Welcome to MLB GPP Stacking & Ownership. In this article I will give you three options to stack. Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership. As always, plays will be listed from favorite to least favorite of the stack.

There are four games with an 8 or higher over/under tonight and two that eclipse the 9 mark without having a game in Coors or Arizona to drive the totals up. There are a ton of good matchups on today's slate and a ton of awful ones with a lot of the league's secondary aces on the mound. There won't be a lot of individual overlap tonight, but there will be a lot of clustering towards the teams in good matchups, so stacking is going to be very tricky on this slate. I'd recommend leaning towards the more underowned stacks in lower totals if you want to be diverse.

Option 1

Yankees v Twins - Game Total 9

The Yankees continue to crush...

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Loving the Rays call. They are always criminally underowned.
I'm all over the Yankees and Brewers tonight, and I like the Rays call as a team that could pay big dividends since they'll likely be low owned, are on fire right now, and have hammered lefties this year.
Scott the tigers are playing the Braves tonight.
A lot of stacks tonight, like grabbing sides of each of these.
Who's the better stack from Boston vs Cleveland game? Seems Brantley is back, but sox crushed Seattle, do they keep that going?
I prefer the Indians stack to the Red Sox stack in that contest.
Ha ha: DraftKings Cheat Sheet - 8/17/15: Scott Kazmir - Tier 1 - SP2 VS Option # - Tampa Stack
JWellmann, "Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership." Kazmir is a very good pitching option tonight, but that's not lost on gamers, and it will depress the Rays stack ownership in a big way. The Rays are on fire, and they've raked against lefties this year. Differing opinions among DFS experts/writers isn't unusual, and having both sides of the same game (Kazmir on some GPP rosters, individual Rays or a Rays stack on another) isn't unusual either. In fact, it's commonplace.