the cash prizes, but you won't earn more tickets.

Each time you post a lineup card for an FBWC qualifier, you can employ any of the multitude of fantasy baseball strategies, which have proven successful for you. You're going to target a unique lineup that will catapult you to the top of the leaderboard.

Use the many tools available on DraftKings and other fantasy baseball strategy sites. One theory is to target abnormally strong batter vs. pitcher matchups to help you score big. Dig deep for any potential ringers, especially pitchers, to open up salary cap space.

Again, post as many lineups as you can afford, and play in every qualifier you are able. The more times you step up to the plate, the bigger the chance that you have to knock one out of the part and earn a qualifying spot into the finals.


On September 18, the 50 finalists who have earned a qualifying ticket will get their chance to swing for the fences. This is a one-day contest. Ties will be broken according to the DraftKings standard tiebreaker rules. The winner earns a trip to Tampa Bay to play in the Fantasy Tournament of Champions, including tickets to Super Bowl LV next February.


A single entry ticket is the key prize to target in every qualifier. Qualifying rounds will also have varying cash prizes for other places. The idea is to nail your three FBWC finals tickets. Every spot in the finals will win cash.

The bottom 10 scores in the September one-day final will take home $7,500. However, the big money will be paid out to the top of the leaderboard. The winner of the final will bring home a cool half-a-million dollars.

The FBWC runner-up wins $250,000, with third-place receiving $100,000. However, don't forget what the winner receives by knocking one out of the park on September 18. The best scoring lineup in the FBWC final will be heading to Tampa.

On the table in Tampa, Florida will be $1,500,000 in guaranteed prizes. The FBWC winner will receive hotel accommodations and airfare to Tampa. In addition, you'll get VIP treatment as a guest of DraftKings at Super Bowl LV.

Collectively, there are $2 million in prizes on the table between the DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championship and the Fantasy Tournament of Champions next February. Qualifying rounds are happening every day.

There will be 50 of these opportunities. Lace up your fantasy baseball spikes, slap an extra layer of pine tar on your fantasy baseball bat, and swing for the fences. You could pocket $500,000 come September, plus be on your way to Tampa next February. Play now and play often.

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