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One Day Fantasy Baseball One Day Fantasy Baseball

Stacking has become a prime way to take down big tournaments, as well as giving your cash game team a solid floor. We focus on opposing pitcher stats, Vegas, weather, park factors, team stats, salaries, and player stats when deciding the top three stacks of the night. I know. Shocker we look at those things. If there is a Coors game on the slate, we will mostly divert our attention elsewhere, as Coors games are the obvious stacks of the night. It doesn't need much breaking down. Be sure to check out or revamped Stack Generator and Stack features inside our Lineup Optimizer and Tools.

Detroit Tigers - Team Total: 5



DraftKings Salary

FanDuel Salary

Ian Kinsler2B$4,200$3,500
Nick Castellanos3B$3,700$3,200
J.D. MartinezOF$4,700$4,000
Justin UptonOF$4,200$3,400

The Tigers stack is still a lethal one, even without Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera. V-Mart will miss today's game due to a paternity leave, while Cabrera is dealing with an oblique issue. We have seen J.D. Martinez move up into the top half of the lineup, and is on an absolute tear since coming back from the DL. Martinez has allowed a .335 wOBA to right-handed bats this season, with a 2.04 HR/9. He is a low strikeout candidate, who pitches to contact. Over Martinez's career, he has allowed a .356 wOBA and a 1.36 HR/9 to right-handers. With Detroit's front four being all right-handed, I and others will be teeing off on a Detroit stack. While the park factors are average at best, warmer weather helps offenses get going this time of the year. The stack isn't all that expensive when you add it up, especially compared to where we have seen it in the past.

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