This is the final Saturday of the regular season and every team will be looking for a win to head into their conference tournaments with. This may actually be the largest slate up until the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness, so don't miss out on the action here. Senior day will again be in the mix, as every team that plays today or tomorrow will be playing their last regular season home game. As mentioned throughout the week though, we do not build our lineups around this narrative mindset, but only use it to add a bonus to someone who is already thought to be a good play. I've overlooked the entire slate and pricing is rather soft for players who a few weeks back were far higher in price. I'm constantly looking for situations when I can pay down for a player preferably at home off a few road games who has recently seen a price decline. Today's slate offers many of these options. You may find it interesting that I don't give mention to Simmons or Valentine either on this slate. I said that I would pay up to 11.5K on the road for Simmons regardless of the match-up, and well he is 11.7K, so I'll be avoiding and I expect him to be very low owned as well. Valentine's price is also just too high for me, giving that there are so many options. If this was a 6-7 game slate, with less to choose from I would probably lock him in, but there are just too many safer plays on the slate to warrant playing him in my opinion. Below are my favorite plays for the Early Saturday Slate.

High-Priced Plays

Kris Dunn - Guard, Providence. (FD Price $10,000, DK Price $10,100)

Just because I'm not into Simmons or Valentine on this slate doesn't mean I would forget about Dunn as well. This is a great match-up for him, and while I typically hate to pay for studs on the road, there just isn't many great top price options on this slate. Dunn's floor in this type of game is low 30s, and if he plays anything like he did against St. John's earlier in the year he could navigate close to 50 fps. St. Johns has been a team to target most of the season, but they just haven't been on as many slates as other teams. With lack of top options on the slate, Dunn is one of the safest. People may also look at Bentil's numbers and think he is a great play as well, but keep in mind that St. John's is rather big inside, and you are paying a price for Bentil that is his highest of the year. I'll pass on Bentil in this game at his price.

Armani Moore - Forward, Tennessee. (FD Price $9,100, DK Price $8,900)

Since Kevin Punter has been out, Moore has just been a usage hog. He has been a 30 point machine and this match-up is almost just as good as the LSU one. All he did in that game was toss up a 50 burger. The pace of this game will be very fast and Gavin Ware just torched this same Ole Miss team inside earlier this week. Moore provides some of the best overall peripherals at the forward position in CBB, and the tempo of this game will be played very fast on both sides. There is some rumbling news of Punter possibly returning, but Barnes is urging him to go for surgery. Even if Punter plays since it is senior day and he is a senior, I can't imagine he will be the Punter of old. As a side note, Moore is a senior as well, so there is also that little added potential usage bonus too.

Mid-Priced Plays

Lester Medford - Guard, Baylor. (FD Price $6,800, DK Price $7,200)

Medford's price has dipped into the 6K range which makes him very playable. If you take into account, the WVU tempo as well, and this could lead to many assists for Medford in this game. While he doesn't shoot all that often he is typically good for 9-10 points, but I like the peripheral potential for Medford in this game. His price is just too low for his floor at home, and if his shot is falling, he could have a serious game at this tag. Don't let the poor game against WVU earlier in the year fool you, as Medford plays far better at home, and will certainly have more than only 3 assists in this rematch. Another senior day narrative play as well, but again I like him for his price and home match-up. The senior day is just an added bonus in my eyes.

Dwayne Bacon - Forward, Florida State. (FD Price $6,600, DK Price $7,300)

It's crazy how big the ups and downs can be for some college basketball players. While Bacon may not have been completely tanking the last few weeks, he has certainly not played up to his caliber. This is why his price is still in the 6K range, even though he is truly a 7K+ type of player. Well, in this game, FSU draws Syracuse, and would like to finish the season on a strong note. In his last three games, Bacon has looked like the Bacon from earlier in the year, and he is avoiding quick foul trouble which plagued him in the month of February. This match-up with Syracuse should bode well for him at home after an average at best showing against them on the road. His price along with being at home, with a decent match-up make Bacon a strong play here. There are other 6600 decent options as well, but I favor Bacon over all of them, especially for cash games.

Rodney Bullock - Forward, Providence. (FD Price $5,900, DK Price $6,700)

I did mention that St. Johns can be a good team to target, I've already mentioned my thoughts on Dunn and Bentil. Providence also has some other decent guards, but minutes are tough to trust from the. Bullock is consistently seeing 35 minutes and his price has climbed down to the lowest I can remember. A few weeks back he was priced over 7K, so you are getting a nice discount here for a player who is far better than this salary shows. Bullock's shot has been off lately, but coming off a poor set of games, I like this spot for him to regain his confidence. Providence needs a win here, and a decent showing in the Big East tournament to assure a spot in the dance. I expect them to play with a lot of energy tomorrow, and all their starters should see big run regardless of a blowour or not. Bullock's price has dipped down far too low to pass up on.

Billy Garrett Jr. - Guard, DePaul. (FD Price $5,600, DK Price N/A)

I've given Garrett Jr. a few mentions in these article this year, and typically this is when his is in the low 6K range. Well now he is in the mid 5K range, and he is the exact same player he was earlier in the year. He had a brief injury and has recently struggled with foul trouble, but in DePaul's final home game I expect him to bounce out of this little slump he is in. This price is just crazy to me for what his usage is when he's on the court, and barring foul trouble I expect him to go back to his 30 minutes of court time. This match-up is not exactly ideal, but his price is great and he's at home. Garrett makes for a very nice value play on this slate.

Steve Vasturia - Guard, Notre Dame. (FD Price $5,500, DK Price $5,800)

We have another play here who is priced lower than I've seen all season. You'll notice I tend to sound like a broken record with targeting players like this, but there is good reason for it. Vasturia has certainly taken a backseat since Demetrius Jackson has returned, but this price is just ridiculous Notre Dame is going to be in an expected shootout after failing to eclipse 56 points in their last two games. Notre Dome as a team should play far better in this game, and Mike Brey needs to get Vasturia and his other player's confidence back. Vasturia also went a cool 0-9 from the field in his last game and he is a prime candidate for a nice bounce back. His two recent perfromances have dropped his price far below what it should be.

Low-Priced Plays

Alex Poythress - Forward, Kentucky. (FD Price $5,300, DK Price $5,700)

Poythress had a very nice showing in his last game and draws an even better match-up here. Poythress is one of the few seniors on this team, so I expect Calipari on senior day to give him extra run if it's possible. Willis may come back, but don't forget that Poythress was a starter even with Willis in the lineup, so regardless I expect Poythress to start and see decent run. Big men have been able to have some really good games against LSU and Poythress certainly has talent at the forward position. Foul trouble could hinder his success, but shouldn't need a crazy amount of minutes to pay off this small price tag. Poythress earlier in the year was in the 6K range, and Kentucky needs him in top form if they want to compete come bracket time. I expect to see a healthy dose of Poythress in the box score after this game is completed with LSU.

Quinton Stephens - Forward, Georgia Tech. (FD Price $4,900, DK Price $4,600)

With other senior forwards on Georgia Tech, I am actually unsure as to whether Stephers will start in this one. Regardless, there has been no forward on this team seeing more minutes than Stephens over his last five. He is still almost bare minimum price on Fanduel, and offers a nice floor based on his court time alone. Pittsburgh is not an ideal match-up for him, but he isn't shy about shooting threes and he is a fairly consistent rebounder when getting good minutes. There are very few cheap options to trust on this slate, and Stephens has been pretty solid since entering the starting lineup. Below 5K and at home makes him a viable play vs. almost anyone based on his recent role with Georgia Tech.

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