With guys like Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis dropping 60+ fantasy point games, they will be staples in the lineups for many of us. But... To grab those players, value is crucial in NBA, just like any other DFS sport. Value opens up through injuries, site pricing, and rotational changes. We are staying on top of that for you here, talking about the best value at each position. A reminder a nice landmark for Fantasy value is 5x, but having a few plays with only a 3x isn't terrible either.

Point Guard

Reggie Jackson, Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons ($5,500 FD / $5,400 DK)

There's no debating that Reggie Jackson hasn't rounded into form this season, at least not to the extent that he was expected to heading into the season. However, he's been solid from a fantasy sense over the last four games, and has had above 29 DK points in three of them. The Pistons face a Cavaliers team coming off a huge game yesterday against the Warriors, and there's a decent chance they overlook this game. Jackson is a nice tournament play.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.10 / DraftKings: 33.30

Deron Williams, Dallas Mavericks @ New Orleans Pelicans ($6,600 FD / $5,800 DK)

Deron Williams price on FD is much more indicative of what he's bee doing off late, but either way, he's a nice play on both sites, and a great cash game option compared to Reggie Jackson. Williams has only been below 27 DK points once in his last 10 games, and his matchup tonight leads you to believe that streak should continue.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 31.28 DraftKings: 35.36

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal, Milwaukee Bucks @ Washington Wizards ($6,900 FD $6,300 DK)

Bradley Beal has been much better of late, after getting off to a sluggish start to the season. He finds himself in an 'ok' matchup, but at a great price on both sites. Beal already showed his upside the other day against the Clippers with a 53.75 DK point performance. While we can expect those things on a nightly basis, knowing that it's there is certainly worth taking into account.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 31.68 DraftKings: 34.92

Wesley Matthews, Dallas Mavericks @ New Orleans Pelicans ($5,600 FD / $5,500 DK)

The Mavericks have played some interesting games of late, and with the way they use Wesley Matthews offensively, he has upside if things start to click. Even with shooting under 40 percent in each of the last two games, Matthews has scored about 30 DK points in both, and has found his way to three steals. Matthews is a much better shooter than he's displayed in the last two games, and against the Pelicans, he should be able to find a little more room than usual.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 25.90 DraftKings: 29.40

Small Forward

Otto Porter, Milwaukee Bucks @ Washington Wizards ($5,400 FD/ $4,900 DK)

While Otto Porter certainly doesn't have the same upside or floor as Bradley Beal, he's an interesting tournament option at the small forward position. Porter has upside with rebounds and scoring in the mid-range, and even three point shooting of late. Despite not showing it of late, Porter does have upside on defense as well, with steals and blocks. He's a cheap price in what should be a good matchup for him.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.88 DraftKings: 33.12

Markieff Morris, Milwaukee Bucks @ Washington Wizards ($5,100 FD / $4,900 DK)

The third Wizard of the bunch makes his way onto the list. Markieff Morris is certainly viable in tournaments, but is a big no-go in cash games. If you aren't really in on Porter or Beal, then Morris is a nice way to hedge off, and potentially be able to get a big piece of the production. Morris has two games above 38 DK points in his last seven, and while they are few and far between, they're enough on a night like tonight for a value tournament move.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 28.05 DraftKings: 30.36

Power Forward

Ryan Anderson, Phoenix Suns @ Houston Rockets ($5,900 FD / $5,400 DK)

Speaking of potential upside, Ryan Anderson is the definition of a tournament play tonight. His last four games define his role and game perfectly, and it's something that should be coveted in tournaments. After a huge 46 DK point performance, Anderson disapeared for two games against the Spurs and Suns, scoring below 25 DK points in both, and only taking 18 total shots. However, he then came back the next game agains the Grizzlies, shooting 18 shots and scoring 46.75 DK points. The moral of the story is it's tough to trust Anderson from a day-to-day basis, but overall, he's worth the risk in tournaments.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.75 DraftKings: 33.25

Thaddeus Young, Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls ($5,200 FanDuel/ $5,800 DK)

The Pacers have played a bunch of close games of late, and Thaddeus Young has benefitted greatly from it. Young is above 33 DK points in each of his last three games, most importantly, is above 37 minutes in each of those games. The amount of shots he takes a game is almost assuredly going to be inconsistent, but at his price, he's worth a look.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 30.24 DraftKings: 33.12


Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Clippers ($6,600 FD / $6,000 DK)

Nikola Jokic was the talk of the town all last week with stringing together his super high-upside performances, but obviously that came crashing down the last two games. If Jokic got consistent minutes, he'd be an every night starter in terms of fantasy, and would be much more expensive, but it appears we have to take what we can get for now. Without Blake Griffin, the Clippers team is simply less intimidating up front, and with the way Jokic has showed he can play of late, the upside is certainly there. There's no debating the upside, but also be aware in cash games, he does have a low floor with the minute concerns.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 32.96 DraftKings: 36.16

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