FanDuel Tennessee Sportsbook: $1,000 No Sweat Bet & App Review

Tennessee Sports Betting

After legalizing sports wagering back in April of 2019, Tennessee finally went live with its online-only sports betting platform in November of 2020. The process has been long and challenging for The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, which is tasked with regulating and licensing all sportsbooks in the state.

Tennessee has one of the stricter codes of conduct when it comes to sports betting, requiring a 10% hold and a $750,000 licensing fee for sportsbooks in the state. However, in another way, the state is very progressive, with its sportsbooks going wholly online and having no sportsbook-casino partnerships. Instead, the online sportsbook will work directly with regulators and consumers in the state. There are 3 top-rated sportsbook apps in Tennessee and they are all competing for new users by offering new user promotions. FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM sportsbook are positioned to dominate the Tennessee market. Time to dive into the FanDuel Tennessee mobile app and new user bonus. This is your one-stop guide to everything FanDuel in the great state of Tennessee.

FanDuel History

FanDuel may be better known for its daily fantasy platform; however, the sports gambling giant has made huge moves into the bookmaking industry. Not only has FanDuel offered sportsbooks in several different states, but it was one of only three major companies to get in on the November 1st date for Tennessee. This will do wonders for capturing the Tennessee market.

FanDuel has a premium desktop site and application, which is perfect for the online-only betting market in Tennessee. The company will be able to lean on its fantastic online platforms, and you, the consumer, will get the benefit of being able to bet on such a great desktop and mobile app.

FanDuel Tennessee Promo Code

FanDuel has a wonderful offer for new users when you click through the links provided here at Daily Fantasy Cafe. For simply being a new user, you can earn a $1,000 bet. There is no surprise fee or trick to it. FanDuel wants you to join its sportsbook, and because of that, it is offering you this great deal.

A bet is a bet that you cannot lose. When you place a wager and lose with this bet, FanDuel will credit your account with bonus money, matching your losses up to $1,000. However, you can also win this bet in which you keep that entire payout. There is no better way to experience a new sportsbook than betting with house money. This is why it is such a great promotion that FanDuel is offering you.

FanDuel TN Promo Code

FanDuel Tennessee Promotion Details

Promo Code Redemption No code needed - click-through links
FanDuel New-User Bonus A $1,000 bet
Bonus Details The $1,000 credit will enter your account within 72 hours if your wager with the bet is lost. The $1,000 will be in Sportsbook Site Credit.
Tennessee Eligibility Must be at least 21 years old, physically in Tennessee, a new-user, and deposit $10 into your FanDuel account
Expiration Date [MONTH_END]

How to Redeem

1. Click through the links on Daily Fantasy Cafe.

2. Create an account on FanDuel.

3. Deposit a minimum of $10 into your account.

4. Place a wager with your $1,000 bet.How to Play on FanDuel Sportsbook in Tennessee

Sports betting can seem like an overwhelming experience when you are new to it. However, betting on FanDuel in Tennessee is very straightforward and easy. Follow the steps below, and you should be betting in no time.

Step 1: Get a Promotion and the FanDuel App

The first thing you will want to do is click through the link on Daily Fantasy Cafe to ensure that you get the $1,000 bet bonus for signing up. The link will redirect you to FanDuel, where you can either download the mobile app for Android or iOS, or you can go to the desktop site and create an account there.

Keep in mind that Google has banned sports gambling apps from its marketplace. If you would like to download the Android FanDuel Sportsbook app, please head over to its mobile browser site. There you will find a download link for the Android app!

Step 2: Create a FanDuel Account

Once you are on the app or desktop site, you are almost ready to create your account. One thing to check before proceeding is that you have geolocation switched on. This can be found in your wifi, browser, or mobile data settings. It allows FanDuel to access your location, and if it is off in any of these settings, FanDuel cannot confirm that you are in Tennessee, and you might run into issues when creating your account.

When creating an account, the important information to have on hand is your full name, date of birth, physical address, email address, and last four digits of your social security number. While personal, this information is required so that FanDuel can verify your identity.Step 3: Deposit Money into the Account

After creating your account, FanDuel has a few ways to deposit. You can use PayPal, online bank transfer, debit/credit cards, and more. All of these methods should process instantly, so you can get to the betting. The minimum deposit for these methods is $10 and come with no fee.

Step 4: Place a Bet

Now that you have at least $10 in your account, it is time to browse for some bets. You can filter by sport, league, collegiate/professional, and game to find the perfect bet to wager on. Once you do find that bet, you can click on it to add the wager to your bet slip. Your bet slip is where you can type in the amount of cash you would like to wager. After typing the amount, FanDuel will display the corresponding possible profit with that amount at stake on that wager. If everything looks okay, then you can click “Place Bet”, and your bet will be placed!

Step 5: Withdrawing Money

If you won some money, you might be looking to withdraw. FanDuel allows PayPal, check, eCheck, and a prepaid card as ways of withdrawing. PayPal will be the fasted to process at around 1-2 days, while the other methods take around a week to get you your money. There is no fee when withdrawing on FanDuel.

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

FanDuel has a fantastic sportsbook with many great features. It has brought its expertise over from running one of the greatest daily fantasy platforms and is using that to launch a terrific online sportsbook.


The design of the FanDuel Sportsbook is pretty familiar to those that use its daily fantasy platform. However, I would argue that the company improved by making the sportsbook less cluttered and an even cleaner experience.

You will find that browsing the site for bets is an incredibly smooth and enjoyable experience. There is no lag, and FanDuel makes it very clear where every sport and league is.

The bet slip is one of the best functions on FanDuel, as it should be. The bet slip is large with very easy to read text. FanDuel makes the betting the focus and makes sure that you have all the information you need on your bet slip. There is no hiding of how much the payout is or any conditions on the bet. That text is bold and right front and center.

Sports Varieties

FanDuel has so many different sports; it is almost absurd. This allows you to bet tons of different ways and find every bet that you could want.

Here is a list of the sports and some of the leagues and events you should expect from those sports

Football: You can bet both on the NFL and collegiate football with FanDuel Sportsbook Tennessee.

Baseball: Not only can you bet on your favorite MLB team, but you can try out the Korean Baseball League as well!

Basketball: NCAA March Madness is available to be bet on alongside the NBA and European basketball with FanDuel.

Soccer: American leagues such as the MLS are just the start. FanDuel has the Champions League, the English Premier League, and La Liga, among others.

Golf: The Masters and every major event is available when betting with FanDuel.

Hockey: NHL as well as many European leagues have odds, futures, and prop-bets.

Tennis: The Australian Open, Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and more are just the start when it comes to betting on tennis events.

MMA: Bet on any UFC fight night with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Nascar: If the Indianapolis 500 is your jam, then find Nascar in its own tab on FanDuel.

Types of Bets

FanDuel accepts all the traditional bets like moneylines, point totals, and spreads. However, FanDuel also offers future bets, team props, player props, and many more forms of bets on its site and app. The possibilities are almost endless with so many games and hundreds of bets for each one.

You can also use several different bets to form a parlay and teaser with FanDuel. Simply add multiple compatible bets to your bet slip and click parlay or teaser to form your own multi-legged bet.

Live-game betting is on FanDuel. You can click the “Live” tab to see all the games going on in that moment. There you can bet, get updates, and watch the odds shift. This is one of the site’s and app’s best features. It is where the smoothness of the app really shines as you hastily get your bets in before the next piece of the action happens on the field.Support

FanDuel support is one area in which it lacks. To get to live support, you must email FanDuel first with a ticket. It can be frustrating not to be able to talk to a live person about your unique issue immediately. However, FanDuel has an in-depth FAQ page on its supports tab covering many of the generic issues that you might run into.

FanDuel Promotions

FanDuel has a promotional tab where you can get tons of great offers on top of your new-user bonus. Some of these offers include polls and pick’ ems. You can also get some parlay insurance or boosted odds on a sponsored event. Make sure to check this tab, so you do not miss out on FanDuel promotions.

Is FanDuel Safe and Legitimate?

FanDuel is not only legal, but it is also licensed by Tennessee and strictly regulated. FanDuel is a legitimate company that has to go through several hoops set up by the State Government, lottery commission, and Federal Government to ensure that it is providing a fair sportsbook.

On top of this, FanDuel prides itself on having one of the most talented security teams in the software business. Holding tons of private information and sensitive betting information, its servers need to be air-tight, and they are. It also has a partnership with HackerOne, where the company pays people to find security vulnerabilities, so instead of stealing information, they are rewarded for helping FanDuel.

Betting Market in Tennessee

The estimates for the Tennessee sports market are off the charts. Many experts peg Tennessee to get a betting handle in November, during the prime betting season, near the $500 million range. This would generate millions in tax revenue for the Volunteer State.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tennessee is strictly regulating the market, more so than any other state. Not only was the licensing fee a whopping $750k, but also the state is boasting a 10% hold. This means that the sportsbooks need to guarantee that they keep 10% of all betting handles over an extended period of time. This was done to keep sportsbooks competitive. However, experts worry that this will damper the betting handle as consumers cannot get as good of odds when the bookmakers need to keep 10%.

For reference, Nevada, during its worst period, never surpassed an 8% required hold on bets. It seems that Nevada does fine, and it is curious as to why Tennessee felt the need to have such a high hold.


Three sportsbooks took the leap of faith despite the huge fee and large hold. Those were FanDuel Tennessee, DraftKings, and BetMGM. There is also a regional sportsbook unique to Tennessee called Action 24/7. It will be fascinating to see how the market shapes up as each one of these sportsbooks navigates harsh regulations and attempts to grab the biggest piece of the pie.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings has competed with FanDuel for years in both the daily fantast space and now the sportsbook world. Both are huge companies that offer fantastic sportsbooks with hundreds upon hundreds of options for betting. DraftKings and FanDuel are also two of the best new-user sites due to the huge promotions each offer. There is very little splitting the two companies, and it really will come down to marketing on which sportsbook reigns supreme in Tennessee.


BetMGM has an enormous presence in the gambling world as the hotel and casino giant offers its own online sports betting experience. BetMGM entered the market with a bang in Tennessee. The first order of business for the company was to become the official sportsbook partner of the Titans—a huge step forward in the race to capture as much market as possible. BetMGM may not have the online experience of FanDuel, but it does have tons of betting experience. The two will be in intense competition in the state.

FanDuel Tennessee FAQ

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Tennessee?

Yes, FanDuel Sportsbook is licensed and legal in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee passed legal sports betting in April of 2019, and FanDuel received its licenses and started operations in November of 2020. It is completely legal to bet on FanDuel Sportsbook in Tennessee if you are over the age of 21.

Can I bet in-person with FanDuel in Tennessee?

No, Tennessee is online only when it comes to sports betting. The first of its kind, the state is taking a different approach to sports betting than many others. Therefore, you will not find any physical FanDuel Sportsbooks in the state of Tennessee.

Why can I not find FanDuel on the Google Play Store?

FanDuel Sportsbook is not on the Google Play Store. The reason for this is sportsbooks being against Google marketplace policy. Therefore, you need to head over to FanDuel’s mobile website to find the Android download link. Despite not being on the marketplace, FanDuel’s app still follows all other Google guidelines and offers a safe app for Android.

Can I bet on the University of Tennessee?

Yes, not only can you bet on college sports in Tennessee, but you can bet on schools that are in the state. This is something that is not legal in all states that allow for sports betting. However, Tennessee allows for all kinds of collegiate betting. FanDuel has both college basketball and football to bet on. So you can bet on your Volunteers.

Can I link my DFS and Sportsbook accounts on FanDuel?

Yes, and doing so is extremely easy. To link the two accounts, simply use the same email address when creating each account. That is all there is to it. Now you can share winnings between wallets and manage your daily fantasy and sportsbook all under one user. However, you will still need separate applications for daily fantasy and the sportsbook on your mobile devices.

Is FanDuel an offshore sportsbook?

No, FanDuel is not offshore. It operates in the United States and gets licenses in every state that it offers a sportsbook in. This includes Tennessee, where it is licensed and regulated by the state. Offshore sportsbooks are neither licensed nor regulated by any governing body in the United States and therefore are much more dangerous to use.

How do I reach the live chat support on FanDuel?

You must email FanDuel support to then receive live support. You can submit a ticket on its website, and you can also check out the extensive FAQ page. Most common issues can be solved with this FAQ page. However, for unique issues, you will have to wait for a reply to your ticket with FanDuel.FanDuel Tennessee App Review

Name: FanDuel Tennessee Sportsbook App

Description: FanDuel, already a massive player in the daily fantasy game, has announced itself to the sports betting world. Already becoming a major player in many states, FanDuel enters the Volunteer State as a threat to become the largest sportsbook in the state. FanDuel brings with it years of software experience running daily fantasy online and was a perfect candidate for this online-only betting experiment that Tennessee is running.

FanDuel has brought a great online sportsbook to the table. It really has everything you want from your betting experience in a clean, easy on the eyes, and smooth display. The amount of sports, leagues, events, and games that you can bet on is a huge plus, showing that FanDuel has substance behind the aesthetic. FanDuel also offers great promotions for new and existing users, making it a consumer-friendly product.

Operating System: Windows, Apple, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Sam Shefrin

Author Rating: 4.92


  • Promotions that are rivaled by few in both the new and existing user department.
  • Variety when it comes to events and games to bet on, if you can think of it, you can probably bet on it with FanDuel.
  • A well-built app that will not let you down and allows for a relaxing and enjoyable betting and browsing experience.
  • Peace of mind knowing that FanDuel is legal, licensed, and regulated in the state of Tennessee, meeting all standards put in place to protect users.


    • Support options could be more plentiful.
    • Expanding on the amount of team futures and future bets would be nice.

FanDuel Tennessee Sportsbook: $1,000 No Sweat Bet & App Review