Each day of the MLB season will bring us some major price differences among starting pitchers on all sites. These price discrepancies and the site's roster differences can alter the way we use pitchers on each site, as well as how the field of opponents will use them. Listed below are five of today's top pitchers, each with their salary listed as well as the cafe value that takes into account both the total salary cap on the site and points-per-dollar. We've also provided some betting info for you reference. The higher the cafe value, the better the points-per-dollar play is.

Carlos Carrasco

Carrasco hasn't exactly been "lights out" lately, but man...that strikeout rate is mighty impressive, salvaging his fantasy upside. The Indians' pitcher has recorded 45 strikeouts over his past five starts (32 innings), and he'll face a diminished Miami offense without Giancarlo Stanton and (probably) the ailing Marcell Ozuna. Dee Gordon is slumping, and Christain Yelich is really the only Marlins' hitter I'm remotely afraid of. In addition to the aforementioned strikeout upside against a hobbled offense, Carrasco checks in as the top favorite on the board, holding a -225 moneyline designation. The Cleveland offense should provide him with plenty of run support. I like Carrasco where he's cheaper than Price - particularly FanDuel and DraftKings.

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Great articles, but the only article that matches the pitcher that is picked is the David Price article. All of the other articles mention a different pitcher other than the pitcher that you have picked. It's confusing. For example, in the Carrasco pick, you mention Hamels, not Carrasco. In the Urias article, you mention Volquez. I'm sorry to seem critical but it's just confusing when the articles don't match the pick of pitcher.
Please disregard, the articles just updated a few moments ago.
Hey @ACWill84 it must have been an issue with the way we formatted for a brief second. Thanks for posting!