There is some excellent news if you are an avid fantasy basketball DFS player on DraftKings. DraftKings is hosting an exciting event, exclusive for its users: the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. Currently, the location is to be determined, but once DraftKings announces it, we will certainly let you know. You can also find all the details and information about the event on its website. The Fantasy Basketball World Championship guarantees five million dollars in total prize money for users that successfully pass the qualifying round.

Additionally, if you win first, you will walk away with one million dollars of life-changing money! There will be 100 qualifiers, so join the next qualifying event quickly so that you don’t miss out. All 100 qualifiers will play live on March 11th to decide who will take home the top prize!

How To Qualify

Qualifying is super easy; all you need to do is head over to and click the “qualify now” button. Once you click on that button, you will then be redirected to the most current qualifier, No. 46, which was the qualifier number when I wrote this article. Then, you need to log in, set your lineups, and then hit “Enter.” Take a look below at setting a lineup if you are new to DFS!

Payout Structure

As mentioned above, this event from DraftKings features a whopping five million dollars ijn guaranteed prize money with the first place winner coming home with one million dollars. There will be plenty of players who walk away with a lot of money, though, so see the payout structure below:

1st: $1,000,000

2nd: $500,000

3rd: $300,000

4th: $250,000

5th: $200,000

6th: $150,000

7th-8th: $100,000

9th-10th: $75,000

11th-15th: $60,000

16th-20th: $50,000

21st-25th: $40,000

26th-35th: $30,000

36th-45th: $25,000

46th-60th: $20,000

61st-80th: $17,500

81st-100th: $15,000

How To Set A DFS Lineup

The rules for setting a DFS lineup are simple. You need to choose a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center for your lineup. Additionally, you will select a guard (could be a point guard or shooting guard), a forward (small forward or power forward), and one utility player that can be in any position you want. Every player and entry has a budget of $50,000. Obviously, not every player has the same “salary,” so you need to be strategic in who you pick. If you choose two superstars, you will have to deploy a few weaker players to help average your lineup out.


The Fantasy Basketball World Championship, hosted by DraftKings, is the most exciting DFS event for fans of the NBA. There are a total of 100 players who will walk away with money, including the one million dollar top prize and the five-hundred thousand dollars second place prize. Even the 100th place DFS player walks away with fifteen thousand dollars!

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