I was sitting on my couch flipping through the channels, and I see that ABC's 25 days of Christmas was on. The light bulb popped on in my head, how could I not touch on this subject?

There is one rule in order for a movie to make it on my list; I have to feel Christmassy (is that even a word?) after the movie is over.

Now there are some terrible Christmas movies out there (I'm mostly talking about any of The Santa Clause sequels) but there are equally as many good ones. I couldn't just list my top 3, so I am sharing my top ten this week.

Best Christmas Movies of All-Time (not in any order)

Die Hard (I don't care what anyone says, this is a Christmas movie!!!!!)
Bad Santa
Home Alone
The Santa Clause
Fred Clause
Surviving Christmas
Trapped in Paradise

Week 14 is upon us, and honestly I am not sure if I am happy or not that we are closer to the end of the season. But this week I pair my favorite Christmas movies with my top DFS picks for the week.

Like it – Elf – (I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan, but this movie is amazing. It's a really fun family comedy that I could re-watch over and over again. The role of Buddy was made for Ferrell)

Dorial Green-Beckham vs. New York Jets - $3700 (DraftKings) - $5100 (FanDuel)

The secondary of the Titans is atrocious, and that is one of the key factors of why I like DGB this week. (Tennessee will need to keep up)

The point total this week for the Jets is hovering around their season average of 24 points, which means the Titans will have to score points to keep them in the game.

This rookie season for DGB has been a struggle, but DGB and Mariota were on the same page this past Sunday, as they connected for 5 catches, resulting in119 yards and a touchdown.

As of right now Darrelle Revis is in concussion protocol, and the Jets have desperately missed him. In the nine quarters without him they've given up five touchdowns to opposing wide receivers.

While this play is risky, the price, and the matchup make him a great play.

T.J. Yeldon vs. Indianapolis Colts - $4900 (DraftKings) - $6400 (FanDuel)

That touchdown won the Jags the Super Bowl, or so you thought by the way Twitter reacted. Yeldon saw back-to-back red zone touches on Sunday, after touching the ball just 8 times in the last 53 trips.

Interesting note: The Jaguars are 4-3 when he touches the ball 17 or more times, and 0-5 when he touches it less than 17 times.

He's coming off his most productive game in his young career, and is facing a Colts defense he rushed for 105 yards against in week 4.

With Bortles continuing to improve week-to-week in the passing game, the run game is going to open up more and more each week. I am looking for another big game out of Yeldon on Sunday.

Love it – Grinch – (This movie plays on repeat during Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Jim Carrey (I miss the funny Jim Carrey) absolutely kills it as the Grinch. This is a classic that families should have on rotation during the holidays)

Brandon Marshall vs. Tennessee Titans - $7600 (DraftKings) - $8200 (FanDuel)

This would be in my “Gotta Have” if it wasn't for the pairing of the two below.

This is hands down my favorite matchup of the week as I stated earlier, this Titans' secondary is atrocious, and Marshall is on fire.

Here are Marshall's stats during his current 5 game touchdown streak.

Take a look at Jason Guilbault's matchup grade for Marshall this week.

One more little tid bit on why I love Marshall.

Those numbers are what the Titans have given up against opposing receivers over the last two weeks.

Marshall is one of the most consistent wide receivers week in and week out, and should find his way into all our lineups on Sunday.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs. New Orleans Saints - $2700 (DraftKings) - $5500 (FanDuel)

For only being involved in 30% of the team's snaps on Sunday, ASJ saw 6 targets catching 3 of them. They are slowly easing him back in the lineup after missing some time.

HERE COME THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really think if you take the team of DFC writers and line them up, we could score at least 3 touchdowns on the Saints.

I envision it now Denny (Has to be Denny, he's too pretty not to be quarterback) tossing touchdowns to Jason, Zach and myself. Can we make this a reality show?

The Bucs have potential to be one of the deadliest redzone offenses in football. They have 3 guys (Vjax, ASJ, and Evans) that are all 6'5, and a quarterback that is 6'4, it presents a ton of mismatches.

You've been able to pay down all year on the tight end position, and this week is no different. ASJ is cheap across the board, and is facing a Saints defense that has given up 10+ fantasy points to opposing tight ends in 4 straight games.

Gotta Have it – Jingle All the Way – (Schwarzenegger versus Sinbad in a battle of who can get Turbo-Man, what more could you want? This movie is super funny. Honestly, I watch this movie a bit differently now as a father, because I'd do the same as they do, go through hell and back just to get the toy for my daughter.)

Tyrod Taylor vs. Philadelphia Eagles - $5400 (DraftKings) - $7500 (FanDuel)
LeSean McCoy vs. Philadelphia Eagles - $6100 (DraftKings) - $7900 (FanDuel)

Pat's vs. Geno's
Balboa vs. Creed
Flyers vs. Penguins

Those are the best rivalries in the history of Philadelphia, and now we get to add a new one to the books this week.

McCoy vs. Kelly

One of the biggest trades of the offseason involved Chip Kelly trading Eagles stud running back LeSean McCoy to the Bills, which caused a big stir. McCoy didn't say many nice things about Kelly once he left.

This brings us to the “revenge game” or the “narrative game” as others like to call it.

My love for McCoy isn't just based on that though. He's totaled 100+ total yards for 6 straight weeks, and since coming back from the injury he is averaging 5.1 YPC.

The Eagles run defense has done a good job of keeping opposing running backs out of the end-zone, but they are giving up the 6th most (124.7) rushing yards per game.

The relationship between Tyrod and I is rocky after I joined the TyGod bandwagon in week 4, when he let me down. But I have had a slight change of heart with such a fantastic matchup this week. Please do not let me down again.

Matt Cassel, Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill, and Matthew Stafford threw for a total of 1,099 yards, and 15 touchdowns against this Eagles defense.

Like McCoy, TyGod comes into the game with a hot streak of his own. He has thrown for 6 touchdowns (ran for another) in his last two games, and they were against two stout defenses (Texans/Chiefs).

McCoy ranks among the top running backs price wise, and Taylor is middle of the pack, or lower again, stacking these two will not cost you much.

Hahaha, Us against the Saints is gold!! I definitely like DGB as a cheap GPP shot this week. Also, Bill Murray in Scrooged is one of my favorite Christmas movies!
We could score at least 5 against the Saints. Unless Jason is the equivalent of Ted Ginn Jr. and can't catch a pass to save his life.
I am like a miniature Gary Barnidge really.