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Week in and week out we are diving into the best value plays at various positions. Each week always plays out differently, especially when deciding what areas to spend down on, and where to spend up. While many articles point out the top values, we hope to guide you in lineup construction as well. Pricing on FanDuel generally ties into fantasy point outcome, where on DraftKings, matchups and ownership are baked into the algorithm a little more. Injuries, seasonal changes, and matchups all create value, and here at DFC we break that down for you. Our content is focused on the Main Slates, but you can find me answering questions in the comments, or on Twitter at @JGuilbault11. Premium access grants full list of value plays.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants



Team Total


Yards Per Attempt

Opposing Secondary Rank



Week 10 is fairly week among quarterbacks, as really Dak Prescott and Matthew Stafford stand out as the only pay up options, and then we dive down to an ugly tier of plays that actually make sense this week. With a loaded RB week and also Antonio Brown in a good spot, paying down at quarterback is a viable option this week. While Eli Manning isn't someone who makes you feel good about your lineup, he is cheap and in a great spot. San Francisco is allowing the third most fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks this season, and the Giants have a three touchdown total, yet struggle to run the ball. Despite these two teams being as bad as they are, we might actually have plenty of value in this game. Manning is throwing a ton still this year, and while he isn't taking as many down the field shots, 37 times per game at this rate is still okay. Both Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram would be guys to pair up with him.

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