Its a Tuesday and that means big CBB slates are offered by DFS sites. This is a very nice slate with a wide range of options to play. Stars and scrubs is how I'm approaching this. I just feel there is value everywhere and you can fit in big time studs. I also am still reeling from the last time I played Simmons and Dunn together, but this match-up has both of them at home. Simmons and Dunn's numbers at home are much better than on the road, and I'll find a way to squeeze both players into my lineup. I'll provide you some low priced plays along with why I like Simmons and Dunn in their spots as well.

High-Priced Plays

Ben Simmons - Forward, LSU. (FD Price $11,100, DK Price $11,000)

If you've read these articles before this will be no surprise to you. I continue to mention him because, at this price he scares people. I haven't seen Simmons higher than 35% in the last few weeks on a given slate, and tomorrow shouldn't be any different. Simmons is coming back home to a nice opportunity against the Bulldogs. Georgia has been bad SEC teams and gotten rolled by good SEC schools. LSU is somewhere in between, but I like them with Simmons to really control this game. Simmons should be able to pad his peripherals and of coarse be able to score the basketball with little resistance from Georgia. His price his still high, but with such a high floor, and good low priced guys, there is little reason not to run him out with Dunn.

Kris Dunn - Guard, Providence. (FD Price $10,100, DK Price $10,700)

I get it, my colors don't change. I'll play the studs every chance I can because CBB is wacky, and I play who I trust. While Dunn and Simmons have let me down in the past, they have helped far more than hurt. There is a full slate of primed road players tomorrow who I want no part of. I just cannot stomach average players traveling on the road with good match-ups, as these types of plays have buried me over and over again. Now onto Dunn..... Vegas sees this as a one point game at home in favor of Xavier, and I feel that Xavier is getting too much respect here. In a close home match-up with the fast moving Xavier, Providence will be granted extra possessions. The only way Providence wins tomorrow is with Dunn and Xavier guards are nothing defensively. I think Bentil struggles with Xavier's big men and Dunn will shine bright tomorrow in a close game.

Nigel Hayes - Forward, Wisconsin. Price $8,600, DK Price $8,100)

There are always scenarios where players may be priced a bit high, but the match-up plays to their strengths. Nigel Hayes isn't priced where I love, but his match-up tomorrow is excellent in my eyes. He struggled a bit on the road a few weeks back against Indiana, but I love Hayes's chances to bounce back at home here. His floor is the mid 25s, and all you need from him is a hair over 34 fps for value. He'll be needed for Wisconsin, and I think he'll go under-owned tomorrow with all the cheaper mid range guys, but you cannot forget how safe Hayes is. He's gone over 30 fps in his last three and Indiana's tempo will cause extra possessions for Wisconsin. Don't worry much about the low scoring first game as this game should end in the low 70s. Wisconsin is fairly thin, and will need Hayes to have a big game tomorrow to win.

Mid-Priced Plays

Devon Bookert - Guard, Florida State. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price $5,300)

Boston College is very fantasy friendly and tonight should be no different. While I'm typically not a fan of taking players from road teams projected under their season points average, Bookert is beginning to look like his normal self. He is still priced a bit lower than I think he should be. He's gone over 21 fps in his last four, and even has a 31+ game in there as well. Out of all the BC players here, I prefer Bookert just based on price and recent play. I honestly don't mind Bacon as well, but again I prefer Bookert. BC is not great at all on the perimeter and I like Bookert's chances to get quite a few open looks from behind the arc along with peripherals to get him value tonight.

Bronson Koenig - Guard, Wisconsin. (FD Price $6,300, DK Price $6,100)

To the surprise of no one, I am listing two players from the same team on a large slate. I understand that this has risks and can come back to bite you, but again this is a calculated risk that has worked for me more times than not. Koenig is certainly not someone a lot of people will be on, and I actually like knowing that. His price is right at 6300, and he will be needed for ball control on offense against IU's pesky guards. IU also turns the ball over a ton, and I like Wisconsin's chances to rack up steals tonight, with Koenig getting a few. Koenig has Jekyll and Hyde qualities which will scare people off him, but I really like his bounce back potential here tonight. He barely sits, and as mentioned above with Wisconsin projected a good total, I expect players like Koenig to perform. well.

Connor Lammert - Forward, Texas. (FD Price $5,500, DK Price $4,900)

Looking at just the names in this article without reading the breakdowns, will have you think I'm legit gambling tonight. Guys on here today have really under-performed quite a bit recently, but this is all the reason why I like them. Lammert is a safer play in my eyes than Ibeh, and more people will be on Ibeh cause people love to chase. I'll take Lammert as Ibeh only made value at this price once in his last 10 and 7 blocks was the reason for it. Barring foul trouble Lammert also plays more minutes, so I see the edge with Lammert for the price discount tonight.

Low-Priced Plays

Shannon Hale - Forward Alabama. (FD Price $4,800, DK Price $4,900)

Pound for pound on Fanuel tonight, Hale may be the best option, and I'm not even joking. A virtual lock for 28+ minutes barring foul trouble, and coming off an awful shooting game, I like his chances at home to bounce back nicely. I know I ride the whole bounce back idea often in CBB, but this is again something that has worked for me in the past. Now, I don't expect Hale to drop a 30 burger but he has a pretty high floor and has been ultra aggressive recently. Tennessee's pace makes Hale an even better play and he matches up well with Tennessee's small front court.

Matt Williams - Guard, Central Florida. (FD Price $4,800, DK Price N/A)

UCF will get a serious tempo boost in tonight's game, so finding value options in this game could be very beneficial to you winning tonight. Williams typically sees over 25 minutes in the starting lineup, and UCF will score tonight. I like AJ Davis as well, and will have some exposure there. Williams doesn't do a whole lot on the court, but if sees over 30 minutes tonight, he should be able to put together enough peripherals for value, as the projected pace will result in extra UCF possessions.

Jalyn Patterson - Guard, LSU. (FD Price $4,500, DK Price $4,300)

The minimum Fanduel price recommendation is Jalyn Patterson tonight. Patterson has struggled to return to form since his injury, but is now getting his normal run of minutes again seeing 32 in two of his last three. He won't be minimum price for long and this home match-up certainly could project a decent showing from him. I didn't like paying for Patterson last season when he was in the mid 5K range, but at minimum price and getting a good run with the starters, I really like his chances to reach value tonight.

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