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It is an 8 game slate for what has been a nice smaller set of games all week. I prefer these kind of slates as the options on the top end are few, and the values are far more important. Roster construction is a bit more of a challenge which can play into those who do more research favor.

There aren't nearly as many elite plays tonight, and it will be difficult for me to roster many of them simply because of the value in the mid range and potential for these top plays to fall short of their value marks.

There is also plenty to be concerned about with the late starting lineup announcements, injuries and blowouts. Tonight may in fac be a night to roll fair and balanced and see what happens.

Point Guard

Malcolm Brogdon, Milwaukee Bucks @ NY Knicks ($4,600 FanDuel/$5,700 DraftKings)

Brogdon faces the Knicks once again just like a few days ago, but this time he is at home. In New York on Wednesday he played a whopping 38 minutes and had 12 real points and 8 assists. This was good for 31.2 FanDuel points. Keep tabs on Delly again but if he is out Brogdon is a near lock.

The Knicks are atrocious this season against the shooting guard position and ranked 28th in DvP, and brogdon's usage is serviceable enough even playing with Giannis that makes a very nice play tonight. We have him projected for 33 points on DK AND 28.9 on FD.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 28.9 DraftKings: 32.98

Raymond Felton, LA Clippers @ Sacramento Kings ($4,600 FanDuel/$4,700 DraftKings)

Felton has been playing well with his minutes bump for the Clippers. His last three games he has produced 30.8, 30.3, and 18.4 FanDuel points along with 33 minutes or more. Of course Felton will take a hit if Chris Paul can somehow play, but he is once again listed as doubtful.

Sacramento is ranked 11th in DvP and allows 42.2 to the point guard position so far this season.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 27.3 DraftKings: 32.90

Shooting Guard

J.J. Redick, LA Clippers @ Sacramento Kings ($4,400 FanDuel/$5,200 DraftKings)

Redick is back and has produced 24 + FanDuel points over his past two games since returning from injury. The Kings are ranked 20th in DvP and allow 36.6 points to the position. This game should be filled with plenty of value and Fantasy goodness tonight.

Crazily he qualifies as a SF on DraftKings. Sign me up!

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 25.08 DraftKings: 28.38

Jordan McRae, Cleveland @ Brooklyn Nets ($3,800 FanDuel/$4,600 DraftKings)

If any of the big three sit tonight, or more as Cleveland has tended to do in favorable matchups, McRae will be a chalky, chalky play tonight. I may play him either way however in GPP assuming this game will get ugly early and McRae will get plenty of run in second half. His usage is 25.82 for the season off of the bench and if he plays 25 minutes as projected he can hit 5X. Keep tabs on those lineup updates.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 20 DraftKings: 21

Small Forward

Richard Jefferson, Cleveland @ Brooklyn Nets ($3,800 FanDuel/$3,500 DraftKings)

Colossus loves this guy tonight likely due to the Nets being so so terrible on defense at all positions. Jefferson with 29 minutes in his last two games has been up and down. One night he produces 27.4 FanDuel points, and then 8.2 the next night. Needless to say as mentioned above blowout potential, starters sitting potential all leave Jefferson as a very cheap value play if you are looking. Plenty of risk of course. The Nets rank 30th against small forwards this season.

You could also look to Tony Snell ($3,300 on DraftKings) if you news on the Cavs big three are a go.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 19.72 DraftKings: 21.75

Matt Barnes, Sacramento Kings vs LA Clippers ($3,500 FanDuel/$4,400 DraftKings)

Barnes is another popular pick here with 5X potential at extreme value tonight. Dirt cheap and projected to play 28 minutes Barnes has been solid over his past three with similar minutes producing 25.9, 13.9, and 33.1 FanDuel points. He has a floor of 4X if his minutes bump continues. If there is no Rudy Gay tonight Barnes will be much much more appealing.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 20.44 DraftKings: 25.11

Power Forward

Markieff Morris, Washington Wizards vs Minnesota Timberwolves ($4,900 FanDuel/$4,900 DraftKings)

Morris plays the minutes, and although he is extremely volatile I still can't pull myself away from him. The Wolves are actually solid against the power forward ranked 10th in DvP, but he has a high enough usage of 20.89 and the optimizer has him with a 27.72 FanDuel points.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 27.72 DraftKings: 30.03

James Johnson, Miami Heat @ LA Lakers ($5,500 FanDuel/$5,700 DraftKings)

Johnson has been an absolute beast over his past three games. Returning from illness in his alst game he didn't seem groggy at all cranking out 33.2 FanDuel points. He has averaged 33 plus FanDuel points over his last three in 24 minutes or more. His price is rising, but tonight this is simply too good to pass up. Lakers rank 29th in DvP as well.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 24.75 DraftKings: 27.25


Joakim Noah, New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks ($5,100 FanDuel/$5,500 DraftKings)

Noah returns to the value post just like Wednesday, and for now I can't stop playing him. He has been a monster over his past three games and has only had one dud (10.2 FanDuel points) over his past six games. Minutes have been there, he has been doing it all so keep playing him! I can't see myself paying up for center too much tonight, especially while Noah is hot and averaging 1.01 FPPM.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 33.33 DraftKings: 35.31

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