My love for fast food isn't quite as big as my love for ice cream, but it's an addiction that I think a lot of us would love to get rid of.

Whether it's that 3 AM run to Taco Bell, or the one time you are craving a Big Mac, we've all been there. None of the food is good for you, but whenever you eat it, it tastes like a little slice of heaven.

For the most part I am a fast food snob; I am a very picky, fat kid food eater. I am not a big fan of places like Burger King, KFC, or Wendy's, but I will indulge in some Sonic or Checkers (more so for their fries than anything else).

I do have a few rules for my fast food habits, and if everyone followed, it would take to make me a frequent visitor.

  1. 1. The menu selection: This one is key, if the menu has 800 things, and doesn't specialize in “one” said item, it can be quite troubling finding quality.
  2. 2. The whole package: Can I get a burger, fries and desert that all taste good? That's where I struggle with a place like Wendy's. Their fries are AMAZING, Frosty's perfect, but their burgers are awful.
  3. 3. The service: Yes, I know they are fast food places, and they are making small amounts of dollars, but I need a good smooth service. Can the place get my order right? Was it fast? Did they fill my fries to the top, or did they skimp on me?

These are all important concerns I have when I go to eat fast food.

The injury bug didn't affect the picks last week, but they're still a huge concern heading into week 13.

I will pair my favorite fast food places with my top DFS picks for this week.

Like it – In N Out – (This would be at the top of my list if it wasn't for the fact I can't have it all the time. They kill it when it comes down to my rule, perfect menu (Burger, Fry, Shake) the whole package, and service is on point. PLEASE BUILD ONE IN NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!!)

Jeremy Maclin vs. Oakland Raiders - $5200 (DraftKings) – $6500 (FanDuel)

I went back-and-forth on Maclin; I felt like I was in line at Chick Fil A, and couldn't decide if I wanted the nuggets, or the sandwich. It went down like this.

Me (for Maclin): 9 catches for 160 and a touchdown last week, that's good.
Me (Against Maclin) But he had 9 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown in the last 3 week combined.
Me: Very true but the Chiefs have totaled 29 or more points in 4 straight games.
Me: Well he sucked in 2 of those 4 games.
Me: I'm pretty hungry for Chick fil A after writing about it.
Me: You would be fat boy.
Me: Thanks. The point total for the Chiefs is at 23.5 and I like that.
Me: I bet he has 3 catches for 35 yards
Me: Liar, he has 5 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown

So there you have it, I let the “for Maclin” side of me win this week. So you can book it 5 catches, for 105 yards, and a touchdown.

Kamar Aiken vs. the Miami Dolphins - $4800 (DraftKings) - $6100 (FanDuel)

The consistency of Aiken is based on Matt Schaub throwing him the ball, scary huh? It is, but Schaub threw Aiken's way 10 times, and he caught 6 of them for 80 yards, and a touchdown.

That stat line is good enough for me to warrant throwing him in my lineups this week against a mediocre Dolphins' secondary. This Dolphins secondary has given up over 400 yards, and 6 touchdowns, to opposing teams' wide receivers over the last two weeks.

There certainly is a lot of risk running with Aiken, but the volume will be there. I will be targeting him more on DraftKings this week, than I am on FanDuel due to his pricing.

Love it – Chipotle – (Menu choice, menu choice, menu choice. Number 1 for my fast food rules, and Chipotle is short, sweet, and to the point. It's like the Subway of burritos. This puts places like Taco Bell to shame.)

DeAngelo Williams vs. Indianapolis Colts - $5600 (DraftKings) – $7200 (FanDuel)

This is one of those I am unsure of why he is still priced so cheap, and one of those "where you almost have to play" type of situations. Williams is the 12th ranked running back on DK (10th on FD) and with the volume, and the injuries around the NFL it kind of baffles me.

The matchup against the Colts can be seen as a good, but not great. The Colts improved against the run over the last few weeks, but still can be ran on.

If Big Ben is sitting on the sidelines, I like this matchup even more as they should rely heavily on him.

Williams is a dual-threat back, and should find plenty of room on the ground or through the air.

David Johnson vs. St. Louis Rams - $3400 (DraftKings) - $5900 (FanDuel)

Johnson will garner a lot of attention, due to being thrusted into the lead back role for the Cardinals, and I am jumping on the bandwagon.

Arizona is running the ball 43.58% of the time over the course of the entire season, and that number has gone down over the last 3 weeks to 41.04%. Those numbers do not reflect how the Cardinals will use Johnson, as he can thrive in the passing game.

The touches will increase this week, and with his ability to take one to the house any time he touches the ball, it will be fun to watch.

His price tag on DraftKings is absurd; you can do a lot of nice things with him on there lineup constructing wise. FanDuel it's a little higher, but I would still use him on there as well.

Gotta Have it – Chick fil A – (The chicken nuggets, the spicy chicken sandwich, the waffle fries, the lemonade, the coleslaw, hell even the chicken strip salad are delicious. Let's not forget about the milkshakes, or the brown sundaes. I think the list goes on and on. This is hands down the GOAT of all fast food places.)

Cam Newton vs. New Orleans Saints - $7400 (DraftKings) - $9000 (FanDuel)
Greg Olsen vs. New Orleans Saints - $6400 (DraftKings) - $6600 (FanDuel)

Quarterback position is filled with guys at a lower priced tag, but Newton is on fire, and this matchup is money.

Firing Rob Ryan was a step in the right direction, but doesn't make up for the lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball for the Saints.

In the last two games inside the Superdome the Saints defense have given up a total of 721 yards, and 10 touchdowns. I had to double take when I was doing my research, that's an absurd amount of yards, and touchdowns.

Newton in week 3 totaled 348 yards, and 3 touchdowns against this very Saints' defense. He's biggest beneficiary of that game? Greg Olsen, he shredded them for 8 catches,134 yards, and a pair of touchdowns.

The Saints rank the worst statistically versus opposing quarterbacks, and tight ends this season. These two should have another field day in the expense of the league's worst defense.

Love In n Out, one of the biggest struggles moving away from the west coast! Sorry, Chipolte is way overrated, but I have been spoiled for true Mexican food. I can never go back! Digging the picks this week, the Williams' pricing baffles me as well.
I am a Cookout man myself. Best bang for your buck there is.