We have NBA all star weekend on our hands, and this means GPPs nearly twice as large as normal. Outside of GPPs that FD and DK provide satellites for during the season, there are far fewer days in CBB when you'll have as much volume as you will this weekend for CBB. The size of the slate as expected did not disappoint, and while there is some looming injury news, I don't expect anything injury related to make or break you here. There are many high profile games tomorrow, especially some with very high totals. Always keep in mind though, you do not just "target players from certain games", you use all possible angles with player pricing being the most important for player selection. My articles are typically against the grain a bit, as I use all these factors in considering who I like for a given slate. I've provided my favorite options below for the early slate and if your a constant reader of my articles, some will certainly not be a surprise. You'll also notice that I give no reference to Colorado players tomorrow who are in a great spot and there a few reasons for this. For one thing, I hate all of their prices on Draftkings. DK did a good job on jumping everyone's prices in this game and make it tough to play people here in a very fantasy friendly match-up. On the Fanduel side of things, Scott may be ready to play, and you probably won't have this news before lineup lock. I felt fairly confident that Scott wasn't going to play Thursday and that's why I dropped Gordon and King in the article as a mention, but I'm not as confident that he sits again. We also did not have as many other options of players to choose from on Thursday as well. Gordon and King still have very good prices on Fanduel, but if Scott plays that will really cut into both of their usage rates. I will have exposure to King and Gordon on Fanduel tomorrow, but they are not an auto lock-and-load for me based on looming Josh Scott news.

High-Priced Plays

Ben Simmons - Forward, LSU. (FD Price $11,200, DK Price $11,300)

I am almost always on the Ben Simmons bandwagon, and today is no different. This game being in LSU, I expect LSU to control the tempo and Simmons will be far more aggressive in this game then when in A&M earlier in the year. LSU is coming off a road loss, and I really like this spot for them to bounce back here. Simmons has been playing better recently and his peripherals are some of the best in the country. Expect the usual floor from Simmons in the 30s and needing about 44 for value here, I'll gladly take him here. There is enough soft pricing here to easily fit Simmons in. l love Simmons for cash, but not as high on him for GPPs, as you'll need need 50 from him to win big. On Fanduel, I'm far more comfortable paying for Simmons vs. on Draftkings.

Kris Dunn - Guard, Providence. (FD Price $10,000, DK Price $10,500)

I'm finding it hard to believe that Dunn's recent numbers are a product of more talent around him. Dunn is arguably the most talented guard in the country, and his previous three games have dropped his price down a bit. Dunn dropped 40 fps on the road against Georgetown and I expect another 40 spot from him here. There are few players in the country who control the ball more than Dunn, and he is just overdue for a big game with his talents. Dunn will have many opportunities to pileup peripherals in this game and I really like him to come through with a nice game. The $500 price cut on Fanduel makes him a better play there, but I do like him on Draftkings as well. Pairing Dunn with Simmons is advised on Fanduel, but not on Draftkings. This is more because of other player pricing vs. their own.

Stefan Moody - Guard, Ole Miss. (FD Price $8,600, DK Price $9,000)

This Fanduel price is too cheap for Moody. He is priced pretty accurately on Draftkings, but I love this bounce back spot for him. I like him to actually outscore Anthony Barber from NC State, which may sound crazy to some. Moody's usage is one of the best in the country, and tomorrow's game will be very fast paced. I expect him to hoist up a ton of shots and have many transition peripheral stats. No single person on Arkansas will be able to stop Moody, and I really like him to exceed value tomorrow. If choosing between the two, I really Dunn more for the price, but if you don't want to pay up for Dunn, pay for Moody.

Mid-Priced Plays

Tim Quarterman- Forward, LSU. (FD Price $6,300, DK Price $6,700)

Quarterman is always in play when priced in this range. Tomorrow's match-up will provide him ample opportunity to get back on track after a few sub-par games. Like many other college players, he is more consistent at home, and he has a nice usage on this offense. He pokes holes all over a box score, and if he can score over 10 actual points tomorrow, I feel he'll surpass value easily. He may be fairly high owned at his price, but also Craig Victor being $300 cheaper than him may force people to go in that direction. Victor is tough for me to run out as he hasn't made value at his price in almost a month. Quarterman was $7200 not too long ago, so enjoy the price cut while it lasts on him.

Kellen Dunham/Andrew Chrabascz - Guard/Forward, Butler. (FD Price $5,800/$5,500, DK Price $5,900/$6,000)

Butler/Xavier will be a great game to watch, but also provides some fantasy value as well. I don't like anyone on Xavier for their prices, but there is some value on Butler's side. Dunham is typically priced over 6K, so under this on both sites is a nice discount for someone who averages 16 real points per game and is playing at home. Chrabascz is also typically priced in the 6K range, and your getting a discount here, especially on Fanduel. Both of these guys have safe floors barring foul trouble, and the pace will be very fast in this one. While Dunham is almost purely a scorer, Chrabascz provides nice peripherals, so I would lean Chrab's direction if choosing between the two.

Leyton Hammonds - Forward, Oklahoma State. (FD Price $5,600, DK Price $5,500)

There are rumblings of Juwan Evans possibly being out for the season. This would be a huge loss for OKST, as they have looked very bad without him in the last two games. Without him though, other plays have gotten great usage bumps. My favorite play on this team for the price is Hammonds. He only played 27 minutes, but picked up two early fouls and sat for the back end of the first half in his last game, but Hammonds has had a great usage rate in Evan's absence and is pretty safe tomorrow based on his price and match-up. KSU struggles at times defensively away from home, and Hammonds is an inside out player who relies more on his jump-shots than actual post moves. He is 6'7 though, and does provide good rebounding numbers along with some steal/block upside.

Low-Priced Plays

Ryan Rosburg/Kevin Puryear - Forward, Missouri. (FD Price $5,500/$5,200, DK Price $4,500/$4,800)

This will be an interesting situation tomorrow. Missouri is a bad team in one of those spots where you can literally target any of their starters. Tennessee plays very fast and being that this game is in Missouri, it has to be assumed that the Tigers will be up for this one. Rosburg has really come on in his last two games, so the argument can be made here for point chasing. He looked really good though in his last two and this match-up his hard to pass up on. Puryear has been one of Missouri's post guys all year, and has gotten a nice price drop due to very poor performances before hist last two games. The minutes should be there for both of these guys, and Missouri will score tomorrow, so exposure is key.

Wes Clark - Guard, Missouri. (FD Price $5,200, DK Price $5,200)

I did mention exposure to this game was key right? If you were wondering, I wasn't joking. Clark can be very risky, and I know he has burned many this year including myself, but this is just the type of game where he plays well. A fast paced home game, and Clark provides very nice peripherals for his price. I also feel it's worth mentioning that Clark scored a grand total of 0 points in his last game going 0-8 from the field and 0-2 from the charity stripe. My favorite two words are screaming in my head right now.... BOUNCE BACK. Don't worry about his risk, as we always look for good spots for under-priced players and this is certainly one of them.

Jevon Carter - Guard, California. (FD Price $5,100, DK Price $5,800)

I will start here by saying that I do not love this Draftkings price for Carter, but I love his Fanduel price. Carter's price has been slowly moving down, and now it's at the lowest I've seen it all season. WVU is very capable of a blowout tomorrow, but barring foul trouble from Carter, he should make value at this tag. Another one of those under-priced guys with good peripherals for this tag with a great home match-up. These are the exact things I constantly look for in players for a slate, and Carter fits the mold here almost perfectly.

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