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Fantasy Aces Promo Code

Fantasy Aces has been rising in the industry ranks and for good reason. Their player base is steadily increasing and their contest prize pools are growing. Another reason our visitors are signing up is the Fantasy Aces promo code. It's one of the best promo codes in the industry at 100% bonus match up to $500. In fact our exclusive promo code CAFE is so high, the fantasyaces.com website isn't technically setup to accommodate it yet. So, the Fantasy Aces staff manually updates our visitor bonus amounts each day.

How it Works

The process is about as simple as it gets. Simply click on an image or link on this page and you'll be sent to Fantasy Aces. You register and once you are ready to deposit, enter the promo code “CAFE" in the Code box and click the yellow Apply button. Your bonus will automatically be applied. Once applied, you will see green text below the box that say “This promo code is valid for a 100% bonus". If you deposit more than $250, you'll see $250 in your “Bonus Balance" immediately and by the end of the day, you'll see the total matched amount of your deposit. If you deposit $475, by the end of the day, you'll see $475 in your “Bonus Balance"

How to Earn your Bonus Balance

Like all daily fantasy sites, in order to “earn" your bonus, you need to play in real money contests. With Fantasy Aces, you earn your bonus balance at a 5% clip of your real money entry fees. So, if you play in a $100 contest, $5 of your bonus balance will automatically transfer to your real money account. At that point, you can withdraw or play with that money.

Fantasy Aces Promo Code Details

Fantasy Aces Promo Code Offer DFC Users Receive
200% Deposit Bonus 200% up to $250 on 1st Deposit
Bonus Release 4x Rollover. Play 4x your deposit amount
Bonus Requirements Must enter $40 of cash contests before withdrawing

Fantasy Aces Promo Code

Fantasy Aces Promotions

Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship

Winning a lot of money playing daily fantasy baseball is great, but Fantasy Aces is giving everyone the opportunity to creating lasting memories at the same time. The 20 best daily fantasy baseball players will be able to earn an entry into the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship. All 20 of these players will get a unique trip to Southern California and a chance to play for $100,000.

If you want to earn a spot in the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship, then you will have to earn your entry from one of the qualifying tournaments. The winners of the 20 qualifying tournaments will be the participants in the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championships. Qualifying tournaments are currently available, and they are offered at several different fees.

If you are lucky enough to earn a spot in the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship, then you will get a three day luxury trip to California. You will get to stay at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newton Beach. After you arrive on Friday, August 14, you will be treated to a harbor cruise on a 100-foot yacht.

The next day will begin with an unforgettable tour of the clubhouse and dugout of Angels Stadium. After the stadium tour is over, all 20 participants in the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship will have a home run derby competition on the field. Once the home run derby is over, everyone will be taken to the Halo Club suite. You will be able to enjoy free food and drinks while you watch all the baseball games on high-definition flat screen televisions.

In addition to this great trip, everyone that qualifies for the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship will select an 11 player roster from the 12 MLB games played on August 15. The person that scores the most points with their roster will go home with a check for $100,000. A second place finish in the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship will win $50,000. A third place finish is set to pay out $25,000. A top five finish will earn you at least $10,000. A top ten finish wins at least $4,000. If you finish in last place of the Fantasy Aces Baseball Championship, then you will still win $2,000. Your unique weekend will end with a gourmet brunch at American Junkie sports bar on August 16.

Fantasy Aces Tools

Scout Pro

Fantasy football managers are scrambling to find a way to create winning teams. Using the salary cap draft method, it is critical for managers to gain an advantage by identifying under-valued players. In order to handle this task, managers must use some form of statistical data, which becomes problematic due to the large amounts of data available. The Scout tool can help alleviate those problems.

The Grid
On Scout, the pool of available players is laid out on a grid that allows for easy and efficient comparison. The grid includes several viewing options to help the manager get into the details. The data can be viewed by position, by team and by weekly average or year-to-date totals.

Key Analytical Features
There are a number of key features that make the comparison task even more effective.
Player Editing – There are some player that a manager might never want on their roster. The editing feature allows the manager to eliminate all such players, decreasing the number of players he has on the grid for analysis.

Time Frame Analysis
One of the best ways to detect under-valued players is by identifying who is hot and who is not. Average weekly stats are great, but what happens when players start the season of slow and then step up in more recent games? Finding those kinds of players with a low salary cap is the key to having consistent success playing the fantasy game. The Scout tool allows the manager to view player stats for the year, or for a more restrictive, more recent time frame (last week, last 2 weeks, etc).

It is easy to choose Peyton Manning at Quarterback. Of course, the impact on the overall salary cap will be significant. If a managers wants to carry a couple of high-profile, high-scoring players, they will need to find real value with some of the other selections. The Scout tool was designed to help a manager find that value without having to purchase data subscriptions or by trying to accumulate stats on their own.


Fantasy Aces Promo Code

Fantasy Aces Promo Code by Braxton


Fantasy Aces Promo Code by Braxton

Free money makes me happy :)

Fantasy Aces Promo Code by Paul


Fantasy Aces Promo Code by Paul

$500 is good..wish I could use it right away though