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James Paxton (L) vs Baltimore Orioles

Splits (2018)

wOBA Allowed




Hard% Allowed



Vs. RHB.24931.4%7%34.5%36.6%.141
Opposing Team Splits Vs. Pitcher Handedness







Implied Run Total


We get The Big Maple in a good spot tonight, but he is just a tournament option for me. Kluber and Severino are safer cash game options, there isn't really much of a discount to get excited about, and there probably shouldn't be one. Paxton gets a projected lineup that has a .293 wOBA and .126 ISO against southpaws this season. The strikeout rate look slower, but a few bats with low at-bats this season drag it down. Digging into Paxton's pitch mix, he relies on that high velocity fastball, a cutter, then a curveball. He has whiff rates over 35% on both his cutter and curveball, then a 22% whiff rate on the fastball. There is only two bats that have over a 70% contact rate against curveballs, which is Caleb Joesph (Lol) and Manny Machado at 71%. The cutter is a little bit more of an issue, but because it is a damn good one I am not worried. Machado, Danny Valencia, and Jonathan Schoop have some decent numbers against the pitch, but contact rates are still rather poor. Paxton has plenty of upside tonight

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