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DraftKings Rewards Users

The program that used to reward users for participation in contests has been revamped for three major sporting seasons: NFL, NBA, and NHL. Season-long rewards await participating users who abide by a long list of tasks. Each task is given a certain number of crowns per task completion. DK Crowns have replaced fantasy player points and can be used to claim free entry tickets into some of the biggest contests on the DraftKings website. They also can be converted to cash to use on contests and a DK store is loaded with exclusive merchandise that is only available to crown holders. For each season type, there is a vast range of achievement options. The NFL achievement base possesses the greatest number of opportunities with 63 different milestones to claim. Some of the tasks require minimal efforts and award crowns for playing in a paid contest. Other, more complex achievements come from playing all season, each night there is a contest for the perspective sport. Achieving these goals comes with a much heavier crown bonus, which equates to more money in your DK account or free entries into higher paid contests.

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Player Rankings

This achievement structure still accompanies the intrigue that monthly considerations held for fantasy player point accumulations. At the end of each month, your crown totals will be added together to climb the tiers of in overall player ranking. Increasing your player ranking at DraftKings allows you to participate in exclusive free rolls and free play contests. The more crowns accumulated increases your standing on these tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the potential prize pool becomes for these free play contests. Additionally, as you surpass these other tiers, you gain extra entries into contests on the tiers you have passed. For example, if a player surpasses 2 tiers, the beginning of the month will mark 3 free plays for this user. The achievement program is designed to combine with the previous point system to give you double the opportunities to hit it big on DraftKings.

Sport by Sport Achievements

For each sport, the achievements are leveled for certain types of contests and player productions. For example, one of the NFL achievements is to roster enough teams and players to reach 30 total touchdowns or 3,000 total yards. Completing this achievement will unlock larger achievements for the user to play with. This is where DraftKings reverts to the tier system, unlocking new challenges as you get past some of the simpler milestones. Each milestone can only be completed once, but a user may complete all 63 milestones without a limit on the number of crowns that can be claimed. Crown accumulation can also come through contests that don't qualify you for achievement. For example, DK Golf and DK Mixed Martial Arts will still increase your crown balance if you are participating in paid contests. Rack up the most points and play owner to exclusive contest entries, limited swag offers, and other such bonuses while you still have time.

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