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San Diego Padres Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

San Diego Padres 2019 Fantasy Projections –Perplexing Problems for the PadresThe San Diego Padres haven't had a winning record since the won 90 games and finished second in the NL West in 2010. In fac... Read More

San Francisco Giants Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

San Francisco Giants 2019 Fantasy Projections – Painstakingly Painful by the BayDuring the last decade, it was seemingly a foregone conclusion that during even years the San Francisco Giants would win... Read More

Philadelphia Phillies Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Philadelphia Phillies 2019 Fantasy Projections – Flying High in PhillyA pretty sunny forecast for the 2019 Philadelphia baseball season suddenly got even brighter. Nearly every baseball prediction she... Read More

Colorado Rockies Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Colorado Rockies 2019 Fantasy Projections – Prime for a Rocky Mountain HighColorado made back-to-back appearances in the NL playoffs for the first time in their franchise history. Oddly enough, known... Read More

New York Mets Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

New York Mets 2019 Fantasy Projections – Do the Mets Need a Miracle?Once upon a time in the Big Apple, there was a pitching staff deemed by many to be destined for greatness. Unlike many endearing fab... Read More

Arizona Diamondbacks Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Arizona Diamondbacks 2019 Fantasy Projections – Diamondbacks Could Tumble Faster than TumbleweedsRattlesnakes are pesky reptiles. The Arizona Diamondbacks have a team that could themselves prove littl... Read More

St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Fantasy Projections – Redbirds Ready to Return to GreatnessWhile there is a big gap between team greatness in professional baseball, it's still noteworthy when you're the seco... Read More

Pittsburgh Pirates Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Pittsburgh Pirates 2019 Fantasy Projections – Trying to Terminate Terminal DisappointmentDisappointment has been the story of the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise for over two decades. They endured 20 con... Read More

Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Milwaukee Brewers 2019 Fantasy Projections – Brewers Look to Defend Central Division CrownMilwaukee made a dramatic jump in the NL Central standings from back-to-back next to last place finishes in 20... Read More

Washington Nationals Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Washington Nationals 2019 Fantasy Projections – Don't Sleep on DCWhen your best player suddenly packs up his locker and moves over to a divisional rival, you have to figure things can't be looking up.... Read More

Chicago Cubs Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Chicago Cubs 2019 Fantasy Projections – The Young Cubbies are now VeteransOnce known as the White Stockings, an original member of the National League, the Chicago Cubs are one of America's most belov... Read More

Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Cincinnati Reds 2019 Fantasy Projections – Questions Abound in the Queen CityCincinnati Reds fans will want to purchase a program the first time they see their team in 2019. Of all the teams in baseba... Read More

Seattle Mariners Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Seattle Mariners 2019 Fantasy Projections – A Momentary Pause in the Mariner's Master Plan?Most baseball fans might assume that falling one-win shy of 90 victories in a season should prove to be more... Read More

Texas Rangers Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Texas Rangers 2019 Fantasy Projections – A Ranger Rise, or Continued Nose-DiveAs recently as 2016, the Texas Rangers had a top-five ranked offense in terms of overall productivity. That team was top-1... Read More

Oakland A's Fantasy Baseball Team Preview 2019

Oakland Athletics 2019 Fantasy Projections – The Fast Track Back to Success in OaklandOakland is one of the storied franchises in Major League Baseball. There three-peat World Series march of the earl... Read More