We are looking ahead at Week 15 to find the elite matchups for wide receivers against corners. Using Pro Football Focus's ratings as a base, we are able to get an advanced look at what matchups we can take advantage of. Defense against opposing WR's is grabbed from FootballOutsiders. They matchups are broken down into the top tier matchups, middle tier matchups, and matchups to possibly fade. Now the opposing cornerback may not always be on the highlighted receiver, but this is a look at who the highlighted receiver will likely see most of the game. Not every number one cornerback covers the opposing team's wide receiver. They usually stay on their side of the field, and on occasion can shadow a number one. I will continue to edit it during the week, if there is given news of a switch in matchups. Blown coverage equals great matchups, zone coverages suggest they are toss-ups, and lockdown coverage is pretty self explanatory. Premium access grants you the full article.

Blown Coverage

Wide ReceiverDraftKingsFanDuelCornerbackMatchup Grade
Chris Hogan$5,500$7,100Coty SensabaughB
Dede Westbrook$5,100$5,700Kevin JohnsonA-
Robert Woods$5,700$6,700Byron MaxwellB+

Chris Hogan was out there last week, but was not involved in the offense. I expect things to change this week, and he has a sneaky good spot against Pittsburgh, as long as Joe Haden is ruled out. Coty Sensabaugh has filled in, and been a weak link. He has covered just 117 routes this season, allowing a supremely high 0.60 F/R. Dede Westbrook will be strong value again, seeing nearly 25% of the targets since coming off the IR. Houston has given up a ton of fantasy points this season, and Kevin Johnson is one of them. He has allowed 0.49 F/R this season, and a 75% catch rate.

Robert Woods is due back this week, and will be overlooked in a road game against the Seahawks. Byron Maxwell has come over from Miami, and has allowed 0.48 F/R and a 74% catch rate. Woods was building a few strong weeks in a row before the injury, and is worthy of a tournament shot.

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