Last week's “Like it, Love it, Gotta Have it" featured Coldstone Creamery and their ice cream, but I want to change it up a little this week and go with Starbucks who like Coldstone aren't sold on the idea of ordering stuff normally, you've got Tall, Grande and Venti (and if you're really tired Trenta).

If you are like me (and the other 83% of America that drinks coffee) coffee is the perfect morning treat, not only for it to kick start my day but to also get the delicious variety of taste that Starbucks provides.

So for week 5, I am going to pair my favorite Starbucks drinks with my favorite DFS players.

Like it – “Pumpkin Spice Latte" – (The clutch of all drinks, I wish they would provide this one year round)

Jay Cutler vs. Kansas City Chiefs – $5300 (DraftKings) - $7400 – (FanDuel)

Cutler came out of nowhere last week and started against the Raiders and was quite impressive throwing for 281 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He did toss an interception but you expect that out of him. If you look at Cutlers 2014 splits:


































Cutler was more efficient on the road, he is going to Kansas City this weekend which is a hard place to play in but this defense is horrendous, they've give up an average of 311 yards and 2.75 touchdowns to opposing quarterbacks through 4 games. His DraftKings price (19th QB overall) will afford you to load up on position players.

Charles Clay vs. Tennessee Titans - $4100 (DraftKings) - $5700 (FanDuel)

Clay was a Richie Incognito holding penalty away from finishing with 10 catches, 132 yards and a touchdown but even so his 9 catches for 111 yards wasn't shabby at all. He's been Taylor's favorite target being peppered with 20 targets over the last two games. I expect him to be heavily targeted in a game against a Titans team that hasn't been very good against tight ends over the last two seasons.

Wisdom would be to pay for GRONK this week and I don't hate the idea but if you are looking to spend elsewhere, Clay is definitely your man.

Love it – “Ice Carmel Macchiato" – (Give me a couple extra pumps of caramel with this and I am set)

Travis Benjamin vs. Baltimore Ravens - $4500 (DraftKings) - $6200 (FanDuel)

In my first piece I spoke about how my “Love it" section is for the guys that have the low to mid-tier price that have the upside of the “Gotta Have" crew. Travis Benjamin is one guy that is at the top of the list for this category for me.

He is the 34th ranked receiver (26th on FanDuel) on DraftKings this week. When you put together you can't have a roster full of studs, you've got to throw a couple of cheaper flyers and for a guy averaging 4 catches, 82 yards and a touchdown through 4 games, that one heck of a flyer.

The targets are there, the matchup is great and the price is definitely right.

James Jones vs. St. Louis Rams - $5700 (DraftKings) - $6400 (FanDuel)

While the price for James Jones slowly starts to tick up it continues to be low, so you should continue to use him. He is a huge vocal point of this Packers offense; he has reached double digit fantasy points each of his first 4 weeks of the season.

While the matchup isn't the most ideal on paper this game is in Green Bay, you have to go all the way back to week 10 of the 2013 season as the last time the Packers didn't score 20+ at home. Aaron Rodgers is money at home, Vegas knows this as well with the Over/Under sitting at 27.5 right now, Rodgers loves James Jones and so do I.

Gotta Have – “Chai Tea Latte" – (Okay so it's not coffee but if there was a Michael Jordan of hot drinks, this would totally be it)

Le'Veon Bell vs. San Diego Chargers - $8500 (DraftKings) - $9000 (FanDuel)

The Ravens are going to crowd the box, Bell won't have much running room and he might not provide the real value of his price. All things I heard prior to his Thursday night matchup against the Ravens, 140 total yards and a touchdown later, Bell showed why he is the best running back in football.

Bell is the highest price running back on DraftKings (2nd on FanDuel) and is worth every bit of it. He is facing a Chargers defense that is giving up a league worst 4.9 per carry, and has given up 100+ rushing yards in 3 straight games. This is a no-brainer for me this week.

Dion Lewis vs. Dallas Cowboys - $4800 (DraftKings) - $6900 (FanDuel)

Let me play out a Starbucks scenario for you guys.

Starbucks Employee: How can I help you?
Me: Can I get a Venti Chai Tea Latte with an extra shot of Tea
SB Employee: That'll be $4.64, please pull around
*As I pull around, I blast that latest Nick Jonas song – Levels* (No Judging, its catchy)
I pull up and whip out my Gold Starbucks card, and go to hand it to the Starbucks employee
SB Employee: The person in front of you paid for yours.
Me: Seriously?
SB: Yep *Hands me my drink* Have a great day!
*Look behind – see no one*
Me: I'm going to have a great day!!!

Who doesn't get excited for free Starbucks????????? I know this guy does. This has happened on various trips in the Starbucks line and yes I have returned the favor on multiple occasions.

When I pulled up DraftKings on my iPad and clicked on the running backs and saw Dion Lewis was the 20th ranked (16th on FanDuel) running back on their with a super cheap price, it was like being in line at Starbucks all over again.

This is the GOTTA HAVE, MUST HAVE, WILL HAVE play of the week. Lewis gets the Cowboys defense that not only is suffering from a plethora of injuries but has given up 455 total yards and 5 touchdowns to opposing running backs on the ground and through the air over the past two games.

I love the Jay Cutler mention here, and also Chai Tea Latte is the GOAT Starbucks product! Great stuff Ricky.
Jason, thanks brother!!!!!!!! I really feel like the Chai Tea is an underrated product at Starbucks, little known secret as most but the coffee...
Really enjoyed this writeup Ricky. Entertaining and informative. Great read here. I'm with you on Bell as well. I'm more of a black coffee type of guy, but he would be the premium black coffee for me.
Really enjoyed this. I have never had caffeine so not sure how any of these drinks taste but I like the plays. Not a fan of Lewis but that is due to my irrational love of Blount.