Another Tuesday means another huge CBB slate on Fanduel and Draftkings. While this slate may be unique to any other slate all year, our principles as always will remain the same. We do not pay up for players whose price has become stomach churning, and we look for good players who are on the price decline in good match-ups. Since Tuesday's always have one of the bigger slates of the week, you can always find pricing holes if you look hard enough. One of the things that I'm very against on large slates is running players out on the road unless I utterly must. Looking over this slate, there aren't many great road plays tonight for their price, but I will give a few mentions. Keep in mind that my hate for road players comes from being let down many of times with road warriors. If your ever struggling between two players to choose from and one is home and one is on the road, don't even think twice about it. More times than not guys on the road will burn you over the long run, especially in the college game. Below are my best plays at their respective prices for the slate tonight.

High-Priced Plays

Armani Moore - Forward, Tennessee. (FD Price $8,600, DK Price $8,600)

While this price is not exactly mouth watering, it is down from $9,000 which is what is was Saturday on Fanduel. Tennessee is projected one of the higher totals of the night, and basically only has two guys you can trust for minutes. Moore and Punter are those two guys, and I just cannot pay over 9K for Punter. I know his recent game logs are great, but his lack of strong peripherals makes him tough to play at this price in my opinion. I think he has a floor of 30 tonight, but I'm not confident in his ability to go over 40. On the other end, Armani Moore is a stud at home and Auburn struggles against talented swing men like Moore. Moore plays much bigger than his 6'4 frame, and I expect him to earn extra baskets at the rim tonight, along with nice peripherals. Foul trouble would be the only way I don't see him getting to value with this great fast paced match-up with Auburn.

Maurice Watson Jr. - Guard, Creighton. (FD Price $7,900, DK Price $7,800)

Watson gets his second mention in this article again, and mainly because his price has barely moved at all since the last slate. As I mentioned on Saturday, there are few players that have as high of a floor as Watson has and this game will be played very quickly. Xavier's back court defense doesn't scare me one bit as average guards have hurt them all year, and Watson is no average guard. In what will arguably be Creighton's most important game of the season to date, I expect their best player to show up at home.

Gavin Ware - Forward, Mississippi State. (FD Price $7,600, DK Price $7,700)

Gavin Ware has been given yet another price drop by Fanduel, and comes back home to a very nice match-up with Arkansas. Ware is typically a very safe cash play, especially at this price, and tonight's pace will be very fast. Arkansas runs a very similar team to Mississippi State with four guards and one talented big. Ware will go up against Kingsley and while both can be foul prone at time, I'll gladly take the price reduction at home with Ware over Kingsley. Both players should be able to put up good numbers, but I like Ware to outscore Kingley tonight in fantasy points at a cheaper price.

Mid-Priced Plays

Frank Mason/Devontae Graham - Guard, Kansas. (FD Price $7,200/$6,500, DK Price $7,700/$6,500)

I like to give you two options on the same team often, as I'm someone who constantly runs two lineups in cash games. In tonight's game with WVU, the total is projected to be high for both teams, and based on pricing my favorite plays are Kansas's guards. This is the cheapest price I remember Frank Mason being on Fanduel, and he is simply overdue for a nice game. I expect him and Graham to be on the court as long as they can handle barring foul trouble, and they both should be able to play well. Both of these players are more of cash game plays than GPP, as their ceilings are somewhat limited, but they provide strong floors at home. Outside of Mason's dud at home recently vs KANST, he has been very reliable for this price at home, and Graham has been coming on strong as of late.

Anthony Gill. (FD Price $6,500, DK Price $6,600)

To put it simply, this price is just wrong. I know Gill has been out of sorts lately, but this has driven his price well below what it was a few weeks ago. At home, Gill is a very safe option, and coming off his first game all year scoring less than 10 points, there is serious bounce back potential here. Virginia Tech has taken a beating all year in the paint, and Gill should be able to fill up the box score with rebounds and easy baskets at the rim. This is a great opportunity for Gill to get back on track, as they need him back to his normal self if UVA will have a chance at a title run in March.

Jae'Sean Tate. (FD Price $6,500, DK Price $6,700)

This season, Tate has been very Jekyll and Hyde like with playing very well at home and not well on the road. While there have been exceptions, for the most part this has been the case all season for Tate. Well, he returns home for a great match-up with Northwestern who have struggled against true talented swing men like Tate. While Tate had an average at best showing at Northwestern, we cannot forget how much better Tate plays at home. I like this bounce back spot for him and playing at home, Tate is typically very safe.

Low-Priced Plays

TJ Lang/Bryce Brown - Guard, Auburn. (FD Price $5,000/$5,300, DK Price $4,900/4,700)

We have all heard the Kareem Canty news that he's suspended at least for another game, and this news virtually locks Lang into 30+ minutes, and Brown gets a serious uptick as well. Don't let the 18 minutes last game from Brown fool you, as he was dealing with foul trouble most of the game. Tennessee should be able to handle business easily tonight, but we can't look away from value on Auburn here. Lang is cheaper on Fanduel than Brown, but on the other side Brown is cheaper on Draftkings than Lang, so make sure you adjust accordingly on each site. Both guys have a shot of making value, as foul trouble would be the only reason both guys don't see 30+ minutes. Also, both combined to shoot 2-16 from the field in their last game, and I obviously expect those numbers to be better here. The fast paced game along with low price, and large minutes makes both guys decent cash and GPP plays tonight.

Manuale Watkins - Guard, Arkansas. (FD Price $4,800, DK Price $4,200)

Arkansas is projected a pretty good total tonight, but I find most of their players are over-priced in this game. I do feel there is solid value with Watkins though, who was moved into the starting lineup a few games ago for Arkansas. Since the change they are 3-1 and almost beating the Gators in Florida as their only loss. Watkins is clearly making a difference, and he has decent peripherals for this price. In a game projected to be close, I like his chances to do enough of everything to hit value. I know it's tough to trust the Arkansas guard situation, but Watkins seems to be locked in for 20+ minutes as a starter and shouldn't hurt you tonight at this price.

Marcus Lee - Forward, Kentucky. (FD Price $4,600, DK Price $5,300)

With Alex Poythress out last game, Marcus Lee was moved into the starting lineup. I honestly, do not expect to have the news on whether or not Poythress will play until right before game time, so there is some risk to playing him on Fanduel, but he played decent in Poythress's absence so hopefully he earned some more of Calipari's trust again. Earlier in the year, when Lee was getting 20+ minutes he was producing very well. If Poythress cannot go, I like Derek Willis more on Draftkings at $5800 than Lee at $5300 for obvious reasons, but on Fanduel, Lee is $1600 cheaper. The match-up is not ideal for Kentucky's front court tonight, but there is value with the player pricing, especially if Poythress cannot suit up again.

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