Selecting a defense isn't as glamorous as selecting a quarterback, but it needs to be done. Below the premium line are three GPP defenses, and two cash game defenses. We take into consideration Vegas numbers, home/away, and various team stats. Teams with good special teams play also get a boost, given they have the ability to enhance your upside. Then there are consistent cash game options like Seattle, who fell below 9 FanDuel points in just five games last season. Dive in below with me, and let's sort out some defenses.

Cash Game Defenses

New England Patriots

SalaryOpponentOpposing Team TotalOpponent TO Per GameCafe ValueProjection
$4,000vs HOU14.75216.4311.83

When you open this slate, there's one matchup for defenses that really stands out, and that's the Patriots defense against Brock Osweiler.

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