Each day during MLB season will bring us some major price differences among starting pitchers on all sites. These price discrepancies and the site's roster differences can alter the way we use pitchers on each site, as well as how the field of opponents will use them. Listed below are five of today's top pitchers, each with their salary listed as well as the cafe value that takes into account both the total salary cap on the site and points-per-dollar. We've also provided some betting info for you reference. The higher the cafe value, the better the points-per-dollar play is.

NameOpponentDraftkings SalaryFanduel SalaryYahoo! SalaryDK Cafe ValueFanduel Cafe ValueY! Cafe ValueOpp Vegas RunMoney Line
Noah SyndergaardMIA$10,400$11,000$577.7613.608.023-142
Jose Fernandez@NYM$11,90010,700$567.8614.299.114+132
Corey Kluber@TB$12,200$10,600$527.1615.499.303-114
Gio GonzalezATL$8,600$9,300$407.2513.099.693-225
Kendall GravemanLAA$5,200$5,000$297.1921.6515.153-118

Noah Syndergaard

It's Syndergaard day today, so go ahead and pencil him in your lineups! He will be going up against the Marlins tonight, who struggled against right-handed bats in 2015. They finished the year with a .297 wOBA (30th in MLB) .121 ISO (29th in MLB) and 85 wRC+ (29th in MLB)....

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What a huge night for arms, and also to go with a Coors game. Going to be a fun one. I like the discount with Gio tonight, and all the THOR.
Love Gio he should cruise tonight. Not a fan of Grave man though. Looks like Trout is ready to heat up.