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DraftKings NFL Lineup Optimizer

You can find our DraftKings Lineup Optimizer here for now. We will be updating this page to go directly to DraftKings shortly - https://www.dailyfantasycafe.com/tools/lineupoptimizer/nfl

DraftKings NFL Lineup Optimizer

Being able to build a daily fantasy football lineup in one place was a bit of a challenge in year's past — multiple tabs open, and going back and forth between contests and pages. It certainly was inefficient. Things have changed with the Colossus lineup generator. In 2019, DFC brings a handful of new features to keep you locked into one page, where you can research and build multiple lineups. Not only will you be able to build multiple lineups with ease, you can transfer up to 100 lineups into the DraftKings “My Lineups" page. Don't create an account on Draftkings until you read our Draftkings review and Draftkings promo code pages.

The process of building a single fantasy football lineup has a layer of steps, which Colossus takes you through right within the optimizer. The projections tab features more than five different projections for you decide on, as well as customize with your own personal projections. When heading over to the Games tab, you will be able to favorite and narrow out any teams you see fit. For example, if San Francisco is facing Denver's number one ranked defense — you can exclude an entire team from the player pool. This helps narrow down who you are looking to generate lineups with. You will also be able to generate team stacks, and sort through Vegas totals.

Colossus has added a research tab in 2019 to help you stay within one page when building lineups. You can find more than five stats per player across all positions to help you decide on those cash game locks, or GPP winners. Our lock and exclude feature can also be used on an individual player. You may remember some of our models from last year, but we have added four new models to help you distinguish yourself from the field. Our industry changing exposure feature is still locked and loaded in 2019, and now can be done via the new bulk update feature. Bulk update lets the user search by player, position, or team to add numerous players to make changes to. These changes feature, adding or subtracting projection, exposure, and more.

DFC added in the ability to save your optimizer settings, so when you come back next week, the settings will be saved. You will also be able to save multiple settings, and name them. Now once you have generated lineups, the new features don't stop. A player swap within the generated lineups has been added, as well as a way to preview the lineup's total score with one of those five unique projections. Colossus has taken lineup building to a new level.