Welcome to MLB GPP Stacking & Ownership. In this article I will give you three options to stack. Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership.

A nice little eight game slate for you tonight. These three offenses should pack a powerful punch and provide upside to even out what looks to be a weak pitching slate.

Option 1

Yankees @ White Sox - Game Total 8.5

NamePositionFanDuel SalaryDraftKings Salary
Jacoby EllsburyOF$3,500$4,200
Brett GardnerOF$3,700$3,500
Carlos BeltranOF$3,500$4,800
Alex Rodriguez1B/3B$3,300$3,600
Brian McCannC$3,800$4,300

The Yankees face off against Miguel Gonzalez, a pitcher who's given up a .346 wOBA to left handed bats since 2015. This is obviously an issue for Gonzalez as four of the five batters listed in this group are right handed bats. Gonzalez is also allowing 1.57 HR/9 to left handed bats since 2015, another big issue for facing this lineup today. The Yankees are projected for 4.6 runs today, and are -142 favorites. The Yankees are only 15th in wOBA against right handed pitching since 2015, but are sixth in ISO. Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez and Brian McCann all have ISO's above .200 against right handed pitching. Keep an eye on Mark Teixeira, he as really good splits against right handed pitching as well. He's batting sixth in the lineup.

Option 2

Padres @ Diamondbacks - Game Total 9.5

NamePositionFanDuel SalaryDraftKings Salary
Melvin UptonOF$3,400$4,700
Wil Myers1B$4,500$5,600
Matt KempOF$4,500$4,000
Yangervis Solarte2B/3B$2,800$3,600
Alex DickersonOF$2,600$2,500

While a lot of folks are probably targeting the Diamondbacks in this game, the Padres represent a nice contrarian stacking group. The prices on DraftKings are obviously expensive, at least at the top of the order, but when you consider the rest of the group you're stacking them with, it can even out most salary issues. Miller was strong against right handed bats in 2015, but as the 2016 season has gone along, he's had trouble finding that same consistency. In 2016, he's allowing 1.52 HR/9 to right handed bats, and a .340 wOBA. Over the last month, the Padres have a .331 wOBA and .175 ISO, obviously a much different picture than what we've come to know them as. Since 2015, Will Myers and Yangervis Solarte both have wOBA's above .330.

Option 3

Angels @ Rays - Game Total 9

NamePositionFanDuel SalaryDraftKings Salary
Logan Forsythe2B$3,200$3,900
Brad MillerSS$3,400$4,500
Evan Longoria3B$4,100$3,800
Logan Morrison1B$3,500$4,000
Brandon GuyerOF$2,700$3,500

The Rays are once again underpriced (more so on FanDuel, but regardless), especially considering who they're going to be facing. Jered Weaver is allowing 1.90 HR/9 and a 1.48 WHIP in 2016, and the hopes of a big turn around seem slim at this stage in the season. Since 2015, Weaver is allowing a .343 wOBA and 1.61 to left handed bats, which are obviously solid splits for Brad Miller and Logan Morrison. Since 2015, Weaver has allowed 1.52 HR/9 and a .346 wOBA to right handed pitching. Which are strong splits for Evan Longoria, Brandon Guyer and Logan Forsythe. In 2016 the Rays are tenth in ISO against right handed pitching, Which is obviously another positive indicator of potential run production, even from some of the weaker bats in the lineup. Overall the Rays should compete for one of the top stacking options of the night.

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