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We are looking ahead at Week 11 to find the elite matchups for wide receivers against corners. Using Pro Football Focus's ratings as a base, we are able to get an advanced look at what matchups we can take advantage of. Defense against opposing WR's is grabbed from FootballOutsiders. They matchups are broken down into the top tier matchups, middle tier matchups, and matchups to possibly fade. Now the opposing cornerback may not always be on the highlighted receiver, but this is a look at who the highlighted receiver will likely see most of the game. Not every number one cornerback covers the opposing team's wide receiver. They usually stay on their side of the field, and on occasion can shadow a number one. I will continue to edit it during the week, if there is given news of a switch in matchups. Blown coverage equals great matchups, zone coverages suggest they are toss-ups, and lockdown coverage is pretty self explanatory. Premium access grants you the full article.

Blown Coverage

Wide ReceiverDraftKingsFanDuelCornerbackMatchup Grade
Sterling Shepard$6,300$6,500Steven NelsonA
Larry Fitzgerald$6,900$6,900Kareem JacksonA
Robert Woods$6,000$6,900Trae WaynesB+
Keelan Cole$3,800$4,500Jamar TaylorB-

Sterling Shepard is already seeing a healthy amount of targets as the new WR1 in new York, and gets a plus matchup against Steven Nelson this week, who has allowed 0.45 F/R this season, and is targeted 27% of the time. Shepard is one of the most attractive fantasy options on the Giants, outside of Evan Engram. Another slot-corner worthy of a look this week is Larry Fitzgerald, who is targeted 22% of the time, and is catching 71% of the balls thrown his way, despite the bad quarterback play. Kareem Jackson is one of the more targetable slot-corners this season, allowing 2.18 Y/RC this season, and 0.42 F/R.

Could the Robert Woods train end this weekend? It is not looking that way, as he looks to dodge Xavier Rhodes and see Trae Waynes, who has allowed 0.41 F/R this season and 1.87 Y/RC. This is an excellent spot to for Woods to keep on rolling, but the prices are up across the industry. I have seen a lot of Dede Westbrook talk this week, yet I want to see the potential workload first coming off a severe injury. Keelan Cole is someone I have interest in punting with, who gets Jamar Taylor, who is allowing 0.40 F/R this season.

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