The Superbowl for any and all CBB fans is finally here. Thursday and Friday will consist of 16 games each followed by another 8 games on Saturday and Sunday. People will be putting together they're brackets, and experts will be breaking down these games to help people pick winners and losers. This article is geared strictly towards DFS purposes and this time of year DFS sites offer the largest prize pools of the year. Fanduel and Draftkings offer huge survivor pool contests, along doubling the size of most of their standard tournaments. Filling out brackets is always fun, but unless your in a large pool with friends/family, or fill out brackets at an online Sportsbook, your financial ceiling is limited. Well of coarse, there is the alternative money train if you have a perfect bracket, but c'mon now. These next few days you'll have the option to enter many small and/or large dollar amount tournaments on Fanduel and Draftkings. Don't miss out on this opportunity, especially if your a CBB fan. There are plenty of games to choose players from on Thursday and the below article details my favorite plays for the slate.

High-Priced Plays

A.J. English - Guard, Iona. (FD Price $10,600, DK Price $10,800)

Most casual CBB fans may not even know who A.J. English is, but he is an absolute stud. He offers some of the best peripherals in all of NCAAB, and gets match-up up with very fast paced Iowa State. The current total on this game is 167.5, and it could actually go even higher. Iona is currently a 7.5 point underdog, and projected more points than their season average, so targeting players on their side of the ball is certainly fine. English's numbers are great, but still doesn't project all that well at the next level. Most mock drafts have him going in the back half of the second round, but I think this is a great chance to showcase his skills to scouts watching. Iowa State has given up some HUGE games to talented guards and English fits the bill here. With a floor of 30 fps, and ceiling of 50 he makes for a great cash game play and he has GPP upside as well.

Domas Sabonis - Forward, Gonzaga. (FD Price $9,400, DK Price $9,100)

Sabonis is another play many may not know of, but he is having a superb year for Gonzaga. Sabonis gets a bit overshadowed at time to Kyle Wiltjer, but Sabonis is NBA ready and projected to be a mid-late first round pick. Gonzaga games have rarely been offered up on Fanduel this year, and this price is certainly affordable for what Sabonis is capable of doing. Sabonis is a double-double machine and there is little reason to think he will struggle with Seton Halls' interior. Angel Delgado leads the front line for Seton Hall, but he gets easily worked by big men with good footwork and Sabonis has many moves in the post along with a smooth jumper. Gonzaga will need their big man to perform well here, and I expect him to come through with his typical stat line to get to value.

Kris Dunn - Guard, Providence. (FD Price $9,100, DK Price $10,200)

Kris Dunn's price has taken a nose dive due to some recent bad showings, but fear not as this is a match-up geared towards Dunn's talents. USC will speed Providence up, and this will lead Dunn to many transition baskets and assists. Ben Bentil is also in play, but at his 10.2K price, I'll pass. You know you will get Dunn for almost 40 minutes of court time, and he is another player who is trying to prove his high draft stock. A few good performaces in this tournament, and this could slide him into a top 3-4 pick in the upcoming draft. Another player with incredible peripherals, and expect him to bounce out of this little slump he has been in. Dunn is just priced way too low in this match-up with his high floor and upside.

Brandon Ingram - Forward, Duke. (FD Price $8,700, DK Price $9,400)

I mentioned in the past this season that when Ingram is under 9K on Fanduel with a plus match-up sign me up. UNC Wilmington has had a great season, but Duke figures to be too much for them here. I personally am not a fan of Duke in this tournament at all because they have no depth and are purely reliant on the three ball falling from their four guards. Ingram is a forward who plays like a guard, but there is no one on UNCW who will be able to stop him. His length has caused match-up problems for many teams in the ACC, and I expect Ingram to get nearly any shot he wants in this game. Ingram is another play who almost never leaves the floor and this price is good for the match-up. Grayson Allen is 9900 as well, but with other guards on this slate, I just cannot pay for him here. Ingram being forward eligible on Fanduel is a huge plus.

Mid-Priced Plays

Angel Rodriguez - Guard, Miami. (FD Price $7,000, DK Price $7,200)

Miami is getting a real nice tempo boost going up against Buffalo on Thursday. In fast paced games, Rodriguez has really performed well this season. This price is a bit higher than where I'd like it to be, but ARod should be able to pile up assists in this one. If his shot is falling, he will make value easily, but even if he's struggling from the filed, his peripherals will help a lot towards getting to value. The offense runs through Rodriguez, and with the fast tempo expected, he should be able to put together a fine game.

Tonye Jekiri - Forward, Miami. (FD Price $5,900, DK Price $6,800)

Jekiri has really fallen off a bit down the stretch, but this price is too cheap for him. As mentioned above, Buffalo will speed this game up for Miami, and this is only a good thing for Jekiri. He hasn't been playing well of late, but I'm sure the Miami coaching staff wants to get his confidence back. They will need a good Jekiri to make a run at the championship, and this is a good game to get him back to form. The extra possessions here will provide opportunities for Jekiri to pull down extra rebound and even score close to the rim. Miami players are in a real good spot here to pile up numbers, and on Fanduel my two favorite plays for the price are Rodriguez and Jekiri.

Lester Medford - Guard, Baylor. (FD Price $5,500, DK Price $6,700)

I have Medford a mention here when he was 6.8K on Fanduel because he was priced too low. Well, now he's 5.5K, and you guessed it, he's priced way too low. If your looking at his recent box scores, I expect you to be unimpressed, but Medford has very nice peripherals for this price. I know he hasn't played well of late, but Baylor needs him to to get past Yale. Barring foul trouble, Medofrd rarely leaves the court, and these are the tpye of players I love to target. Good players that have been playing poorly, and their price drops below what it should be. I know it won't be easy for you to add Medofrd into your lineup, but again, this price is just too low for him.

Low-Priced Plays

Isaiah Wilkins - Forward, Virginia. (FD Price $4,900, DK Price $4,600)

Wilkins is very much so a Jekyll and Hyde player for this price, but Virginia should really dominate Hampton. It's these fast paced game against inferior opponents that Wilkins has played well in. Wilkins doesn't provide all that much on a stat sheet, but he does provide decent all around peripherals for this price. Virginia is expected to win by 20+ and score almost 80, so fantasy points will be there to go around. Wilkins is a starter, and with Buffalo's pace, he has the opportunity for more steals/blocks/rebounds than normal. Wilkins is not a big scorer at all, but he shouldn't have to be to reach value here. Just being on the court for 20+ minutes in this game alone should get him close to if not exceeding value. I'm not in love with this play, but again you have to find low priced guys on this slate if you want to play the top studs.

Norense Odiase - Forward, Texas Tech (FD Price $4,600, DK Price $4,300)

Odiase returned from injury a few games ago, but was eased back in only seeing 8 minutes of court time. In his last game though, he saw 19 minutes off the bench, and looked like his old self. While I don't expect his minutes to see a significant bump from 19, he could see somewhere in the low 20s which was around his season average before the injury. He was quoted saying recently that he is not yet 100% but very close as far as his injury and overall game shape is concerned. He was a starter before his injury and provides them bigger size in their front court which will help out against Butler. Odiase is a very strong finisher at the rim in the low post, and is priced lower than what he was before his injury. As mentioned above, not many low priced guys on this slate that could get you to value, but he is one of them.

Marcus Johnson Jr. - Guard, Arkansas Little Rock. (FD Price $4,500, DK Price $5,000)

Josh Hagins and Marcus Johnson Jr. have very similar numbers this year, yet Fanduel priced them very far apart. Johnson Jr. is 4500 and Hagins is 8000. While I agree that Hagins should be more expensive, he certainly shouldn't be double the price of Johnson Jr. Arkansas Little Rock will struggle against Purdue, but there is serious value here at minimum price, as Johnson is one of the best players on Little Rock. These low price guys provide more than just good point value, as the salary relief for other positions cannot be overlooked either.

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