This Market Advantage column aims to discover players whose respective salaries are too low considering their expected production. This can obviously change from site-to-site, so I will outline the respective site featured that particular player's discount. The sites featured in today's column are FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftDay.

However, just because a player is well-priced, it doesn't mean you should automatically click them into a lineup. Due to this, a label will be attached to every player (red/yellow/green light) assessing their viability for tonight's game.

So with that, here are the most favorably priced players in the Daily Fantasy Market for Monday, March 2:

Greivis Vasquez – PG – TOR: FanDuel ($4,100), DraftKings ($4,200), DrafDay ($7,850) GREEN LIGHT

This is an injury contingent play. Kyle Lowry appears doubtful tonight, which vaults Vasquez into an industry-wide value play. The price tag on FanDuel is the most accommodating, but he should be targeted everywhere.

Klay Thompson – SG – GS: FanDuel ($7,200) GREEN LIGHT

Thompson is priced exactly to his fantasy average (32 FP) on FanDuel, and he's taking on a Brooklyn team that ranks 29th vs SG's.

Dwyane Wade – SG – MIA: FanDuel ($7,100), DraftKings ($6,900) GREEN LIGHT

Wade comes at one of the cheaper price points in a while, and we could see an uptick in production if Goran Dragic sat out (questionable). Pay attention to the injury report, as a substantial profit opportunity could arise.

Jamal Crawford – SG – LAC: DraftKings ($5,500) GREEN LIGHT

Crawford is essentially priced the same on DK and FD, but he's more of a target on DK due to less value plays at the position.

DeMar DeRozan – SG – TOR: FanDuel ($6,400) GREEN LIGHT

DeRozan's price has deflated to the point where he's actually below the average roster spot. That provides reasonable profit potential on FanDuel, especially with Lowry doubtful.

Gorgui Dieng – C – MIN: FanDuel ($5,900), DraftKings ($5,100) GREEN LIGHT

Injury contingent play, but if Nikola Pekovic sits, Dieng becomes a great value play. He's a nice play across the board, but especially on DraftKings with the substantial discount.

Draymond Green – PF – GS: DraftKings ($6,800) GREEN LIGHT

Slightly better price on DraftKings than FanDuel, but he's SF eligible on FD, which helps in the opportunity cost department. Still, Green is producing at a high clip in the past three games, and his price hasn't fully offset that uptick.

Spencer Hawes – C – LAC: FanDuel ($3,800), DraftKings ($3,900) GREEN LIGHT

Little more of a discount on FanDuel. There's a plethora of quality value Center options today, but Hawes is the cheapest (plus the matchup is great).

Alexis Ajinca – C – NO: DraftDay ($6,850) GREEN LIGHT

He's discounted more on DraftDay than any other site, so I'll likely target him there. He's also PF/C eligible at DraftDay.

Hassan Whiteside – C – MIA: DraftDay ($12,550) GREEN LIGHT

Nothing too drastic, but a mild discount on DraftDay, where he's sitting at 13% above the salary cap. This makes for a nice play, especially considering DD's relatively strict pricing.

Monta Ellis – SG – DAL: FanDuel ($6,700) YELLOW LIGHT

This situation is essentially a mixed bag for Ellis. Yes, he has a very attractive price on FD, where his value threshold (30 FP) is lower than his season average (31 FP). However, Ellis has only hit that mark in 1 of the past 7 games, and Chandler Parsons may return tonight.

Nerlens Noel – PF – PHI: DraftKings ($6,200) YELLOW LIGHT

Marginal discount on DraftKings, where he's priced a sliver below the average roster spot. On FanDuel, he's slightly above that mark. His value threshold in this spot is 34 DK FP, a level he has surpassed in 4 of the last 6.

Dirk Nowitzki – PF – DAL: FanDuel ($6,300) YELLOW LIGHT

Dirk isn't the most exciting pick, but he still represents solid value for cash games, needing an average game (28 FP) to hit value.

Patrick Patterson – PF – TOR: FanDuel ($4,700), DraftKings ($3,900), DraftDay ($7,850) YELLOW LIGHT

Slightly better price tag on DraftKings. Check the starting lineup, as Patterson started last game. If that's the case again, he could easily surpass his 22 FP value threshold in this price range.

Alex Len – C – MIA: FanDuel ($5,100) YELLOW LIGHT

Len's new FP value threshold (since Plumlee was traded) is around 26-27 FP. His price tag hasn't been adjusted for that yet on FanDuel. However, there's plenty of quality value Centers today, and Len carries foul trouble risk. Yellow light.

Omer Asik – C – NO: FanDuel ($4,900) YELLOW LIGHT

He only needs an average game (22 FP) to hit value, and Dallas reprensents the one of the worst rebounding teams in the league (30th in rebound rate). Asik has exceeded value in 4 of the past 5. He's a better play on FD due to salary % and opportunity cost (Dieng same price on DK).

Jerami Grant – SF – PHI: DraftKings ($3,000), DraftDay ($6,050) YELLOW LIGHT

If Robert Covington misses tonight, Jerami Grant could see more playing time. Keep an eye on Covington's status (and the starting lineup). If Grant gets the nod, he's a better play on DK and DD, where he's SF eligible with a cheaper price point.

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