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DraftDay Review

DraftDay Review

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DraftDay is one of the older statesmen of the daily fantasy sports sites and has been a steady presence in the industry for the last few years. Since being founded in 2012, DraftDay has paid out well over $30 million in total prizes, good for the third-most of any site in the industry. The interface follows a similar format as the other sites and is very easy to navigate. The site is a nice place for beginning and intermediate players as it's intuitive and easy to use, with tutorials for many of their game options and a friendly support staff. Fantasy veterans frequent the site due to the strong software performance and many find value in the prize pool to entrant ratios.

Game variance is the most interesting aspect of play on DraftDay.com. They are consistently putting out new and innovative game formats. You can always find a salary cap draft, which is the constant format across all daily fantasy sites. However, their other game types are what really set them apart. They offer bracket contests that work much like the March Madness we all know and love and also target freeroll contests with big prizes daily. They also offer many quick pick type games that appeal to the more casual fan. DraftStreet fans will remember the popular pick'em format that was run there when they check it out on DraftDay.

DraftDay has recently been purchased as part of the DraftDay Game Group, Inc., led by Sportech PLC and Viggle, Inc. Sportech PLC is a sports gaming and entertainment group and one of the world's leading pool and tote organizations. Globally they process over $13 billion in bets and entry fees annually, operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, with a focus on regulated markets. Viggle is an entertainment marketing and rewards platform that rewards its users for watching TV shows and listening to new music. The Viggle Platform includes nearly 10 million Viggle registered users. Since launching, Viggle users have redeemed over $26 million in rewards. Moving forward, DraftDay will feature this leadership team highly experienced in B2B network operations and regulated gaming.

Game variance has also been improving on DraftDay.com. The site is putting out some new and innovative game formats. You can always find a Salary Cap draft, which is the constant format across all daily fantasy sites. The premise is straightforward. You draft a team around the players for the week using a preset salary. Each player is given a specific salary for the day or the week. Each site uses different logic calculate player salary. DraftDay might have player X at the $7,000, another site might have player X at $5,300.

If you are still on the fence, rest easy, DraftDay provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee on your 1st game as long as you play a game under $11 buy in. We give credit where credit is due and this is a nice offer. It gives new players an opportunity to test out the site risk free. Signup today, deposit $20 and play a game. If you don't like it, let them know, get a full refund and try another site.

DraftDay Review



You start by signing up for an account at http://www.draftday.com During the signup process you can enter a promo code which gives you a deposit bonus of free money. The more money you deposit into the account, the higher the deposit bonus you receive. Once you have money in the account you are ready to play. Pick a game that matches your criteria. You can select based on Sport, number of players, Buy-In, Game Type, Payouts and Start Time. For most game formats, if you score the most points in your game you win top prize. Most games have descending payout structures for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. DraftDay has introduced Pick 3 and Pick 5 this 2014-15 season, which allows people to pick 3 or 5 winners for matchups between two fantasy players. You must select the fantasy player that will have the highest point total on the particular day. If you pick correctly, you can double your money.

Step 1 – Signup

Signing up on DraftDay takes less than 10 seconds. They have the shortest signup form in the industry. You simply need to enter your name and email address as seen below.

Step 2 – Add Funds

To add funds simply click on the “Add Funds" button in the upper right hand corner. On the Deposit page, you'll be asked to choose the payment/deposit method. Paypal is recommended only because it makes it easy to move money into the account and out of it, but if you would rather use a credit card, that is accepted too. Once you enter all necessary information, the funds are immediately available for game play. Once again, it is very simple and easy to use.

DraftDay Promo Code

By utilizing our promo code you can qualify for up to a $600 deposit bonus. If you click the link below, you will automatically be taken to the draftday.com website and our promo code will be copied to your clipboard. Copy and paste the promo code into the promo code box on the deposit page and you're all set with the highest deposit bonus offer available. DraftDay guarantees and certifies our promo code to provide the biggest bonus.

DraftDay Promo Code Details DFC Users Receive
100% Deposit Bonus 100% up to $600 on 1st Deposit
Bonus Release Rate Earned at 4% of cash game entries
Bonus Expiration Bonuses do not expire

Step 3 – Select a Fantasy Contest
Types of Contests

There are a variety of fantasy contests including real money, free rolls, head-to-head, Pick 5, Pick 3 and tournaments. You can create a new game with your specifications or join any number of existing games.

Step 3 – Draft your Fantasy Team

You can pick any player you want but must create a team which fits under your designated salary cap. For insight on how to best approach drafting your team, see our “Draft on Data" section of our How to Win Football Money Leagues guide.


As mentioned above, most games use a salary cap system. This means you are given a set amount to spend for the week and can choose different players of varying salaries. The site sets the salaries of each player using a formula which they do not disclose. It is however based on past performance and future expectations. Once you pick your team and the total player salaries are under the salary cap, you can enter a contest. You may change this lineup up until the kickoff of the first game for which you have an active eligible players.

Step 4 – Winning

Scoring the most points in your league wins you the top prize. However, multiple places are usually paid out. It simply depends on the exact league you entered.

Step 5 – Withdrawal

To take money out, start by clicking on your cash balance in the upper right to access a drop down menu. Choose “My Account" from the menu. At the top of this screen there will be a link called “Cashout" which you need to click. Because you are about to pull money from your account the site will always have you verify your password again. On the next screen you will be able to chose your payout method of either a check or Paypal. Withdrawing funds is very simple and generally pretty quick.

Game Interface

Game Interface

The game interface is very simple and easy to use. This makes it ideal for just about anyone and also means there isn't much of a learning curve. No apps exist for this site so always make sure you have a computer handy to set and make changes to lineups


The technology is so simple that it doesn't take much to figure it out. After setting a line up you can go to “my games" to see every contest you entered and see how you are doing in them all if games are in process.

It would be helpful if they included a bit more current injury updates and possibly some projected points. Other than this you get what you need from the user interface.

My Games

If you're an active player the my games section will be your go to button. This is where you can see all results and active games as well as past games entered and how you did in each one.

Is Draft Day Legal?

Yes, Draft Day is legal due to the exception for Fantasy sports in the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. This law designates fantasy sports as a game of skill rather than a game of chance. In virtually every state, fantasy sports is also considered a game of skill, but as always there are few states that have questionable laws and Draft Day doesn't accept paid entry games from people in these states: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont and Puerto Rico. They do however allow Canadians to play from every city except Quebec.

The law further defines what makes fantasy legal.

Here are the main points:


Current Promotions

$250k Big League Blast Contest

Everyone needs to check out the $250k Big League Blast! As the title suggests draftday.com is giving away $250,000 in prizes this fantasy baseball season. There are three brackets that you can enter into: Mini-Main Event, Medium Event, and Main Event.

The smallest of the bunch, the Mini-main Event, has $5,000 worth of cash prizes and starts at $100 for 8th place and goes up to $1,000 for 1st place. Buy-in is only $1, so the payour can be pretty nice for such a low investment.

For the Medium Event, prizes are worth a total of $20,000 and range from $800 for 8th place to $4,000 for 1st place. Buy in is at $33, so it's great for the in between people, not ready to commit to the top prize pool, but want a little more than the lower bracket.

In the Main Event, we have $200,000 worth of prizes, which range from $2,000 for 30th place to the 1st place grand prize of $50,000. So even if you don't make the top pay out, you have a pretty good chance of making a pretty penny. If you want to get in on the Main Event, buy-in is at $1,060.

In order to qualify for any of the events you can enter into any daily qualifier. Join the qualifier for a chance to win a qualifying ticket to the Main Event.


DraftDay Review

DraftDay Review by Brandon


DraftDay Review by Brandon

I like DraftDay. It’s not the flashiest site, but they have fun games and different formats. I haven’t found another site that has live drafts and for me that’s what drafting is all about. When rapid fire is available, that’s also a fun format. They don’t have the prize pools that some the larger sites have, but still a good site.