Welcome to MLB GPP Stacking & Ownership. In this article I will give you three options to stack. Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership. As always, plays will be listed from favorite to least favorite of the stack.

We have a rare nearly "all-late" Saturday slate that doesn't happen very often, which should give us a nice diverse set of stacks for tonight. There are six different games expected to score more than 8 runs, which means there will be some low owned stacks that Vegas likes as well, while there are even a few sneaky stacks in totals below that. With 11 games on the slate including a 10.5 run total in Coors, we won't need to worrry about ownership other than the Rockies and Padres, as they'll be heavily enough owned to drive down the rest of the stacks to very reasonable levels. I am going to assume we all know to stack that game at this point, so I'll write up three other teams I'm looking hard at today in different price ranges.

Option 1

Orioles v Athletics - Game Total 8.5

The Orioles are one of the most...

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I really love the O' at Camden Yards.
The Parra addition really takes the O's stacks to another level.
I'm a big fan of making mini-stacks from each of these games all together as well. That Twins/Indians game may see huge run totals.