As I was looking over this slate, and potential options for the night I was seeing a recurring theme. This theme is centered around players playing well above their pay grade, with serious opportunity to blow up in people's faces. Now, before mention names on this list, I want to ensure you that'll I'll be wrong on a few of these, but I expect to be right on many more than I'm wrong on. Guys that I see potential to destroy your GPP chances tonight: Nate Mason, Damian Jones, Obi Enechionyia, Jonah Bolden, Khalil Iverson, and Tre Demps. Now some of these may be obviously tough plays, but I do feel you'll see a few of these names with decent percentages based on some prior performances. Don't be fooled by game logs as every player on this list is over-priced and not in ideal match-ups. As mentioned some of these guys may payoff for you, but you won't see them in my lineup. You should never be ladder climbing with any player as far as price is concerned and you would be guilty of this running any of these guys out. The good news of all this is when players like this setup up and play well for a few games, the other "better" plays experience nice price drops. My top list of value plays will include player whose prices have dropped along with some players who are still priced too low. I only see one high priced value play on Fanduel, but I'll provide extra mid-tier priced options I like as well.

High-Priced Plays

Quenton DeCosey - Guard, Temple. (FD Price $8,500, DK Price $7,400)

I have little doubt in my mind that DeCosey will be the highest owned player on both Fanduel and Draftkings. His price has climbed a bit especially on Fanduel, but it doesn't worry me in the least. He is a very solid cash play, and offer nice upside for tournaments as well. DeCosey has literally become what Will Cummings was last year on this team, and his usage is very nice along with good steal upside. Being home, makes him an ever better play, and no one on Tulsa defensively scares me enough to warrant fading.

Mid-Priced Plays

Bryant McIntosh - Guard, Northwestern. (FD Price $7,100/$7,700)

McIntosh has really fallen off recently, but I'm not throwing the towel in on him just yet. I am also not a beleiver that this team has become the Tre Demps show either. McIntosh has had some poor games of late, but let's look at who he played; Iowa, Michigan State, Indian, and Maryland who are arguably the four best the Big 10 has to offer. McIntosh has high 30 point upside, and his price is just too low on Fanduel for this match-up. I expect him to be on the court almost the entire game and pick apart the fantasy gold that is the Golden Gophers.

Luke Kornet - Forward, Vanderbilt. (FD Price $6,800, DK Price $6,900)

Since were talking about players who have received a price drop, how do we not mention Luke Kornet? For one thing, Kornet is usually good for 25+ fps at home and has huge upside with his block potential. Now this match-up isn't exactly one to dream about, but he is a strong value play at this price. His floor at home is typically no less than 20 fps, so for cash he's a great play in my eyes, and don't sleep on him for a GPP play. He typically sees a bit over 30 minutes, and being home in a close game, I like his chances to reach value here.

Elgin Cook - Forward, Oregon. (FD Price $6,700, DK Price $6,600)

Oregon is projected one of the highest totals of the night, so having someone from this game would be advised. Based on player pricing, I feel Cook is the best cash option. Coming off two mediocre performances on the road, he is heading back home where he is averaging 36 fps over his last two. He shoots far better at home, and offers serious GPP upside if his shot is falling. A virtual lock for over 30 minutes, I expect a nice bounce back game for Cook tonight and his price is certainly affordable on both sites.

Jaylen Bond - Forward, Temple. (FD Price $6,500, DK Price $6,100)

This is honestly the cheapest price I can remember Bond being on either site in quite some time. Good ole Obi Wan Kan-obi (Obi Enechionyia) has seen a serious price jump on Fanduel to 5500, and with Bond now back, I expect him to take a backseat. Even if Bond doesn't start tonight (which he should), I expect to see him play 30 minutes regardless. Foul trouble hindered his minutes, last game and while this is a risk with him, it doesn't take away the value that exists at this price. He is another player who performs better at home, and play him confidentially in cash.

Troy Caupain - Guard, Cincinnati. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price N/A)

Blowout Alert! This game will get ugly, and I don't expect starters to see much more than 25 minutes in this one. This doesn't mean to fade this game as Caupain is a strong play at this price. He has the opportunity to rack up assists, and some steals along with his 11 actual points per game en route to value tonight. I expect him to dissect USF every minute he's on the court and don't be worried about his potential for lack of minutes because he should perform very well for this price.

Bennie Boatwright - Forward, USC. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price - $6,600)

I know that it seems like I mentioned Jovanic in these articles and this is not because I like Jovanic as a player more, but to put it simply, Jovanic has been cheaper. Tonight, this is not the case though. I feel both of these players offer similar upside, but Boatwright has more of a fouling problem. USC is projected the highest total of the night, and I still do not trust their top flight guards, so lands us at the front court. I do not advise running both in the same lineup as both rarely hit together, but Boatwright being cheaper makes the most sense to me if your only running one out there. UCLA's front court is talented offensively, but defensively they are nothing to be afraid of. With Boatwright's price on the recent decline, I like his chances to exceed value tonight.

Katin Reinhardt - Guard, USC. (FD Price $5,800, DK Price $5,800)

As long as Reinhardt his home, and under 6K, you will see him in these articles. Reinhardt is a virtual lock for 30+ minutes, and rarely takes less than 10 shots to go along with decent peripherals. UCLA plays quickly as well and this could lead to a few run out three opportunist for Reinahrdt. Pricing is a bit tight as usal on Fanduel, so I like Reinhardt to hit in this spot coming off a serious dud. He is another typically cash only play, as his lack of large peripherals limits his upside, unless he drop about 30 actual points. While this is a possibility, it cannot be counted on.

Jacob Evans - Forward, Cincinnati (FD Price $5,600, DK Price N/A)

Evans is a very intriguing play with the potential for Shaq Thomas not playing. Even if Thomas goes tonight, which to me looks unlikely, expect Evans to still see 20+ minutes and even start. He has been pretty effective this year when given minutes, and with a blowout expected I see little reason to not get those 20+ minutes tonight as a starter or reserve. He has great steal/block upside per 40 minutes, and has a nice opportunity to value tonight. He is more of a cash game in my eyes than a GPP, but the upside is there if he happens to see the rare 30 minutes tonight on the court.

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