Each day of the MLB season will bring us some major price differences among starting pitchers on all sites. These price discrepancies and the site's roster differences can alter the way we use pitchers on each site, as well as how the field of opponents will use them. Listed below are five of today's top pitchers, each with their salary listed as well as the cafe value that takes into account both the total salary cap on the site and points-per-dollar. We've also provided some betting info for you reference. The higher the cafe value, the better the points-per-dollar play is.

Lance McCullers

There are a lot of upper-mid-range selections worth consideration tonight, but McCullers may be the best of them all. We all know about his strikeout upside, recording 33 punch-outs in 23 innings over his last four starts. That includes some very solid performances against quality offenses like Baltimore (one hit over five innings) and Arizona. Now he'll face a Cincinnati team that ranks sixth overall in strikeout rate and 24th overall in hitting (calculated by team wOBA). The Astros' offense rates as the highest projected scoring team of the day, providing plenty of run support for McCullers to earn an easy win.

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