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DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review

DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review


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DraftKings already established themselves as one of the top daily fantasy sports sites in the industry, and they targeted sports betting as their next adventure. New Jersey opened up their doors first to sports betting, and Pennsylvania was the latest state to do so. There are a few more in the waiting. All of this started because the Supreme Court removed a federal ban on sports wagering, leaving it up to the states to decide. DraftKings was the first site to roll out a mobile sports betting app and got their Sportsbook up as well. The site is in a great spot as sports betting continues to open up more across the country.

Signing Up

Signing up is very similar to signing up for the daily fantasy sports (DFS) side of things. If you have a DFS account already, it can convert over to the sportsbook side of things.

1. Provide basic personal information such as name, address, and birthday.

2. A social security number is needed to verify identity and age. This is a federal and state law.

3. If you do not live in a state that has sports betting legalized, you will only be able to browse the site. If you live in an approved state, DraftKings geolocation tracker will approve of your location making sure you are where you say you are.

4. If you are cleared and in a state where sports betting is legalized, you are ready to get going.

New User Deposit Promotion

Once you have signed up, you will likely be looking to deposit to start making that first bet. DraftKings is offering a 100% free bet match up to $500. Your free bet will be shown in your “My Account” page. If you deposit $20 on your opening deposit, you will have a $20 deposit free of charge. If you win with your free bet, withdrawing money needs to be explained. A portion of the free bet winnings is still technically DraftKings Dollars. If you bet $20 with DraftKings Dollars with your free bet, and win $40, $20 is eligible for withdrawal, while the DraftKings Dollars needs to be played through.

Cashier Options (Depositing & Withdrawing)

Making deposits and withdrawals with DraftKings Sportsbook is very easy. You have the option to deposit with PayPal, debit or credit cards, Play+ prepaid, or a bank transfer. Play+ is like a separate wallet where you transfer money in and out of it through your bank. There are a few options for the amount, but it just has to be a minimum of $5.

There are a few options to withdrawing money. There is a minimum of $15 to withdrawal, but you can do it in a few ways. This isn’t an offshore account, and is U.S. based. This means you can rely on a check being sent to you, and within a few business days. If you are a resident in New Jersey, or even visiting, you can cash your payout in Atlantic City.

Types Of Bets & Stats Hub

The listed bets below can all be found in the lobby. The DraftKings Sportsbook lobby is pretty standard to what you see on sports betting sites around the industry. A collapsable bet slip is on your right-hand side, and navigation bars up top can help you get into specific sports. Your “My Bets” tab shows all open and closed bets made for your history.

You do have a unique area on the home page, which is called “Stats Hub” and this is where you can find things like line movement, but also featured bets based on facts found by DraftKings

Parlay Bet - A parlay bet is a single bet on two or more wagers. Each individual wager generates a higher payoff, but all bets are needed to win for the parlay bet to be successful.

Money Line Bet - A money bet is who will win the game straight up. You do not have to worry about how much the team wins by, just straight up win or lose bet.

Teaser Bet - A teaser is a parlay placed on point spreads or totals where the line is brought down in exchange for a lower payout.

Player Prop - A bet placed on a player where he or she performs over or under on a specific stat. For example, Damian Lillard will have a 25.5 point prop set, and you bet on him hitting over that point total, or under.

Futures Bet - Bets that are made where the outcome of an event in the future. You can bet on Super Bowl winners before the season starts, who wins Rookie of the Year, and also total wins for teams.

Live Bet - A bet made on a game that is still being played.

DraftKings Sports Pools - This is very similar to how office pools work, where you can have a variety of contests like picking game winners and over/under. This where the correct number of picks can lead you to a share of the prize pool.

Odds Boost - DraftKings will choose select odds to boost around the slate of games on most days. This means they have enhanced the odds on an outcome, meaning your winnings would be greater if it wins.

Design & Interface

Overall the design is easy to navigate around the site with, but compared to the DFS side it is a little light. Your top navigation bar will bring you around the site, and the one below will get you to specific sports to get more of a look at betting odds and props. A live scoreboard sits across the site which gives you a quick look at a featured bet, but clicking in will give you more options.

The live betting area is a bit basic, but there are a few more features here like a live look in, box scores, probabilities, and a recap of plays. Bouncing between the tabs is easy and convenient. There is no issue finding where you need to go, and your account page is up in the right hand corner with a drop down for more important issues.

Note: DraftKings Daily Fantasy is still alive and well. Read our full DraftKings DFS Review and make sure to use our verified DraftKings promo code.

DraftKings Support

DraftKings has been known for their customer service and communication. They have a support form to fill out, but also have live chat during specific hours of the day for more pressing needs. If you do not go through chat, you will be able to receive a email from a customer service representative. You can email DraftKings support directly at Providing brief info and a summary of your problems will provide all they need to know for a helpful response.

DraftKings Rewards & Promotions

The Sportsbook side doesn’t use the crown system like the DFS side, but they have unique rewards and promotions. With the odds boost and profit boost style bets, these tie into their reward system.

DraftKings will create reward tiers within the “Promos” tab, as you can see in the picture. These mimic the achievements and missions that are set over on the DFS side. The reward tiers will resemble something like the image above, where if you bet a total of x amount of dollars on a series or game, you can earn a free bet.

In addition to the DraftKings rewards, they have something called a Profit Boost token. This allows you to apply a boost to an outcome, where say you get a 25% token, you can make more money on any given bet. This is a nice way to build up your bankroll by taking a stronger favorite and getting better odds.

DraftKings Referral Program

You might be familiar with the referral program from the DFS side, but the Sportsbook is also offering a referral program. If you link a new user to sign up, you can receive a free $50 bet to use within 30 days for your account. The user just has to make at least $5 deposit and use that money within 30 days.

Legal State of Sports Betting

There is likely still some questions with the legality of it all. On a federal level, sports betting is now legalized for the states to decide for themselves. This was due to the Supreme Court ruling back in 2018. Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina are all on the list for having legalized sports betting. Mississippi, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, and Michigan are also close to joining the party. If you currently live in a state, there are forms to reach out to your representative to try and strive for legalized sports betting.

FAQ (5 Questions)

Is my Sportsbook wallet connected to my DFS wallet on DraftKings?

Yes, your wallets are connected. However, DraftKings Dollars and free bets are separated between DFS and sports betting.

Does DraftKings Sportsbook have a mobile app?

DraftKings offers an app for both Android and iPhone users. You can find it in the app store on your phone.

Can I play when visiting a legalized state?

You do not need to be a resident when visiting a state where you can legally gamble. You just need be within the jurisdiction when you place your bet. As it says on the DraftKings website, “That means placing a bet while on vacation is fair game.”

What does it mean when my bet result is voided?

This means there was no action on your bet, as it was cancelled prior due to Sportsbook rules. A popular reason for why this happens is when a select pitcher gets scratched resulting in line changes.

Does DraftKings offer any tips or tutorials on how to get started?

There is an area for beginners who are getting their feet wet for the first time in sports betting. They offer a guide to walk you through terms, cashing out, and understanding odds.

Editor’s Overall Review

DraftKings put together a really nice product that is easy to use but still advanced enough for the more experienced user. They offer up a variety of rewards and promos, as well as a nice getting started bet with the risk free bet that is matched for your first deposit. Combining the wallets for the DFS and Sportsbook side was a major plus for those who play both. DraftKings has a wide variety of betting styles, and offer up ways to build your bankroll. While the design is on the lighter side, it is still one of the better Sportsbooks out.


• Multiple ways of depositing and withdrawing funds.

• Quick and knowledgable support system

• Unique ways to bet like “Sportsbook Pools”

• Live In-game betting

• Easy site navigation


• Sections showing odds and lines could use a little more information

• No reward system yet like DFS.

DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review


DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review