FanDuel Michigan Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

FanDuel Sign-Up Bonus

When signing up with FanDuel, the best promotion offered is a bet up to $1,000. The offer will allow you to place your first 100% .

All you have to do is create a FanDuel account a make a minimum deposit of $10, and you will be eligible for the bet up to $1,000. To take full advantage of the offer, you will want to deposit at least $1,000 to receive the maximum bonus.

When you use your bet, and you win, you will receive bonus funds of up to $1,000. If you lose, then FanDuel will credit you for the loss in the next 48 hours. They also have a playthrough requirement to withdraw your bonus funds from your account.If you win $1,000 on your bet, then you will need to place $1,000 in bets before you can withdraw your funds. After you hit the playthrough requirements, then the money is officially yours, and you can withdraw your winnings.FanDuel App Review

FanDuel arguably might have the best mobile betting app on the market. The interface and design of FanDuel's app are unprecedented and so easy to use for anyone looking to place a bet. The FanDuel mobile betting app is almost identical across platforms and states, so you will notice a difference if you placed a bet on a different device or a different state.

FanDuel went above and beyond to make sure the betting app was as close to perfect as possible. They didn't want just to put an app together and call it a day. They wanted to make something so unique and easy to use that everyone would enjoy it.

You also have the ability to change platforms in the FanDuel app as well. You can go from the sportsbook to the daily fantasy sports section or the app's casino area. The three-in-one design is perfect for anyone looking to use FanDuel for their go-to gaming option.

FanDuel has nine different sports you can bet on:

- Baseball

- Basketball

- Boxing

- Football

- Golf

- Hockey


- Soccer

- Tennis

Don't let the limited amount of sports fool you. They have many options under each sport from U.S. leagues to international leagues, especially soccer, baseball, and hockey. You can find the biggest leagues to bet overseas, so you can always get in on the action even if U.S. sports don't have as much action for the day.

They also have a lot of betting market to wager on, including:

- Spread

- Moneyline

- Parlays

- Teasers

- Round robins

- Total

- Alternate lines

- Futures

- Props

FanDuel has traditional betting markets like fixed-odds on spreads, money lines, and totals for individual games. However, you can also find alternative lines or prop bets for most games on the app. They also have futures markets for almost every league, so you can get seasonal action on who will win the championship, how many wins will a team have, or bet on who will win MVP. FanDuel also offers parlays and teasers that have great odds that beat market prices, so you have the best chance of maximizing your winnings.

Overall, FanDuel Michigan has one of the best, if not the best app on the market. The amount of effort and detail that went into the app is unbeatable, and it stands out from the rest of the mobile betting apps.Why FanDuel over DraftKings?

Better Mobile App

FanDuel's betting app beats everyone on the market, and it definitely beats rival DraftKings. The FanDuel app has a better design and much more organized than DraftKings. Everything is easy to find, and you can place a bet within a few clicks. The bonuses, sports, and games are all neatly categorized, so finding what you need is easy to do. DraftKings app isn't bad, but it is not up to the same standard as FanDuel. Some bonuses and sports bet are not as organized, and trying to find marquee games on the main page can be annoying at times, depending on what you are looking for.

Better Prices

FanDuel has some of the most competitive prices on the market. All bets have some juice on them, meaning that you pay a little bit extra to place a bet, and this is how sportsbooks make their money. When looking at FanDuel's baseball betting odds. If a game has an even line, you might see it set at -108 for both sides. When you look at the same game on DraftKings, the line might be -110. This is a simple distinction that could help you win or lose profit in the long-run. Have less juiced lines will help any better make a profit on their site compared to the competitor.

Better Customer Service

FanDuel has multiple ways to talk to a representative from reviewing FAQ's, chatting with a representative on the app, or calling their toll- number. FanDuel makes sure that every question you have will be covered. DraftKings FAQ section does not compare to FanDuel's, and sometimes it is more difficult to get your questions answered. All sportsbooks want to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied, and FanDuel goes above and beyond in that department.

FanDuel Betting Market

Michigan currently has in-person betting, but online sports betting and gaming is coming in early 2021 at the latest. This should help increase the betting market exponentially in the Great Lake State once online betting is available.

Estimates put the Michigan gaming market around $650 million a year in revenue. Sports betting alone could see close to $400 million in revenue in the first year of online betting. If this is the case, then Michigan could become one of the premier sports betting markets as the industry matures.

Michigan also has five professional sports teams in Detroit, like the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, and Detroit City FC. The passionate fanbase will help grow the betting market as fans will want to get their bets in on their favorite teams.

Michigan also has the University of Michigan and Michigan State University for people to bet on. Two major Big Ten programs will certainly get attraction during football and basketball season. There are also three MAC teams in Michigan, and who doesn't like to bet on some weekday Maction in November!

Overall, the Michigan betting market will explode once online gaming is legalized. There are 26 casinos for sportsbooks to partner with, so betting operators will want to take advantage of the market. The Great Lake State already has some of the industry's biggest names like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM. It is only a matter of time before more enter.

FanDuel Daily Fantasy

FanDuel's first line of business was in the daily fantasy market when it launched in 2009. In 2012, FanDuel captured 60% of the market share, and the DFS site grows to over one million users by 2015. FanDuel then entered the U.S. betting market in 2018 and has grown into one of the leading gaming sites in the U.S. Thanks to its mobile betting app, FanDuel has seen continual growth since the inception in 2009.

FanDuel has one of the best apps for daily fantasy sports thanks to the effort that has gone into the app. It also has multiple games to choose from like single-game style, rotating arcade-style, full roster, picking a contest, and more.

Navigating the daily fantasy section of the FanDuel app is easy to do for any experience a bettor has. You can find anything you are looking for in just a few clicks. It also have great rewards and bonuses for daily fantasy players.

FanDuel is also offering new users a $5 sign-up bonus and an additional $5 deposit bonus when they sign-up. Although it is not as much as the sportsbook or casino sign-up bonus, it is something to get you started, and you can try out the daily fantasy section on FanDuel.

You never know the new user sign-up bonus could result in a big win if you play your cards right. FanDuel started in the daily fantasy industry, and it is why they are the market leader. It knows how to navigate the market, and when customers are looking for, so they are always ahead of the competition.

FanDuel Michigan FAQ

Is FanDuel Legal in Michigan?

Yes, FanDuel partnered with Motor City Casino in Detroit back in March 2020.It has been the exclusive sports betting partner of the casino and has a retail sportsbook located inside. FanDuel's location is a half-mile away from Comerica Park and Ford Field, so you can place your bets at the sportsbook before heading to the game.

Does Michigan have Online Betting?

Michigan is still in the process of legalizing online gaming. The expected launch is early 2021 at the latest. Online gaming and sports betting were legalized in December 2019. The state has been working towards regulations for the new industry and will soon be available in Michigan.

What is FanDuel's Sign-up Bonus?

FanDuel is currently offering new customers $1,000 bet when they sign-up. All you have to do is create a FanDuel account and place a minimum deposit of $10 to be eligible. FanDuel does have playthrough requirements on the bet, so please read the terms & conditions before entering.

Does FanDuel Have an Online Betting App?

Yes, FanDuel is currently operating an online betting in eight states. It recently launched an online betting app and will soon launch one in Michigan. FanDuel is waiting on the state to approve regulations around online sports betting. Once Michigan gives the ok to online gaming, FanDuel will be one of the first sportsbooks to launch its online betting app.

What Games Can I Bet at FanDuel?

FanDuel has a wide selection of sports and betting markets you can get in on. It has traditional markets like the NBA, MLB, NFL, and more. However, they also have international soccer, hockey, and baseball leagues; you can also bet if you like. They also offer betting markets like spreads, totals, money lines, and more.

Can I Transfer Money From FanDuel Sportsbook to FanDuel DFS?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer funds from your sportsbook account to your DFS account. Each section of the FanDuel app has a separate wallet, and you will need to deposit money into each section if you want to play them. Please see FanDuel learn more about the digital wallet.

Is FanDuel Legit?

Yes, FanDuel has been operating in the U.S. since 2009 and has become an accredited sportsbook, daily fantasy, and casino operator in the country. FanDuel has one of the best security systems, so you do not need to worry about your account getting hacked or funds stolen.

Can I use the FanDuel App for DFS and Sports Betting?

Yes, FanDuel has a three-in-one gaming app that allows you to bounce from DFS, sports betting, and casino gaming. All you need to do is download the FanDuel app, and you will see how easy it is to bounce from one section to another compared to having to download multiple gaming apps.

FanDuel Michigan Sportsbook App Review

Name: FanDuel Michigan Sports Betting App

Description: FanDuel is one of the best U.S. gaming sites in the market. They have a three-in-one app so you can easily go from the different gaming sections without having to leave. FanDuel also offers great sign-up bonuses and has multiple betting markets for you to choose from. They also have one of the best apps on the market.

FanDuel is going to be one of the top gaming platforms to use in Michigan. The app is arguably the best on the market and makes it easy for anyone to use. You can also start with a $1,000 sign-up bonus when you create an account and make a minimum deposit. They also have one of the largest betting markets available and can bet on leagues in the U.S. and internationally. They also have a three-in-one app so you can easily bounce from the sportsbook to DFS to the casino with ease. FanDuel has proven time and again why they are one of the U.S. leaders in sports gaming.

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, Apple

Application Category: Game

Author: Sam Shefrin

Author Rating: 4.92


  • Best mobile app
  • Multiple leagues to bet
  • Multiple betting markets
  • Great DFS site


  • Cannot transfer funds from DFS to Sportsbook
  • Hard to find smaller betting markets

FanDuel Michigan Sportsbook Review & Promo Code