My goal with these articles is not just to give you plays and send you on your way (insert old saying about teaching someone how to fish). My goals are that you learn a few things as well that are DFS related. I hope that by now you have learned that I am no point chaser. I do not go into a slate saying no matter the price Player A is I'll be paying for him. Now taking one helpful tip at a time may not lead you to winning today, but collectively these tips will provide you an edge over the long haul. This time of year, people love to ride hot streaks, assume a great match-up is the #1 way to determine a player's projection, and simply put will overpay for multiple players. These articles all preface around the same idea, and that is making sure you consider ALL factors when selecting a player. Some questions I frequently often ask myself are; How I do I project this player's ownership? How many times this year as this player made value at this price? The match-up and price are ideal, but does the player perform well enough consistently on the road to pay off his tag? While some of these question sound obvious, not everyone is researching slates with these in mind. DFS in it's most simplest form is about finding better value than the others in your contest. The best value hunters in DFS are the ones that you constantly see at the top of leader-boards and this is because they are disciplined. Don't cave into a player's hot streak if his price has exceeded what your comfortable paying or assume before even logging into Fanduel/Draftkings that your playing Players X,Y,Z without even considering price. I have listed my favorite plays below for the early slate, taking into consideration all factors mentioned above.

High-Priced Plays

Devin Thomas - Forward, Wake Forest. (FD Price $8,400, DK Price $8,900)

Devin Thomas is not my favorite play of the slate, but I always list these in top down order by price. On Fanduel though, this price is incredible. His price is down from $8,900 which is what it was on Tuesday. He draws a great home match-up vs. FSU. Now typically guard is the position that burns FSU, but talented forwards have gone off against this team as well. This will be one of the highest scoring games on the slate, so the right exposure here is key. I expect Thomas to have his way down low in the front court all game. I also don't mind Miller-McIntyre at 5300, but he is real tough to trust in cash these days. His talent though is far bad than what we've been seeing recently, and a big game is coming from him.

Maurice Watson Jr. - Guard, Creighton. (FD Price $8,000, DK Price $7,800)

This is the lowest price Watson has been on Fanduel since I can remember. On Draftkings, he has been hovering around this area throughout the season, but for this match-up I do think it's a bit low. Watson's floor is 25 and he needs 32 for value here in a game that he should control throughout on offense. I expect enough shots and free throw attempts to get him past his season average along with his strong assist numbers. His peripherals make him such a safe play, but he does rarely go off, so you may want to tread lightly with Watson in GPPs. His upside tomorrow along with his price provide pound for pound, some of the best value on the slate.

Dwayne Bacon - Forward, Florida State. (FD Price $7,600, DK Price $7,600)

As mentioned above this will be quite the thrilling match-up. With Florida State being favored and Bacon's price certainly in a good target range, I'll have a lot of exposure. Talented wing men have really handed it to Wake Forest this year, and I expect no different tomorrow. Bacon can post almost anyone up even at his small 6'7 frame, and even take the ball up the court if he wants to run the offense. He is a unique player for his size and should have his way with Wake Forest in this one. Being on the road doesn't scare me too much here, as he has had some solid road outings this year. Beasley and Booker are tough to play in my eyes at their price, and everyone is really tough to trust on this team.

Mid-Priced Plays

Shavon Shields - Forward, Nebraska. (FD Price $7,500/$7,500)

When Nebraska is a home favorite against anyone, and Shields is under 8K, he is almost a lock for me in cash. He has really had an up and down year, and I honestly though he would even perform better than this, as Petteway left last year. Shields typically plays very well in these types of games and Rutgers is arguably the worst Power 5 team in the country. The argument can also be made for almost any Nebraska starter here, but if I going one guy it will be Shields. He offer great peripherals and usage, and I see no reason for him not to be aggressive in this game. His recent games have been what has driven his price down, and we should all take advantage of it here.

Prince Ibeh/Connor Lammert. (FD Price $6,600/$5300, DK Price $6,200/$4900)

I've listed both guys here as they both could reach value, but if your someone who typically runs two or more lineups, you'll want exposure to at least one of these guys. Texas Tech really struggles in the front court defensively, and while I do not like Ibeh price jump on both sites, it is hard to ignore his recent production. Keep in mind though that his production has led to Lammert taking a back seat and his price dropping. Both of these guys are typically cash lineup options as I cannot see how either burns you at these prices tomorrow, yet I'm finding it hard to project them much higher than value. Ibeh would nee to have a serious block party and Lammert will need the 3 ball raining to be in GPP range. While certainly possible, I'll prefer to roll these guys in cash games.

Jeff Newberry/Leyton Hammonds. (FD Price $5,700/$5300, DK Price $6,000/$5600)

As I'm sure most of you know Oklahoma's stud player Juwan Evans is questionable for this game against ISU. Based on Vegas's line, I would assume they think he's playing though. Even with him playing I feel both of these guys are in play here, as the pace will provide extra possessions for OKST. If Evans doesn't play, you will want to lock both of these guys in on Draftkings, as they both are playing as many minutes as they can handle. I don't expect to have this news by Fanduel's lock, but their prices here are still very good even if Evans plays. Obviously, I prefer to wait for the news and adjust accordingly for Draftkings, but I will certainly have exposure to these two on Fanduel.

Low-Priced Plays

Matt Jones/Derryck Thornton. (FD Price $5,200/$5300, DK Price $5,600/$4,800)

Matt Jones's price on Fanduel is border line must play, and Thornton got the starting nod and played well over 30 minutes in his last game. For Fanduel, you may want to play Jones if deciding between these two because he is a virtual lock to start and Duke should easily top 80+ in this one coming back home vs NCST. While Thornton should start tomorrow, since he played so well, you just never know with CBB. Regardless, I do expect a decent Fanduel ownership somewhere between 12-20%, with Thorton being higher owned than Jones. On Draftkings, I really don't like Matt Jones's price, but he is certainly GPP eligible. Once you get the Duke starting lineup and confirm Thornton is in it, just plug him into all you cash lineups, cause he is fairly safe for value at $4,800. Honestly, there is really no reason Thornton shouldn't start tomorrow, so I certainly like him on Fanduel as well.

Darryl Reynolds. (FD Price $4,700, DK Price $4,700)

Reynolds may be the highest player owned on Fanduel on this slate, but I do not expect his ownership to be as high on Draftkings. This is because Draftkings always offer more value plays than Fanduel, and with Ochefu doubtful Reynolds, sees 30 minutes on the court. Also, considering that Bentil is questionable could leave Providence rather thin on the boards. Reynolds is a very raw player, but has shown very good rebounding numbers when given playing time, and should be able to surpass 4x value tomorrow on both sites at this price. I don't think he is a great GPP play as his upside is so limited because the offense runs almost nothing through him. His points will be based solely off put-backs only, but there are not many better cheap plays than Reynolds on this slate.

Michael Jacobson. (FD Price $4,700, DK Price $3,700)

As mentioned above during Shields's write-up that Nebraska will be piling on points in this game. Jacobson is coming off one of his better games of the season and seeing no less than 27 minutes in three of his last four. I expect low ownership on Fanduel since he is priced the same as Reynolds, and he may even go unnoticed on Draftkings at his low price. He is a solid GPP play on Draftkings at this price and certainly has the chance to go for 5x value on Draftkings. I do prefer Reynolds to Jacobson on Fanduel, but certainly don't mind running both out. On DK, I prefer to play Jacobson.

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