This Market Advantage column aims to discover players whose respective salaries are too low considering their expected production. This can obviously change from site-to-site, so I will outline the respective site featured that particular player's discount. The sites featured in today's column are FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftDay.

However, just because a player is well-priced, it doesn't mean you should automatically click them into a lineup. Due to this, a label will be attached to every player (red/yellow/green light) assessing their viability for tonight's game.

So with that, here are the most favorably priced players in the Daily Fantasy Market for Saturday, February 28:

Mike Conley – PG – MEM: FanDuel ($6,600) DraftKings ($6,300) GREEN LIGHT

Conley was a huge disappointment last night. However, it'd be mistake to completely write him off in this fantastic matchup (MIN 28th vs PG's). His price tag is still depressed, and he's in line for a bounce back performance.

Reggie Jackson – PG – DET: FanDuel ($6,100), DraftKings ($6,100), DraftDay ($10,950) GREEN LIGHT

As noted yesterday, Jackson is still underpriced given his expanded role in Detroit. He struggled a bit from the field last night, but he's still a quality pick at this salary level.

Langston Galloway – PG – NYK: FanDuel ($5,300), DraftDay ($8,950) GREEN LIGHT

Galloway has seen more minutes and more production with Carmelo out of the lineup. He's averaging 29 fppg since the All-Star break, yet his price hasn't budged. Gallo isn't a must play, but there is merit in selecting him vs Toronto's 22nd ranked defense vs PG's.

Monta Ellis – SG – DAL: FanDuel ($6,700), DraftDay ($12,400) GREEN LIGHT

He's also playable on DraftKings, but the tag on FanDuel really jumps out. On top of that, Brooklyn ranks 29th at defending opposing SG's.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – SG – DET: FanDuel ($5,100), DraftKings ($4,400) GREEN LIGHT

KCP is averaging 32 fppg since the All-Star break. His projection probably lies somewhere between that and his 21 fppg season average. The matchup vs Washington isn't great, but Pope is still the most viable SG candidate of this salary range.

Kawhi Leonard – SF – SA: FanDuel ($7,100), DraftKings ($7,000), DraftDay ($12,750) GREEN LIGHT

Playing up in pace should help sustain Leonard's hotstreak (38+ FP in past two). Plus, the Suns rank dead last at defending opposing SF's. He's one of the best SF plays of the day.

Dirk Nowitzki – PF – DAL: FanDuel ($6,300), DraftKings ($6,300) GREEN LIGHT

The whole team came out flat vs Dallas, but I'm expecting a bounce-back performance against the Nets. Expect Dirk to pour in his 28 fppg season average, which also represents his value threshold at this friendly salary. Chandler Parsons absence helps his cause too.

Ersan Ilyasova – PF – MIL: FanDuel ($4,000), DraftDay ($7,600) GREEN LIGHT

He's playable on DraftKings too ($4,400), but the FanDuel price tag holds more of an advantage. He's receiving a full 30 minutes per game in the starting lineup, which should easily translate to value at this near-minimum price. It negates the inherent risk with Ilyasova as well.

Louis Amundson – PF – NYK: DraftKings ($3,200), DraftDay ($5,700) GREEN LIGHT

I'm not buying into his 35 FP performance in double OT last night, but he's a decent filler at minimum salary on DK, getting the minutes at PF. It doesn't hurt that he has 30 FP upside. Price tag is unbeatable on DraftDay.

Marc Gasol – C – MEM: FanDuel ($7,800), DraftKings ($7,300) GREEN LIGHT

If you recall, Gasol was on yesterday's market advantage, and I recommended waiting for the prime “buy low" opportunity. Well, the time has come. Gasol has a great matchup against Minnesota (29th vs Centers), and the price tag hasn't been cheaper.

Marcin Gortat – C – WAS: FanDuel ($5,500), DraftKings ($5,200) GREEN LIGHT

Gortat was the posterboy of yesterday's “Market Advantage" piece, and he's back on the radar with the same salary. Detroit ranks 29th at defending opposing Centers, and Gortat has surpassed value in four straight.

Alex Len – C – PHX: FanDuel ($5,100) GREEN LIGHT

The price is better on FanDuel than anywhere else. Len was seeing 30 minutes (and 30+ FP) per game before foul trouble limited his production last time around. It's always going to be a concern with the young Center, but he's a fine pick at this price range – with excellent profit potential if he can keep from fouling.

Markel Brown – SG – BKN: DraftDay ($5,000) GREEN LIGHT

A legitimate minimum salary player on DraftDay is hard to come by. Enter Brown, who has seen 30-40 minutes in the past three, hitting 38, 20, and 24 FP respectively over that span. He's a great salary cap relief pick (if starting again) on DraftDay.

Andrea Bargnani – PF – NYK: FanDuel ($4,000), DraftKings ($3,800), GREEN LIGHT

He has been seeing more playing time for the Knicks, churning out some pretty respectable FP performances. I don't mind him as a near minimum salary filler in this spot.

Paul Millsap – PF – ATL: FanDuel ($7,500) YELLOW LIGHT

Especially friendly price on FanDuel, where Millsap just needs an average game (33 FP) to hit value. Because of this, he's a solid cash game pick.

Tim Duncan – PF – SA: DraftKings ($6,900) YELLOW LIGHT

Love the price point, and the matchup sets up great vs a fast-paced Phoenix team. However, I can't roster him in good faith given this back-to-back situation. Tournament only play.

Dwayne Wade – SG – MIA: FanDuel ($7,200), DraftKings ($6,800) YELLOW LIGHT

The price tag couldn't be much better, but I'm still not 100% sold on Wade. He isn't playing nearly as aggressive as early in the season, some of which may be attributed to the presence of Goran Dragic.

Kyle Lowry – PG – TOR: FanDuel ($7,600), DraftKings ($6,800) YELLOW LIGHT

Price point is much more exploitable on DraftKings. The Raptors were horrible last night (vs Golden State), but a great matchup vs New York (29th in D-eff vs PG's) should illustrate a different story for Lowry and company.

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