The purpose of this column is to highlight some players with upside and well-suited for tournaments. While the majority of the hitter picks will likely have power upside, that's not necessarily the case for all the listed options. Other contextual factors such as batting order, ballpark, opposing pitcher, price, speed, etc also come into play, and you'll see these items sprinkled into the write-ups below. Along with that, we'll be gauging the ownership levels, giving you some plausible pivots from the popular choices in a given game slate.


Michael Pineda - R - NY Yankees

FanDuel SalaryDraftKings SalaryOpponentFIPK%GB%Vegas
Run Total & ML
$8,700$7,600Mets3.1623.838.57 / -125

The obvious top pitcher tonight is Felix Hernandez. However, he is priced accordingly. If you are looking to stack the bats in a large tournament, you'll need to look towards some viable mid-range/cheap pitchers. Pineda classifies as such, with a...

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Love the Brandon Crawford call. He seems to be a guy who flies under the radar if you stack the Giants. Tonight's matchup in Coors is ideal!
Love Sal Perez and Pineda tonight, good luck!