DraftKings NFL Team Pick'em Contest

DraftKings is excited to roll out a new promotion for the 2018 NFL season. Partnering with Papa John's Pizza, DraftKings is offering a weekly pick'em contest that allows players to select the winners from each contest on the weekly slate. Choose wisely, as correctly choosing over half of the winners for the week will put you in the money. Each week users will compete for a shared prize of $25,000. The distribution of this prize will be tiered between the top picking levels. This is a free contest that will run all season long. Be sure to make your picks prior to Thursday night as all contests are included in this weekly contest.

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For each correct pick, 100 points will be awarded to the user's account. The $25,000 pot is split between 5 tiers. For users selecting 9 to 10 winners and accruing 900-1,000 points, a shared pot of $4,000 will be split between the contestants. Users ranging between the 10 to 11-win mark will split $4,500. 11-12 wins nets a user a split of $5,000. Correctly predicting 12-13 wins climbs to a $5,500 split. Going near perfect and selecting either 13 or 14 correct picks will land you a share of $6,000. Each week DraftKings is also offering a chance for you to earn bonus points. Sharing this contest via Twitter or Facebook is good for 20 points per post. 3 featured videos are also listed from DraftKings sponsors. Simply watch the entire video through and you will receive 20 bonus points per video. The user is eligible to claim up to 100 bonus points per week, essentially equating to a free win. This is how the tier breakdown awards players who complete these tasks. Since there are bonus points and win points, the tier levels feature odd combinations like 1320-1400 total points to share a stake of the first-place prize purse. Essentially, a user could only miss one of their predictions and be slotted in the second tier of prizes because they missed out on completing one of the bonus offers. So, it becomes best practice to complete one of these simple point claims to reduce the chance of slipping a tier.

This contest runs on a season-long level and updates a weekly leaderboard with the start of a new week of games. The contest also displays a season-long leaderboard, but DraftKings has yet to announce a prize selection for the top pickers on the year. Rest assured that something will be done to compensate these dedicated players, as being consistent at pick'em games is a talent in its own right. Sign-up for DraftKings today to become included as a participate in this free, weekly contest. Additionally, new users gain the opportunity to claim referral bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and other such freebies to get you started in the world of daily fantasy sports. For contests as cheap as a dime, no one levels with DraftKings and their seasonal fantasy games.

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