The biggest daily fantasy football contest is back and better than ever. DraftKings is hosting an event this year in Miami, FL, where the basic premise is that you have to be the best fantasy football player out of a big group and you will win money. Sounds simple enough, but the catch is that you will be playing against the most competitive fantasy football players in the world. Right now, this event is starting online and with an entry fee. The rewards outweigh the costs in this scenario as the winner of this contest can win $2.5 million and a ticket to the Tournament of Champions in the FFWC. Once there, you have a chance at unlocking the $12.5 million prize. So the real question for you is, are you in?


So does this sound like the contest for you or what? This contest brings the best out of a fantasy player as it combines strategic planning, studying and doing the research on player’s performances and opposing defenses, luck, and competitiveness you can’t get anywhere else.

The good thing about DraftKings hosting this event is that signing up for a DraftKings account is easy. All you need to do is enter your name, email or cell phone number, user name and password for your account, and address and age for legal purposes. Once you have been approved, you will then enter a confirmation code and you should be all set from there. You can then enter this tournament and gamble to your heart’s desire as long as you are gambling responsibly in a legal sports gambling state.

Basic Rules

This contest is based on the daily fantasy football salary system. That means that every Thursday night game, Monday night game, and Sunday NFL slate, you can select players to add to your fantasy roster based on what teams are playing. Each player has a cost allotted to them and in this contest, you only have $50,000 for each lineup. Better, more well-known players cost more, so it’s important to keep that in mind when constructing your roster. Each lineup has 6 positions that you need to fill with a special 1.5 points ‘captain’ multiplier being added to your top player, meaning that you should probably put the player you think will score the most points in that position.

Once you have decided on your perfect lineup, there is a small $5,195 entry fee you have to pay for a shot at the huge prize. Then all you have to do is sit back and stress over how many points your team scores in total. If your team scores the most points, then you win the prize of the week that is $62,605 as well as a ticket to the special fantasy tournament, the FFCW Live Final, later in the season.

Other rules include no multi-entries for the same week and you must comply with the DraftKings Terms of Use for the entire tournament or you will be disqualified or forfeit your winnings.

Scoring System

So how do you earn points in this tournament? Good question. First, players in the real world need to make up a team of 6 players, of a combination of QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST, that is within the $50,000 budget. Second, this DraftKings contest has the PPR scoring system or points per reception scoring system. That means that every catch, or reception as it’s known in the fantasy football world, results in 1 point for the player. Of course, that is not the only way to score points as players can also score by:

Offensive Player

+1 points for every 25 passing yards

+4 points for every passing touchdown

+3 points for every 300+ yard passing game

-1 point for every INT

-1 point for every FUM lost

+6 points for every rushing TD

+6 points for every receiving TD

+6 points for every punt/kickoff/return TD

+1 point for every 10 rushing yards

+1 point for every 10 receiving yards

+3 points for every 300+ yard rushing game

+3 points for every 300+ yard receiving game

+2 points for every 2-pt conversion (pass, run, or catch)

+6 points for every offensive fumble recovered for TD


+1 point for every sack

+2 points for every INT

+2 points for every FUM recovery

+2 points for every safety

+2 points for every kicked blocked

+2 points for every 2-pt conversion/extra point return

+6 points for every Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD

+6 points for every interception return for TD

+6 points for every fumble recovery TD

+6 points for every Blocked Punt or FG Return TD

+10 points for 0 points allowed

+7 points for 1-6 points allowed

+4 points for 7-13 points allowed

+1 point for 14-20 points allowed

0 points for 21-27 points allowed

-1 point for 28-35 points allowed

-4 points for 35+ points allowed

Sounds kind of complicated at first, but it’s really easy to get the hang of. There are more rules that I will not bore the details with and, if you are interested, you can always check them out on the DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship page. Just so you know, stats can always be corrected and rosters can always change as subject to the NFL or DraftKings rulings.


This is what you really came for and the prizes for this contest are more than worth the entry fees. To start, this contest is only available to the public from Weeks 1-14. Every week, contestants will need to pay the $5,195 entry fee. Once you enter and if you win, you are eligible for the $62,605 weekly prize as well as a chance to compete in the FFWC Live Final. The FFWC Live Final will start on Week 15 and this will be between 200 qualifiers from Weeks 1-14. This is where a person can make some big money as the lowest placing results is a $20,000 prize and the prizes only go up from there. Here is the breakdown:

1st - $2.5 million & Ticket to Tournament of Champions

2nd - $1.25 million & Ticket to Tournament of Champions

3rd - $750,000

4th - $500,000

5th - $400,000

6th - $300,000

7th-8th - $200,000

9th-10th - $150,000

11th-15th - $100,000

16th-20th - $75,000

21st-30th - $60,000

31st-40th - $50,000

41st-60th - $40,000

61st-90th - $30,000

91st-135th - $25,000

136th-200th - $20,000

There might also be an option for those that want to play in the contest, but don’t want to pay the entry fees. Using this option, contestants can play side-by-side to the leaderboards with a chance to win a smaller pot of money. But this small pot is not small to the average joe as shadow contestants can win up to $20,000 in prizes with a $10,000 bonus cash prize if you score higher in the actual championship. This link is not available now, but check back late for your chance at fame and fortune.

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