DraftKings MMA Knockout King

How to Punch Your Way to a Winner in the DraftKings MMA Knockout King Survivor Series

Playing fantasy sports is a growing passion across the country. There are literally hundreds of different daily games, tournament pools and contests in all the major sports. One sport that has become a favorite with bettors is the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). DraftKings has added a warrior element to the battles between MMA warriors. Daily players on DraftKings can feel the same sense of the battle by fighting their way through the survivor format in the MMA Knock King contest. Here's how DraftKings MMA Knockout King works, plus some tips on how you can be the last warrior standing and win part of the guaranteed $150,000 prize pool.

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How to Play DraftKings MMA Knockout King

To be eligible for the prize pools in the DraftKings MMA Knockout King, you need to fight your through the qualifying rounds. You can earn up to three tickets to the three-round survivor rounds by qualifying. Here are the three different entry options. We've listed the entry fee and the number of tickets earned by the winning fight card. In addition, there is a breakdown of the number of entries that move on and how the prize pool will be split.

3 Qualifying Round Options:

  • $5 Qualifying Contest
  • Winner earns one of the 100 Knockout King qualifying tickets.
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $20
  • 4th place = $10
  • 5th – 28th places = $5
  • $10 Qualifying Contest
  • Winner earns one of the 100 Knockout King qualifying tickets.
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $30
  • 4th – 9th places = $20
  • $29 Qualifying Contest
  • Winner earns one of the 100 Knockout King qualifying tickets.
  • 2nd place = $90
  • 3rd – 5th place = $30

Again, there will be a total of 100 tickets awarded for entry into the Survivor rounds of DraftKing's MMA Knockout King Series. You can win up to three tickets, plus play in any qualifying round to fight for the cash prizes awarded in that round.

Once the actual MMA fight cards are announced, the three-round survivor schedule will be posted. Here is how the 100 qualifying round spots will be eliminated, plus how the $150,000 prize pool will be awarded.

Round 1 – 100 winning tickets will earn their way into the first round. 50 will be eliminated in that first round of battles.

Round 2 – The second round of fights will involve these 50 remaining winners. That number will be carved in half during the 2nd round.

Round 3 – 25 players will fight their way into the third and final round. From these 25 players, the grand prize winner will arise.

As qualifying players are knocked out of competition for the final rounds, prizes for individual places will be awarded. Every DraftKings player who earns a ticket during any of the qualifying rounds will win a cash prize. Here is the prize pool breakdown.

Top Prize – Crowned the DraftKings Knockout King = $50,000

  • Runner-up = $20,000
  • 3rd place = $10,000
  • 4th place = $4,000
  • 5th place = $3,000
  • 6th to 8th place = $2,000
  • 9th to 20th place = $1,000
  • 21st to 35th place = $700
  • 36th to 55th place = $600
  • 5th to 100th = $500

How to Play DraftKings MMA Contests

If you want to survive and win at the DraftKings Knockout King, you should employ much of the same basic strategy from playing DFS tournament type contests. You want to amass the most total fantasy points, or at least enough points to produce a cash winner. There are hundreds of qualifying rounds you can enter. There are $5, $10 and $29 entry fee options.

Salary Cap

MMA, like other sports, will attach a salary to every fighter. Heavy favorites will have a heavier price tag. Long shots and underdogs can be had for a cheaper dollar amount. The goal is to find that perfect blend of low-cost fighters who score high, with the right studs that pound their way to a decisive victory.

Study the Scoring System

Study the DraftKings point system for MMA fights. This is a good source of points for the low-cost fighters you need to input in your lineup to save salary. Of course, sticking a budget-fighter onto your fight card, a surprise who pulls off an unlikely upset, is always a bonus.

Stick with the Winners

It won't matter if you strategically put a bunch of heavy point producers on your MMA roster if most of them lose. Logically, everyone wants to have a full lineup of winners. However, doing some research ahead of fight night can help you combine the two concepts.

Some players may only look at a fighter's previous bout punch statistics. A shrewd way to get a low-cost winner in your lineup is to look at previous bout statistics of their opponent. Fighters, who notoriously hit the canvas a lot, will generate knockdown points for your fighter, especially if they are also the bout winner.

Here's a quick summary of how you can navigate your way through the rounds in DraftKings Knockout Kings MMA contest. Plays with the salary cap, looking for underdogs who you feel have the best chance of pulling the upset.

Work to blend fighters with strong punch and point statistics onto your card. Do more than just familiarize yourself with the MMA fantasy point scoring system. Know it well, and apply your knowledge to help pull out the better chances of higher point-producing fighters.

Finally, put your best hunches to work and load your card with winners. The only other thing you have to do is step into the ring. If you don't, you have no chance of punching your way through the DraftKings MMA Knockout King Survivor series.

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