DraftKings Tennessee Sportsbook: $1,200 Bonus & App Tips

DraftKings Sportsbook Set for Success in the Volunteer State

When the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for legal sports betting, some states jumped at the opportunity. Others had more restrictive hurdles to overcome. One of the states with restrictive casino and gambling laws was Tennessee.

Nevertheless, Tennessee's lawmakers found common ground and legalized sports betting. The future of physical locations is still in doubt, but online sportsbooks are now open. One of the early winners in the Tennessee sports betting race is DraftKings. DraftKings Sportsbook launched on November 1, 2020. Now, let's dig into how you can score some bonus cash.

DraftKings Sportsbook Tennessee Promo Code

DraftKings' new Tennessee sportsbook accounts receive a $1,050 welcome bonus. Each new DraftKings account can earn as much as $1,050. All you have to do is register and then make the first deposit. Your deposit is matched at a 20% rate up to $1,000 and you will also receive a $50 bonus bet. In order to receive the full $1,000, deposit $5,000 in total.

How to Bet Using the DraftKings Sportsbook

Using the DraftKings Tennessee sportsbook app is simple. Here are the four steps to get you ready to bet.

1. Research Tennessee Sportsbook Apps

Now that sports betting is legal in Tennessee, you want to make sure you pick the best sportsbook app. You could read through hundreds of online reviews. It's important to confirm things about each app before you sign up.

com has done all the research on the best sportsbook apps for you. Lineups.com has trusted reviews on every Tennessee sportsbook app set to launch. They cover performance and bonus offers for every state.

2. Downloading the DraftKings Sportsbook App and Registration

Next, you'll need to download the app. The DraftKings sportsbook app can be found at the App Store for an Apple device. To download to an Android mobile device, open the DraftKings website. Apple users will find the app in the sportsbook menu.

This is a two-click download. Android users can open any browser and link to DraftKings sportsbook website. Scroll down and click the Sportsbook Mobile App icon. Click the "Download the App" banner. Confirm the download, and you'll be ready to bet.

3. Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Select a method for deposit and make your first deposit. DraftKings provides a deposit match of up to $1,000 on your first deposit. You also get a $50 bonus bet following that first deposit as part of our exclusive promotion.

4. Start Betting

You're now all set up to post your first bet on the DraftKings sportsbook. Inspect different pages on the website or mobile app to get a feel for the DraftKings site. Choose your sport from the dropdown menu, pick your favorite game, and post your bet.

You can follow all your bet history with a direct link to your individual betting slips. Manage your account balances and follow all your potential bet winners as the games unfold.

DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review

DraftKings has earned outstanding reviews for its sportsbook mobile app. It is one of the highest-rated in every state where online sports betting has been launched. The DraftKings development team brought many of the features from the DFS platform to the sportsbook app.

Many unique features of the DraftKings mobile app are ranked the best in the industry. DraftKings focused on improving the user experience to make the betting process simple. DraftKings mobile app helps you focus on your bets, not on how to use the app.

Top Four Reasons to Sign Up for the DraftKings Sportsbook App

1. Welcome Bonus – Placing a bet with someone else's money is always a good thing. DraftKings sportsbook is offering new customers a chance to do just that. New DraftKings Tennessee Sportsbook accounts will be in line for a pair of ways to get bonus money to post bets.

DraftKings first welcome offer is a $1,000 deposit match at a 20% match rate. DraftKings will also reward you a $50 bonus bet following that first deposit.

This is excellent; two-part welcome bonus package that could be worth up to $1,050 in bonuses. As soon as you finish completing your DraftKings sports registration, make sure you don't miss out on these two ways to get bonus money.

2. Trust and Reliability – Even before the federal ban on sports gambling was lifted, the DraftKings daily fantasy sports platform had millions of dedicated DFS players. Since 2012, DraftKings used various marketing strategies to grow its visibility and trustworthiness across the U.S.

DraftKings has announced thousands of big money winners to help establish a reliable reputation. Six years after opening their first daily fantasy contest, DraftKings started to build that same high level of trust and reliability in sports betting.

3. User-Friendly Platform – DraftKings built on their experience providing a successful DFS platform. They have paid attention to the things that users like and need. Sports fans thirst for information and game analysis posted in a user-friendly way.

DraftKings offers many links to game stats and analysis. This has helped cement DraftKings reputation with sports bettors. DraftKings sportsbook shifts between PC and mobile with few differences and a consistent layout that is user-friendly.

4. Variety of Betting Lines and Sports – The DraftKings sportsbooks has a full list of game odds for dozens of sports. The lines are posted for a full schedule of all major sports. There are odds you can bet on for some of the more obscure sports. The DraftKings sportsbook posts the traditional moneyline, game spread, plus over/under odds.

Grade: A

Why Use DraftKings Instead of Offshore Sportsbooks?

There are a number of reasons to use a licensed and registered sportsbook in the United States. The first addresses legality. While you may not be prosecuted for betting with an offshore bookmaker, it is still against the law.

The only way to bet legally in the United States on sporting events is through a licensed sportsbook facility or sportsbook app and a state that has legalized sports betting. Besides the legal quagmire, you could get in betting with an offshore sportsbook, there is the issue of safe and secure sites.

Despite language that may indicate one thing, your deposits with an offshore bookmaker are not guaranteed secure. The same situation applies to your personal information, including the source you use to fund an offshore gambling account.

There are no guarantees for the security of your personal information or your money with offshore sportsbooks. With a DraftKings sportsbook account, your money is protected by law.

There are regulations and license requirements necessary before a sportsbook can even launch in the United States. A DraftKings sportsbook account is far better than any offshore bookmaker because of safety, security, and especially legality.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings beginnings are deeply rooted in daily fantasy sports. From their first DFS contest over eight years ago, DraftKings has grown into a leading provider of daily and weekly fantasy contests.

They have paid out millions in cash prizes across dozens of sports. Early in 2020, DraftKings launched DFS contests for various virtual games such as Madden football. DraftKings now crowns world champions in various sports, including an overall world champion across multiple fantasy formats.

DraftKings world championship contests guarantee prize pools in the millions. While the recent market focus has been on the lucrative sports betting market in each new state, DraftKings still offers thousands of DFS contests weekly.

DraftKings Sportsbook Road to Tennessee

Draftkings is still the giant in daily fantasy sports (DFS). A brainchild of three former Vistaprints employees, an idea that started in one of their homes, launched the leading DFS company in the U.S. back in 2012.

For the next six years, DraftKings continued to build a massive customer following. The success of daily fantasy sports secured DraftKings numerous high-profile endorsements. Two years into the venture, DraftKings became the official DFS platform for the National Hockey League. Over the next five months, DraftKings continued to secure more impressive endorsements and partnerships. In April 2015, they added another sports league relationship by forming a partnership with Major League Baseball.

During the summer of 2015, DraftKings added additional funding with multi-million dollar investments from Fox Sports and the Kraft Group. In the fall of 2016, the two biggest competitors for DFS contests almost pulled off a massive merger.

Whispers of anti-trust issues from the federal government compelled the owners of both DraftKings and FanDuel to forego the idea. However, through all the success that DraftKings has enjoyed in daily fantasy sports, the company's biggest change came in May 2018.

This was when the U.S. Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports gambling. The ruling opened the doors for states to decide if they wanted sports betting to be legal. Having a wealth of dedicated customers and lucrative financing connections, DraftKings was ready.

Barely three months after the landmark Supreme Court ruling, DraftKings launched their first sportsbook operation in New Jersey. DraftKings has now opened either a physical sportsbook location or launched its mobile app in more than 7 states. The stage was set for DraftKings success a few months early. In April 2020, management conducted a reverse merger. DraftKings became a publically traded company on the Nasdaq, valued at over $3 billion at their opening bell.

The most recent addition is in Tennessee.

March 28, 2012 – DraftKings launches its first daily fantasy baseball contest on opening day in Major League Baseball. Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish and Paul Liberman launched their first contest from Liberman's home.

July 2012 – Multiple investors provide DraftKings with its first source of funding, a $1.4 million investment led by venture capital firm Accomplice.

April 2013 – DraftKings begins a series of professional sports links with an undisclosed investment company through Major League Baseball.

November 2013 – DraftKings adds an additional $24 million in outside investments from multiple finance groups.

February 2014 – The first full year of contest reports were posted, and estimates indicated that DraftKings had awarded over $50 million in contest prizes during the first full year.

July 2014 – Still ranked as the second biggest DFS provider, DraftKings purchased the third-highest ranked daily fantasy sports company, DraftStreet.

August 2014 – DraftKings added another $41 million in investments from a variety of venture capital sources.

November 2014 – DraftKings secured the first of multiple relationships with professional sports leagues, inking a two-year agreement as the official DFS provider for the NHL.

April 2015 – Major League Baseball agreed to a similar arrangement with DraftKings as did the NHL, including some in-stadium agreements.

July 2015 – DraftKings signed a $250 million advertising agreement with ESPN. The deal called for exclusive advertising of DraftKing's DFS services commencing in January 2016. Later that month, DraftKings added $300 million in additional funding.

August 2015 – Sports betting focus began nearly three years before the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. The Gambling Commission awarded DraftKings a license in the United Kingdom. From a new London office, DraftKings began to post odds and accept bets on European soccer matches.

February 2016 – Legal issues surrounding daily fantasy sports gave ESPN a window to back out of their advertising arrangement with DraftKings.

November 18, 2106 - The two largest DFS providers, DraftKings and FanDuel, announce a proposed merger. In July 2017, the merger proposition was called off due to potential legal battles over anti-trust violations.

May 14, 2018 – The United States Supreme Court ruled the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a unconstitutional law that forbids gambling on sports across the country.

August 2018 – DraftKings launches its first legal sportsbook in New Jersey at the Resorts, plus secures a license to accept online sports bets in New Jersey.

December 2018 – DraftKings adds its second state, partnering with Penn National Gaming to operate the sportsbook at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

April 2020 – DraftKings announces a reverse merger valued at over $3 billion to become a publically traded company on the Nasdaq.

November 1, 2020 – DraftKings officially launches its sportsbook app in Tennessee

DraftKings has continued to expand to new states as sports betting is legalized. They operate the sportsbook at the Del Lago in New York, plus have launched the mobile app in Indiana. DraftKings is ready to launch in Colorado, plus has most recently added Tennessee to its list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Tennessee?

Yes. With the legislations' approval of sports betting in Tennessee, DraftKings was one of the first sportsbooks to launch in the Volunteer State. The DraftKings sportsbook is legal, and one of only four legal sportsbooks licenses issued and subsequently launched on November, 1, 2020.

Are DraftKings daily fantasy sports legal in Tennessee?

Daily fantasy sports in Tennessee were not formally legalized until April 2016. The Tennessee Senate passed a bill by a 27 to 2 vote, and the House approved the legislation 67 to 17 to allow DraftKings and other DFS providers to operate in Tennessee.

Does DraftKings have a sportsbook mobile app in Tennessee?

Yes. Sports bettors in Tennessee can download the DraftKings sportsbook mobile app on Apple or Android devices. The app can be used to bet on any of the games posted on DraftKings Tennessee as long as the user is inside the Tennessee state borders.

Is FanDuel Better than DraftKings?

The question of which DFS provider and sportsbook operation is better between FanDuel and DraftKings is a personal choice. DraftKings frequently posts better reviews for a user-friendly interface and list of odds. FanDuel has a lower and thus more appealing juice attached to the odds posted on its sportsbook.

Are there physical sportsbooks in Tennessee?

No. Tennessee is one of the few states that chose to launch mobile online sports betting ahead of opening any physical brick-and-mortar locations. Tennessee's lawmakers will need to change the legislation in place that bans casinos and onsite gambling in the state first.

Can you use a Tennessee DraftKings sportsbook account in other states?

Yes. Sports bettors with a DraftKings sportsbook account can use the app in six other states. DraftKings sportsbook accounts are legal in New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire and Indiana. Online sports betting is still pending in Michigan and New York as well.

Are sports betting winners taxed in Tennessee?

Yes. There is a federal tax of 24 percent on gambling winnings in the United States. This same 24 percent applies to sports bet winners in Tennessee. Tennessee has no income tax, but sports bet winnings fall under the category of the 1 percent tax dividend profits.

Who will oversee Tennessee's sports betting operations?

The Tennessee Lottery Commission has been appointed to write the regulations and oversee the sports betting operations in the state. They are in charge of all aspects of online sports betting. The Tennessee Lottery Commission was founded in 2013 and also oversees the state's variety of online lottery games.

Are there any requirements attached to the DraftKings matching deposit bonus?

There are play-through requirements to secure DraftKings matching deposit bonus. Players must use the deposit bonus within 45-days. During this 45-day period, players must use the deposit bonus two times to bet on games. DraftKings matching deposit bonus is up to $500.

Is the DraftKings sportsbook app available on Apple and Android devices?

The DraftKings sportsbook app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Apple users are able to download the DraftKings sportsbook app by visiting the App Store. Android users simply open the DraftKings sportsbook website to easily download the app from any browser.

Final Impressions of DraftKings Sportsbook

Description: The DraftKings sportsbook app has a number of striking similarities to its popular daily fantasy website. Anyone who has played using the DraftKings DFS platform will find familiar setup on the sportsbook app.

The dark background with a white center accents the game's list and individual game betting odds. There is a full navigation menu across the top for easy access to game information and ongoing bet slips.

This lets you shift back-and-forth without losing your bets. DraftKings included a full insert on the right-hand sidebar to follow the current betting slip. DraftKings information pages are easy to find. The load times for the DraftKings website and mobile app are excellent.

The DraftKings sportsbook experiences very few buffering problems. The login tab is top right and easy to find. DraftKings developers included a top right-hand dropdown menu to access various account pages.

There are direct tabs to bonus activity, your current bet slips, plus you can make a deposit or a withdrawal. The game odds on the DraftKings sportsbook are competitive. Both the DraftKings website and sportsbook mobile app are user-friendly and extremely well-organized.

Application Category: Game

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, Apple

Author: Jason Guilbault

Author Rating: 4.94


DraftKings has an extensive wealth of onsite game information and betting strategies

There is a massive customer base to support DraftKings solid reputation

Smooth transition with little difference between the DraftKings website and the sportsbook app

A dropdown navigation menu provides fast access to games, pages and account information

DraftKings has a right-hand sidebar for quick access to your betting slips


DraftKings posts a higher juice on its bets than other sportsbooks

The first deposit bonus is only matched at half the total deposit amount up to $500.

DraftKings Tennessee Sportsbook: $1,200 Bonus & App Tips