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We are looking ahead at Week 13 to find the elite matchups for wide receivers against corners. Using Pro Football Focus's ratings as a base, we are able to get an advanced look at what matchups we can take advantage of. Defense against opposing WR's is grabbed from FootballOutsiders. They matchups are broken down into the top tier matchups, middle tier matchups, and matchups to possibly fade. Now the opposing cornerback may not always be on the highlighted receiver, but this is a look at who the highlighted receiver will likely see most of the game. Not every number one cornerback covers the opposing team's wide receiver. They usually stay on their side of the field, and on occasion can shadow a number one. I will continue to edit it during the week, if there is given news of a switch in matchups. Blown coverage equals great matchups, zone coverages suggest they are toss-ups, and lockdown coverage is pretty self explanatory. Premium access grants you the full article.

Blown Coverage

Wide ReceiverDraftKingsFanDuelCornerbackMatchup Grade
Corey Davis$5,100$5,900Kevin JohnsonB-
Mike Evans$7,100$7,500Kevin KingA+
Sterling Shepard$7,000$6,700T.J. CarrieB
Adam Thielen$7,200$7,900Brian PooleA

Corey Davis is in a good spot this week, as he has been the past few. Davis hasn't done much with his targets, but is being targeted 21% of the time. Kevin Johnson will have primary coverage, who is targeted 20% of the time, and allowing 0.41 F/R. Davis is nothing more than a GPP dart throw. Mike Evans is in a prime spot this week, and gets Jameis Winston back under center. Evans has averaged 0.38 F/R this season, while Kevin King is allowing 0.36. Evans price is down across the industry, and should be able to pay if off this week.

Sterling Shepard is back after missing two weeks with migraine issues, and will see T.J. Carrie, who has allowed 0.34 F/R out of the slot. Of course we are dealing with the Geno Smith show now, so there is that aspect to add to the situation. Adam Thielen should be able to continue his production this week against slot-corner Brian Poole. He has allowed 0.32 F/R this season, and an 82% catch rate. Thielen is fifth in F/R among opposing wide receivers.

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