Here we go: looking at FanDuel NFL Week 2 and all the excellent quarterback options it possesses. With one week of games in the books, it's tempting to overreact and become a slave to recency bias. While we certainly need to consider what happened the previous week, it's not the only information we should be using in our screening process. In fact, we can use this overreaction in our favor, especially when it comes to tournaments (Kirk Cousins anyone?) ... Below we are taking a look at two cash game quarterbacks, two GPP quarterbacks, and a value. Opposing defenses, game theory, prices, and individual quarterback numbers are taken into account.

Cash Game Quarterbacks

Yes; Matthew Stafford was brilliant in week one, but that's not the only reason we're looking towards him on Sunday. A few primary reasons include a reasonable price, targetable matchup, home field advantage, and fantasy-conducive offense. Focusing on the latter point, Detroit appears to be adopted a pass-happy scheme with very few rushing attempts. In other words, short passes to running backs and tight ends serve as an extended running game, and Stafford gets fantasy credit along the way. This means a steady stream of volume for Stafford, especially in the red-zone. While the table above has Tennessee listed as the sixth best pass defense, remember how that takes only one game into consideration - against the QB-less Vikings. Pro Football Focus rated the Titans' secondary 24th in the league entering this season, as they were repeatedly torched in the 2015 campaign. We'll likely see more of that on Sunday.
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