Welcome to the biggest GPP night of the CBB season. Both Fanduel and Draftkings have offered satellites all year for tournaments that would be held today and tomorrow, so prize pools are much larger than normal. Fanduel's pricing tonight is as soft as I've seen it all year, so you'll have no problem finding cheap guys, but you may struggle to like some of the top end options. Michael Carrera is a name that sticks out against Missouri's front court, but keep in mind that Carrera is a far different player at home than on the road. Carrera hasn't surpassed 33 fps on the road on DK all season, and on Fanduel he hasn't surpassed 31 fps. These numbers will not get it done for you tonight if you want to win a big GPP. You'll see below, that I like A.J. Hammons the most as a top option tonight, but I don't mind Kelan Martin either. Paying up for big guards tonight, doesn't seem like the best option unless your targeting the Illinois game which is only offered on Fanduel. Regardless, I am still sticking to my discipline and that I will not chase player points, and I will target good players coming off bad games whose prices have decreased. You'll notice that I have certain stacks of games, and it's not cause I just love the games themselves for the players, but I love the player's prices in these games. Below are my top options for the slate.

High-Priced Plays

AJ Hammons - Forward, Purdue. (FD Price $8,900, DK Price $8,300)

Hammons draws Northwestern tonight, and while this is not my favorite play of the slate for the price, it is still certainly worth a mention. As mentioned above, you will have to pay up for someone tonight. Northwestern has typically been burned by opponents back courts, but I'm finding it difficult to see how Alex Olah slows Hammons down. Hammons's last two home games is only averaging 56 fps, which is just plain ridiculous. He is also coming off a true dud, and should bounce back nicely here. The wrry here is typically Hammons only plays about 30 minutes and foul trouble is always a looming issue. He should be able to rack up a few blocks en route to a double double tonight vs. over-matched Northwestern.

Malcolm Hill - Guard, Illinois. (FD Price $8,700, DK Price N/A)

Malcolm Hill is a stud that garners almost no attention because he plays on a poor Illinois team, but this kid can seriously ball. He offers great peripherals to go along with his 18+ ppg, and draws one of the best fantasy gold mines, there is in the Power 5 Conferences in Rutgers. Now don't be fooled at first glance of his 52.3 fps he put up against Rutgers a few games back as this game went to triple overtime, but he still has great potential tonight. He is actually coming off of his worst scoring output of the season, and you all know how much I love bounce back potential/ He will score as many points as he wants to tonight, and his peripherals are so good around his scoring. He is priced about right, but there aren't many options that offer the high floor that Hill will offer up tonight with this gem of a match-up vs. Rutgers.

Mid-Priced Plays

Michael Young - Forward, Pittsburgh. (FD Price $7,300, DK Price $7,600)

Pittsburgh hasn't gone over 80 points since 1/31 against VTech and this game was an easy victory for them. Tonight. I expect them to go over 80, but in a closer game. Young's price has been dropping due to his most recent play, but he has serious 30+ point upside and this match-up certainly offers him that potential as well. Wake Forest doesn't really contain anyone, and Young is Pittsburgh's best player with the slight fallout this year of Jamel Artis. Young's floor in this game is in the md 20's and certainly has a ceiling in the high 30s. I'll be running Young out comfortably.

Jalen Jones/Daniel House - Guard/Forward, Texas A&M. (FD Price $7,300/$6,700, DK Price $7,300/$7,500)

At first glance this match-up for Texas A&M isn't exactly what you'd dream about, but these player prices certainly are. Both these players a few weeks back were over 1K high in salary, but coming off of two road games, I like Texas A&M to come out sharp tonight. Jones and House's prices are simply to cheap for their talent level here. Texas A&M has a decent match-up tonight here, but the big thing I love here is the prices of their top players. They offer good floor and certainly have high ceilings, and both of these guys shouldn't disappoint tonight. I don;t know if I'd pair both together, but if you run multiple lineups, certainly give one of these guys a run in each of them.

Taurean Waller-Prince/Rico Gathers - Forward, Baylor. (FD Price $7,200/$7,500, DK Price $7,600/$7,700)

This scenario is identical to the Texas A&M situation. These prices are just so low for these two guys, and they draw the super fast paced team that is Iowa State at home. While Gathers is a bit more risky due to his lack of consistent scoring, both of these guys are priced much lower than they should be. Gathers has double double potential with serious block upside and Prince offers more consistent scoring and better overall peripherals. Both guys have nice home floors as far as fantasy points go and certainly offer high enough ceiling to make anyone happy. This pace will be very frantic and scoring will be the norm, so exposure in this game is certainly a good idea. With these two priced at what they are, it is hard for me to fade an entire lineup without one or the other.

Prince Ibeh - Forward, Texas. (FD Price $5,900, DK Price $6,000)

Ibeh is yet another player tonight coming off some average home showings, and his price has declined a bit because of them. West Virginia is no pushover inside, but Ibeh offers some of the best fps on a per minute basis in CBB this season. If he stays out of foul trouble, I think he gets to value easily tonight. Barring the one complete dud at home vs. TTech, he has been as safe as can be in six of his last seven games. He has been more involved in the offense recently and his rebound and block upside is excellent. He is a great player for cash and GPP because of his typically high floor and great GPP potential. The front court of WVU scares me a bit, but you cannot ignore this price here.

Low-Priced Plays

Mike Williams/Bishop Daniels - Guard, Rutgers. (FD Price $6,000/$4,800, DK Price N/A)

As most of you probably already know, Corey Sanders has been suspended for two weeks. Corey Sanders was the only player on Rutgers that had serious talent. His usage was ridiculous and this has to fall onto someone. I think the two most likely candidates are Williams and Daniels. Rutgers is projected to keep this within 15 points tonight, and Illinois is really not a great team. Rutgers will run about 6 deep tonight, so I expect these two to play almost the entire game tonight. Because of lack of guys to play, they will probably be passive on the defensive end, as they cannot afford to pickup silly fouls. This will lead to more court minutes, and more offense for Illinois as well. The prices for these two are nice and this is strictly a value play based on the situation of Rutgers, not because I like Rutgers to give Illinois a run tonight.

James Robinson - Guard, Pittsburgh. (FD Price $5,500, DK Price $6,300)

Well, James Robinson is yet another player whose price is typically in the mid 6K range, and on Fanduel tonight, he is about 1K cheaper than normal. Even on DK, his price is good hear based on the match-up. This is the type of game that Robinson can rack up many assists along with a few threes en route to exceeding value easily. He is locked in 30+ minutes and barely ever gets into foul trouble. His price is just to good to pass up on here, and he couldn't ask for much a better match-up in the ACC at home.

Maverick Morgan - Forward, Illinois. (FD Price $5,400, DK Price N/A)

As mentioned above, Illinois is in a huge spot tonight for large fantasy points all around. Rutgers gives up large amounts of fps to each position, bur really struggles inside. Morgan has come on as of slate, and played very well over his last three games. His price is about right here, but this match-up offers tremendous upside for him in this spot. He has the potential to score in double digits along with rebound well enough to eclipse value. A few random peripherals tonight would be icing on the cake, but it's tough to imagine Morgan letting anyone down tonight at this low price.

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