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Aaron Nola (R) vs Colorado Rockies

Splits (2017-2018)

wOBA Allowed




Hard% Allowed



Vs. RHB.26029.5%4.9%52%29%.124
Opposing Team Splits Vs. Pitcher Handedness







Implied Run Total


The Rockies haven't been a great offensive team this season, especially when you get them on the road. They rank 25th in wOBA, and have an 80 wRC+ and 23.5% strikeout rate outside of Coors this season. Aaron Nola continues to dominate this season, and is one pitcher that rarely blows up. He has pitched six or more innings in 11 straight starts, and has allowed more than three earned runs just once. He has been excellent against both sides of the plate this season, which wasn't always the case. He is holding left-handers to a .239 wOBA and right-handers a .237 wOBA. While the strikeouts do decrease against lefties (19.8%), there is still strikeouts in this lineup. He has a 30.5% strikeout rate against right-handers, and has upped his strikeout rate at home to 28.7%. Nola has been exceptional at generating groundballs, as both sides have over a 50% rate this season. He is limiting hard-contact as well, and especially at home (20.4%). Nola is someone who relies on that curveball and changeup a good amount. Both have whiff rates around 35%, and hitters have under a .250 wOBA off the pitch. Charlie Blackmon is the only name of concern, mainly because he does hit off-speed stuff well.

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