There is so much more to daily fantasy sports then just knowing the numbers. While numbers may be a universal language, there are actually many numbers that don't appear in a box score. There is a large difference between watching games and looking at box scores. For example: If your simply looking at box scores you notice a guy goes 2-12 from the field with 6 points, 2 assists, 3 rebounds 2 steals and three turnovers, and then look at his price tag of $6000, you would immediately think he's not in play. If you were watching this game though, you saw multiple drives to the rim that almost fell through, missed foul calls, 5 assists that could've been if his teammates made jumpers, 2 blocks that he was called for fouls instead, etc. Now, this may have been a bit of an extreme example, but I want to express the extra edge DFS players have that watch games vs. players who hunt box scores. There are a lot of "ghost" numbers that are invisible in a box score that you can pickup from watching the game. If your creating a scoring rubric at home based solely on numbers, your doing it wrong, because the guys who are most successful watch and study games to increase their edge a bit over others. In DFS your projecting a player's opportunity for fantasy points, not actually fantasy points themselves. You may know a player will take between 12-16 shots based on your system, algorithm, or subjective thinking, but you cannot confirm that he'll make 50% of these shots. I'll provide you tonight with my favorite high, mid, and low priced palys that I beleive offer the best opportunity for their price tag.

High-Priced Plays

Kris Dunn - Guard, Providence. (FD Price $10,500, DK Price $10,900)

I'm really going outside the box here, I know. I typically try to avoid listing obvious top plays like Dunn, Simmons, etc., as I feel most readers already knew to take these players going into a slate, but Providence is a road dog here and this may scare some off of him. His price is also not exactly something to jump up and down about either. Creighton plays very fast, and while Whitehead got caught in foul trouble hell against this team and burned me on Saturday, I would've played him in that spot 10 times out of 10. Dunn will enjoy the quicker than average pace and this could lead to extra steals and run outs. I don'd mind Bentil, but I do prefer Dunn over him even at a higher tag. Many different ways you can go at guard tonight, but Dunn should be in all your lineups, especially since pricing is a bit softer than normal tonight.

Anthony Gill - Forward, Virginia. (FD Price $7,500, DK Price $6,800)

Gill is far and away the most improved player on UVA this season. Brogdon is still arguably the best talent, but he was great last year, while Gill took a backseat to him. These two players now combined for a usage rate of about 44.0 when on the floor together with Brogdon having a slight edge. I prefer Gill here tonight because, forwards are not exactly the cats meow tonight on FD and DK and Gill is a very safe player. I know your looking at that last GTech game thinking 26 minutes and only 13.9 fps? Well Gill suffered from severe foul trouble and it really affected his overall game. I love the opportunity from him to bounce back at home tonight. He's his value at this number in 5 of his last 8, and coming off a true dud, I love him to have a strong home showing.

Shavon Shields - Forward, Nebraska. (FD Price $7,300, DK Price N/A)

I speak all the time about how to almost never climb the price ladder for a player, but I barely discuss scooping up players whose price heads south. Shields is a perfect example of this tonight. Andrew White has actually surpassed him in price, and some people may climb up and grab him at $7,800, but I'll actually be climbing down and playing Shields. Shields is too good to be price this low and draws the fantasy goldmine that is the Golden Gophers. I love Shields to get himself back on track and have many opportunities to fill it up tonight all over the box score.

Mid-Priced Plays

Bryant McIntosh - Guard, Northwestern. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price $8,100)

Blowout Sale Alert! Some people may know this, and some may not, but McIntosh's price on Saturday was $8,600 on Fanduel. He is $2400 cheaper and his price is down 28%. This is just a pricing error on Fanduel's part and don't miss out on this bargain. McIntosh rides a usage rate of 22.2 and has scored no less than 20.6 fps all year! The match-up tonight is not something to love, but McIntosh's price is just way too low for his floor. Pricing flubs this off do not happen often, so don't miss out.

Alex Poythress - Forward, Kentucky. (FD Price $6,300, DK Price $5,800)

There is little reason to believe that Kentucky will not handle business tonight, but many of their players are priced very high. I do feel Poythress is priced fair and when playing at home he rarely will burn you at this price. Outside of assists's Poythress can provide a a bit in the blocks/steal category and is barely behind Marcus Lee for leading rebounder. Foul trouble has limited his minutes a bit in the last few games, but it didn't hold him back in his last game, and he showed up big time. There will be fantasy points to go around for Kentucky tonight, and Poythress's price is very affordable.

Low-Priced Plays

Wes Clark - Guard, Missouri. FD Price $5,300, DK Price $5,100)

I'll usually provide you my favorite three plays from each price range, but tonight I like four low-priced guys more than three mid-priced. Missouri is not a great team by any means, but anytime an average paced team like Missouri is home against a very fast paced team, it's usually wise to have exposure to their best player. Wes Clark may seem hit or miss by looking at his box scores, but as mentioned above this does not tell the entire story. Caught in bad foul trouble in his last game and at home he gets a nice chance to really bounce back here. He shoots the ball a ton and constantly has the ball in his hands, so I really like the projected opportunity for Clark tonight.

Jeff Roberson - Forward, Vanderbilt. FD Price $5,300, DK Price $4,800)

Many DFS players must have a real bad taste in their mouth from Roberson, as he has been burning everyone recently. Matthew Fisher-Davis though, injured his foot against USC, and is doubtful to play tonight. His injury last game resulted in Roberson seeing 33 minutes and 18.7 fps while only going 1-7 from the field. Like many other players, Roberson fairs far better at home, and if he sees 30+ minutes again tonight, I'm very confident on him exceeding value. Auburn hands out fantasy points to opposing teams, and Roberson should be in-line to get enough to clear his value line.

Glynn Watson, Jr. - Guard, Nebraska. FD Price $4,800, DK Price N/A)

Watson is not exactly a player you wait in-line to roster, but his floor is very nice for a player almost at the bare minimum. He typically sees 20+ minutes and his usage rate hovers above 19. He hasn't scored less than 9.2 fps in his last 7 games, and Minnesota is very friendly on the defensive end to opposing players. Watson should have some easy baskets along with assists to get him over the 19 fps he needs for value.

Remy Abell - Guard, Xavier. FD Price $4,700, DK Price N/A)

The argument can be made that Abell is just a minutes eater, but the truth is at $4,700 he rarely kills you. He has gone at least 31 minutes in his last four games, and has scored less than 6 points only once in his last 7 games. Xavier will cruise tonight to a victory, and should certainly surpass their season average of 80 points. This will lead to fantasy points being spread throughout, and Abell getting over 30+ minutes could have him inline to make you happy at $4700.

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