We have four games this weekend for the NFL Playoff Wild Card slate. Below we are taking a look at two cash game quarterbacks, and two GPP quarterbacks for your lineups. Opposing defenses, game theory, prices, and individual quarterback numbers are taken into account.

Cash Game Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

SalaryOpponentTeam TotalOpponent Pass RankCafe ValueProjection

This matchup does not look great on paper. However, I still believe Rodgers is the best cash game quarterback within this abbreviated four-game slate. He is on fire right now, playing at home, and the entire Green Bay offense rests on his shoulders. In other words, of all quarterbacks playing this weekend, he's the least likely to succumb fantasy production to the running game. Even though the Giants have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL, I still have faith in a Rodgers-Nelson-Adams (and maybe Cook) connection. Remember, Rodgers posted an adequate 18 fantasy points against the Giants in October, and he is playing much better at this point in the season.

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