​DraftKings Single Game Showdown

For years, there was never a daily fantasy format for DFS enthusiasts to pick players from any individual game. DraftKings instituted the single game showdown concept, and it has become wildly popular with DFS players. There have been some changes that make this an exciting new way for you to win big cash prizes playing the DraftKings Single Game Showdown. Before you can play, you need to create an account. Before doing so, read our Draftkings review and find the highest sign up bonus on our Draftkings promo code page.

How to Play

Entering for your chance to win big cash prizes in a showdown contest is simple. You need to have a DraftKings account, and then navigate your way to the list of contests page.

Since showdowns are contests where you pick a lineup from players from two competing teams, you'll need to select one of the team sports across the second menu bar. Pick your sports, and then enter showdown in the search box to eliminate all other types of contests.

You'll see a list of the showdown contests available, including entry fee, Total prizes and the number of DFS players making up a full field. Pick your contest and begin to construct your lineup.

How to Build a DraftKings Single Game Showdown Lineup

Building a showdown lineup is much different from the standard DFS lineup structure. You do not have players divided up by their designated position. There are a total of six roster spots to fill, and you can use players from any position, including the kicker in football.

The positions are going to be listed as flex spots. In the DraftKings Showdown Captain Mode, a crown icon designates your team captain. Picking the right player for the captain spot is critical. This player's fantasy point total will be multiplied by 1.5.

The total available salary in single game showdowns is $50,000, including the captain spot. Trying to avoid a high-priced star for your captain will usually prove futile. However, getting the right player in that spot will be vital to how well your team scores.

Unlike standard lineups where incorporating some uniqueness in your lineup can be a good strategy, many showdown lineups may have the same captain. The trick is to do some in depth research and try to uncover a player, or two, who are priced low.

Lineups that can master this showdown strategy can add at least one additional high point producer under their captain. Now, when you begin to fill your showdown lineup card, you'll see players have a higher salary.

Once you input your choice for captain, the salary for each player will drop. Test out a few different players as your captain until you get a feel for how the next stage of players' salaries changes.

Contest Types and Prizes

Prize pools will increase as the entry fee increases. The breakdown of prize awards for each final place will change as well. If you're a DraftKings account holder, you can play in any of the public single game showdowns.

You and your friends can also set up a private contest and compete against one another. The prize format can be whatever you choose. You can have a single, winner-take-all, or split the prize pool up among the top scorers.

To become part of the exciting one-game format on DraftKings, take a look at the Showdown Calendar. There you can check out all the games for the current week that are ready for you to enter. While all the DFS games on DraftKings are growing in popularity, the showdown format is a unique format that brings an extra air of excitement to individual games.

The calendar shows you the two opponents, plus the prize pool and the entry fee for that game's showdown. The DraftKings Single Game Showdown is not only a fun DFS format, they are contests where you can sit and watch a game live, enjoying every great play by one of the player's you took on your roster.

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