We have a couple weeks in the books, giving us a better idea of what each team is made of. It's easy to play the matchup-game, looking at opposing pass defenses and selecting quarterbacks through that strategy. However, this is only one component of the equation, as workload, game flow, and pace are just as important. Taking a QB with a suspect defense is not a bad idea, as they'll likely get the ball back with situations where passing is necessary. My quarterbacks listed this week heavily fall into that theme ... Below we are taking a look at two cash game quarterbacks, two GPP quarterbacks, and a value. Opposing defenses, game theory, prices, and individual quarterback numbers are taken into account.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

SalaryOpponentTeam TotalOpponent Pass RankCafe ValueProjection

For Sunday-only contests, Andrew Luck is the guy. You could easily make a case for Aaron Rodgers in a solid matchup, but Luck edges him out in my opinion. The reason has to deal with shootout potential in this home matchup with San Diego. Both teams love to chuck the ball around the field, which could create more possessions and scoring opportunities than usual. The injury to WR Donte Moncrief doesn't help Luck, but I'm expecting the Indy quarterback to still put up fantastic numbers, throwing the ball to any breathing human in a Colts' uniform - much like his counterpart in this game - Philip Rivers (more on him in a bit). It's evident that Indianapolis doesn't have an offensive line worthy of creating holes for the aged Frank Gore in the running game, so Luck should see more than his fair share of passing attempts against a susceptible defense.

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