DraftKings NFL Showdown Championship

On November 29, Someone Will Be Crowned DraftKing's First King of the Showdown

In 2018, DraftKings will crown their first NFL Showdown Champion. The king of the showdown will receive a grand prize of $100,000. Cash awards will be paid to the top 100 qualifiers who earn a spot to play in the final showdown. The big final showdown will involve the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. During the qualifying rounds, which start on September 23rd, you can earn up to three qualifying tickets to the final. Here are some tips on how to get your spot in the November 29th final.

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Play Often

You can enter as many qualifiers as you want. Even after you earn your three ticket allotment to the final showdown game, you can still finish in the money and claim the cash prizes. The more often you enter the qualifying rounds, the greater the chance you have at earning a spot in the big money game.

Play With a Strategy

The most important player you will add to your team on your Showdown lineup is the captain. Team captains earn one and half times their point total. Logic might lead you to believe that you must always take the player you project as the highest point producer as your captain.

Don't think that's a hard-and-fast strategy that is always the best one. You need to weigh the salary of the five players you think will produce the highest fantasy point total for that game. Take into account each salary, seeing how vastly different the highest cost player is from the player you think is going to hit the fifth highest score.

You're going to need to calculate the percentage difference between their salary and the same percentage difference between their point projections. If the point projection is minimal, but the salary difference is a lot of money, save some salary cap room and go with the lower cost captain.

What this strategy will allow you to do is load up at two or three more spots. When the final point total is a half dozen fantasy points or less, you can usually make up that difference with your remaining lineup.

Be mindful, that if the point projection between the highest point projected players is double digits or more, you will be left with a difficult choice. Sometimes there is simply no way around, inputting one specific player as captain.

The idea is to do some extra research and crunch the percentages. Focus on the captain spot as your priority, but also remember to diversify multiple entries. Who you pick as your captain and how well you enter unique lineups may be the edge that puts you on top of the Showdown Throne.

Remember, every one of the 100 qualifiers for the final game showdown between the Saints and Cowboys will win a cash prize. Since the lowest cash award is $2,000, now is the time to jump at the chance to win a ticket to play in the big game.

The only thing that is for certain, is you won't have any chance of taking home some of the guaranteed prize pool if you sit on the pine, staying on the sideline. Get in the game today, and earn yourself a spot in the DraftKings Showdown Championship. On November 29, someone will be crowned the first king of the showdown. It might just be you sitting on the throne.

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